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Oh.My.Word. The most awesome weekend I have had in…FOREVER. What a wedding!

We flew up to Johannesburg on Saturday morning. Our flight left at 10:00. We were up from 5am with Babyice and my friend/stylist, Sarah, was there at 06:20 to get my hair and make up done. Just before 07:30am Kambabe and Squidsquirt showed up to watch Babyice for us while we were gone. Kambabe shooed me out of the house while Babyice carried on sleeping. I popped my head into his room – said “Goodbye – I love you” and made a run for it. I already bawled my eyes out earlier the morning after Babyice got sick all over Rudi. He came down with something on Friday and we decided to take him to the doctor. He was given an antibiotic as he was beginning to get an infection. He was coughing so hard sometimes that he threw up his feed. I felt horrible having to leave him. I HAD to run out of the door to save my mascara and eyeliner from running. I managed to keep the tears to a minimum.

It was Rudi’s first time on a plane. Joining me at the wedding and his first flight on a plane was my gift to him for his 30th birthday. He was very nervous and kept on thinking of disaster scenarios. After we took off and were about halfway to Johannesburg he realized that flying is actually quite boring. We failed to draw money at the airport so didn’t have anything on the plane, this would also prove troublesome later in the day…

Rudi’s cousin, Candy, her boyfriend and kids picked us up at the airport to take us through to Helderfontein Estate where Angel and Glugster were to be wed. We had a drink with the family as they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years. After they left we checked into our room and started to get ready for the ceremony. I brushed my hair and touched up my make up before putting my dress on and we headed down to the area where the ceremony would take place. Shortly after we sat down people started arriving in their droves and I started meeting people that I speak to every day on Twitter, but never had the opportunity to meet before.

I was fortunate enough to meet the following people:

Shebeegee – she gives AWESOME hugs! 😀
ExMi – Lovely chick, can be as grumpy as she says she is.
Becausei – What a fun person to hang out with! Very susceptible to brain freeze 😉
Sproutsmom – A lot shorter than I thought she would be, dynamite and all that!
pauljacobson – Rudi thinks he knows his shit 🙂
MeeAParkins – My ex belly buddy. Was awesome to meet her in person!
Sleepyjane – I didn’t even know she was going to be there – as gorgeous as you think she is. Not surprisingly, we discussed nail polish.
beagle_momma – We were both wearing gold jerseys!
donpackett – He really is a funny guy. Search him on YouTube.
SnowgooseSA – Hot chick. #thatisall
Alidaonline – We didn’t get to talk too much, but she likes shiny things.
Rubyletters – Been chatting to her forever and so glad I finally got to meet her.
Louisabower – Another new mommy…MUCH taller than I imagined her!
thejacksonfiles – She is awesome. Very fun to be around…her enthusiasm is contagious.
philly_girl – We also didn’t get to chat much, just met briefly.
Jenty – Amazing photographer and very sweet. Go and see her pictures of the wedding here.
I also got to see cybersass again. I met her briefly in Cape Town last year…she is wonderfully down to earth for a celebrity 🙂

The ceremony was beautiful. The pastor was funny and respectful. I wasn’t bored for a minute. Angel and Glugster had their own vows, which got everyone teary. She looked breathtaking. Amazing. Gorgeous. ExMi pointed out that she looked like a cupcake that you had to resist licking. I have to agree! ChristaB did a fantastic job with her dress! The Knucklehead (Angel’s son) also looked very handsome. We got to chat with him a little before the ceremony. He really is a lovely boy – or I suppose he is a man now, he is 19 already, after all.

After the ceremony we moved over to the reception area. Angel and Glugster had taken most of their photos before the ceremony to save time later in the day as the sun sets pretty early in winter. They only took family photos after the ceremony and lost the sunlight just they were done. While the photos were being taken guests enjoyed some cocktails and Angel’s infamous cupcakes! Being in Cape Town I never get to have them and just drool on my keyboard whenever I read about what she is making. I finally got to try a secret centre cupcake and the cream cheese icing I have been curious about for ages! Nom. I could only manage two cupcakes. They are unbelievably decadent.

Don Packett was the MC for the evening. He had us all giggling. He read out beautiful letters from Angel’s friends in New Jersey, Australia and from Cath Jenkin who couldn’t be there. Angel’s father teared up in his speech while talking about his daughter. There wasn’t a dry seat in the house!

The food was DELICIOUS! You very often get crappy food at weddings…this was definitely an exception. I particularly enjoyed the lamb and the mixed vegetables. The lamb was juicy and tender and the vegetables were crispy and tasty. I was really disappointed when I had had enough to eat, I would easily have devoured another plate!

Just outside the reception hall there was a photo booth – similiar to one you might see in a mall. There was a container with crazy props in. Everybody dressed up and posed for photos in the booth. The later in the evening it got (and the more the wine flowed) the crazier the photos became. After having four photos taken everyone received a set of two prints, one to take home and one to stick into the wedding guestbook accompanied with a message. It is SUCH an awesome idea. It was thoroughly enjoyed and taken advantage of by the guests. Angel already said on Twitter that they have the best wedding guestbook ever!

Since we were staying at the venue, we were the last guests to leave along with ExMi and thejacksonfiles (and their partners, of course). Remember we failed to draw money at the airport? We ran out of cigarettes just before the ceremony started. HUGE fail. Thanks for all of those who were generous enough to give us some during the course of the evening, you know who you are!

Don’t worry, I stopped smoking again on Monday. All good 🙂

My favourite photos (released so far) taken by pauljacobson (click to enlarge):

As we left, everybody got a cool magnetic bumper sticker that says “I was at #AnGlugWedding!” Hopefully *someone* in Cape Town caught it on Twitter and admires it while we’re driving 🙂 Our flight back was uneventful. Babyice didn’t even smile at us when we came home, little shit.. Still loves us muchly, I’m sure 🙂 Kambabe and Squidsquirt took very good care of Babyice while we were away. They constantly sent us updates and photos via Twitter. Our minds were completely at ease the entire time we were there. Check out the cool tweet kambabe sent us just before we got back – I LOL’d 😀

All in all, I am super happy that we were able to go. It was an honour to share the day with these two very special people!