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Another Spiritual Experience

When we found out about Jamie, our District Elder came to our house with our house priest to pray for us and her and to advise us. The ranking of the ministry in our church is more or less as follows (shoot me cos I don’t know exactly):

Deacon < Priest < Evangelist < District Evangelist < District Elder

So the District Elder holds quite a “high” ministry. What I’m trying to say is that he doesn’t easily make house calls. He shared with us that night his experience. Him and his wife lost their first child. Also a girl. He could understand how we were feeling. He advised us to take guidance from the medical professionals regarding our choice and assured us we would care for Jamie’s soul.

We hold special services for the Departed. We pray for those who have passed on and offer to be vessels of grace for them. Not only people we know, mind you. It could be someone you heard about, or something you saw on the news. Anybody you can remember and who is willing to accept the prayer is welcome. There were many services after Jamie’s passing and there were a few where I clearly understood she was there.

We scheduled Elijah’s baptism for Sunday at random. We asked for him to be baptised and they agreed on last Sunday. My house priest mentioned that another couple had also asked for baptism and that they would be joining us. I was comforted by the thought of not having to stand up there alone with Rudi. It also turned out that the District Elder was booked in our congregation and would be doing the baptism.

The other couple had a baby girl. Her name is Jamie.

I couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign that she was with us on Elijah’s special day. Of course I shed some tears at the altar. The District Elder (without knowing what we had named our previous child) especially prayed for family from the beyond that were not there to witness the occasion before the baptism. He also said he noticed that I held Elijah tightly…and that he was sure he had a special meaning for us.

It was a rather special spiritual experience for me that the District Elder happened to be there to baptise Elijah and that Jamie was there too. I know she was. I don’t believe in coincidence and am grateful that I was able to see and acknowledge these things. Next week is Service for the Departed (We have them four times a year). I’m going to try my best to take Elijah.

P.S. Good news! The maternity shoot photos are FINALLY up! See them here.