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Disclaimer: This post may contain what you consider to be ‘too much information’ and if you are squeamish (or eating) I would advise you to skip it.


Last year I had a colonoscopy done and wrote about it here. The surgeon told me to come back in a year for another one just to make sure nothing else popped up. I fell pregnant about a month after the procedure so have waited quite a few months over a year to go again. To be honest I had to be coaxed/scolded into going again. I have been putting it off. It isn’t a nice procedure to have to go for. I was especially dreading the preparation. Flushing out your system can be unforgiving. I decided to have it done after our weekend away. We came back on Sunday night and on Monday I started with preparation for the scope.


I was allowed a breakfast of dry toast and boiled egg with black coffee. After that it was meds, water and jelly. I managed the not eating part better than I did last time. The evening was hard when the family came home and ate. Smelling the neighbour’s cooking waft through the open windows left me hungry and salivating. Even Babyice’s peanut butter sandwich smelled heavenly. Failure was not an option and I pushed through. From around 21:00 I stopped eating and drinking until after the procedure the next morning. My appointment was for 10:15. I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish to the procedure. That was almost as torturous as not being able to eat. I had all the time in the world to do my nails as I was at home, but couldn’t. In case you didn’t know (I only recently learned of this myself), doctors use the colour of your natural nails to monitor your oxygen levels when you are sedated. Apparently your nails turn blue if you are deprived of oxygen. Who knew?


The next morning I managed okay with not eating or drinking. I was a bit nervous, but instead of worrying about the procedure I started planning my first Christmas mani. We went in early as I knew there would be some paperwork to fill in and then I waited for the doctor to call me. I had only ever seen him once before. I forgot how kindly and soft he looked. We had a short consultation, he asked if there had been any other problems since my last visit and how old my baby was. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind terribly to keep me asleep the entire time this time (I wrote about waking up in the previous post). He assured me the goal was to keep me sleeping. He lead me to the procedure room and gave me a robe. I could leave on my top and my jewellery. He put a drip into my right hand and had me turn onto my side. He was adjusting things and preparing. He told me I would feel a little dizzy. I didn’t. I just kept thinking ‘I’m still awake, don’t start. I’m still awake, don’t start!’. I felt him gently shaking me at my shoulder “We’re done!”. And just like that it was over. They moved me into the room next door. I was still very groggy. I think the nurse offered me an extra blanket. I declined and dozed a little longer. It was a lovely little snooze. Once I felt awake enough I got dressed and went to sit with Rudi in the waiting room. The receptionist brought me a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten that I was given a sandwich last time too. I ate my sandwich and when I was done the doctor called me back into his office. He told me that everything is clear. He is satisfied that nothing awry is going on and wants to see me again in 5 years. He mentioned again that he was surprised to find something last time, but since I had already presented with a polyp it was likely that they will occur again. If left too long they can become cancerous, as was the case with my grandfather. It is something I’m going to have to keep an eye on for the rest of my life. At least I picked it up early and don’t have something dangerous lurking unseen.


Right after the procedure I decided to have KFC Zinger Wings as my first meal. Most stupid thing I have done in a long time. The meds from the previous day had not worked out yet and I found myself running to the loo often. I also think the doctor might have slipped because I have been very tender. Walking and sitting are very painful at the moment. Worse than after giving birth! I really hope that sorts itself out soon!


Anyway…I went. It’s over. I’m clear. Thanks for all the support and love from those of you who figured out what was going on x