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On Saturday morning I got up to make breakfast for everyone. Not long after I did I was in excruciating pain! Suddenly something around my pelvic area just wasn’t right anymore. I couldn’t walk, turn from side to side while lying down or lift my legs without crying out and on occasion crying. I remember my joints becoming more loose towards the end with Babyice, but this was something else entirely. Rudi had to help me to get up and sometimes even to sit down. I ended up in tears just trying to turn from one side to another while in bed (I had decided bed rest might help). After that Rudi was finally convinced I wasn’t just bitching for no reason.



Of course I tweeted about my predicament and @capetowngirl1 (who also happens to be pregnant) was nice enough to respond with some helpful information. Twitter really does save my life sometimes. She gave me some instructions for doing ‘spine twists’ or massaging your spine which may help. I eventually tried it, desperate for some relief. While massaging my spine on the hard floor it almost felt like something was pinched in my lower back on the left side. I kept doing the exercises a little anyway, even though it hurt like a bitch. After doing the exercises it was a little easier to walk, but the pain seemed to have moved to the middle of my pelvis. Almost like PrincessIce had decided to stick her head in there. Ouch. I didn’t want to take Panado, I didn’t feel like it would do any good anyway, but eventually I did and it did actually offer a little relief.



I had a million things going through my head, also that it could possibly be SPD which is kind of scary. I decided that I would go for physio on Monday if there was no improvement, but wasn’t sure how I would get to and around work. I really do not want to take any sick leave as I would be penalised on my performance bonus if I do.



I still experienced pain that night while turning around in bed, but by morning I felt SO much better. I am so grateful that it went away. I’m not at all sure what caused it, which poses a slight problem since I want to prevent it from happening again. It really is too soon to be in that much pain though and I hope it stays away until actual labour now. I don’t think it helps that PrincessIce is sitting a lot lower than Babyice was. I’m carrying right at the bottom. People keep telling me I’ve ‘dropped’ and look ready to go into labour. Of course, I haven’t dropped, but I am carrying quite low which would explain all the pelvic discomfort.



Another thing that I’m experiencing this time around which I didn’t have last time is Braxton Hicks. They are super uncomfortable. I didn’t even realize that was what I was experiencing until one of my belly buddies on Twitter complained about hers. I googled to see what the symptoms were and a light bulb went on. Look, they don’t hurt…but they are uncomfortable and it feels like something is “wrong”. When I didn’t know what it was it kind of freaked me out and I was worried. Now that I know I am much more at ease and just breathe through them. What is this practice labour all about anyway?! I am more than happy to wait for real labour and then check out with an epidural. No practice required! 😛



Because I’m carrying PrincessIce quite low the heartburn has been a lot easier than it was with Babyice. Touch wood. I still get the occasional need for Gaviscon, but I’m saving bucket loads of money on the stuff this time around.



Next time someone tells you every pregnancy is different, believe them! I’m not sure if the gender of the baby really has anything to do with it, as my experience is limited, but they have been vastly different. How about those mommies to two boys or girls? What’s your take?