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Avalon Springs 2014

For the past 4 years we have gone to Avalon Springs with my in laws for a weekend away. My father and brother in law celebrate their birthdays in September, so it is always around that time of year that we go. It is a lovely resort with hot springs and jacuzzis and we always enjoy it. We stay in the mountain chalets which are beautiful self catering units. They also include housekeeping services and you can order some room service if you wish. The outdoor braai (BBQ) facilities are lovely and each chalet has its own jacuzzi a stone throw away. It is quite a mission to get to the chalet from the main pool area as they are literally situated on the mountain slope and it is a steeeeep climb!  They do have a golf cart that transports guests to and from chalets which is especially handy when you have luggage. I climbed to our chalet twice over the weekend and my legs definitely felt it! The rest of the time I either had Gabby with me or some form of shopping/luggage to carry, so took the golf cart up.


We arrived on the Friday evening around 18:00, everyone else was already there. I unpacked, but it was already getting chilly, so we didn’t swim upon arrival like we normally do. The next morning we headed down to the hotel for their buffet breakfast which is always a hit. Gabby destroyed half an omelette, while Elijah was so excited about swimming he barely ate. I took advantage of the bulk bacon and blue cheese on offer 😛 We went shopping in town for food supplies for the rest of the weekend and swam before we all had a braai together. We have discovered that Gabby does NOT like swimming. She is okay in the bath, but we had to pick her lip up off the bottom of the swimming pool. She absolutely hated it! I’m not sure why, but hopefully she will outgrow this.


I actually didn’t get to take many photos. I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself. Elijah was off on his own mission often, so most of the photos I got are of Gabby. I did, however, get to spend some one on one, quality time with Elijah which I rarely do and it was lovely. I think I should make a concerted effort to do so more often in future. Since Gabby has been born I have spent the majority of my time with her (breastfeeding has contributed towards this, more so in the beginning) and Elijah and I don’t get to be alone together. Here are a few pics I managed to snap:


Morning swing
Blowing out the candles with our uncle
Could she get any cuter?
Little poser with ouma
Baby ducks!


All in all we had a good weekend. Coming back home was traumatic. Our Monday started with checking that all the towels, cutlery, crockery, etc for our unit were still there and packing up all our stuff. Somehow we couldn’t fit everything we brought back into our suitcase! We managed to stuff everything into the little gaps we could find and ventured down the mountain again. We decided to make a stop at Boogaloo’s house in Swellendam. It took us an hour to drive there. I thought it was on our way to Montagu, but it turns out it is about an hour out of the way. When we got there Boogs was meeting with a client and the meeting went on for loooooong. The kids got tired and cranky and we decided that we needed to leave. I didn’t want to disturb Boogs while he was with his client, so I had to send him a message to say goodbye. I felt so bad! Our journey home from there was 3 hours, instead of 2 which was frustrating. I just wanted to be home. About an hour in the kids started going nuts. Gabby was tired and kept crying. We stopped off for some food and after eating and chucking most of the food out onto the back seat Gabby finally dozed off and a little later Elijah did too! The rest of the journey was quiet and peaceful 😉 When we arrived home it was time to unpack everything and prepare for back to work/school the next day. I also had to do my nails, so it felt like a Sunday night which sucks!


The little break was a lovely change of scenery, but it doesn’t matter where you go or how awesome it is, it is always good to be home!