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A momentous day!

Yesterday, out of the blue, Babyice stood up in the middle of the floor, wobbled around and fell on his bum. He kept doing this and suddenly he managed to swing his body so that he put one foot in front of the other. Wham! On his bum (and sometimes he fell forward). With one of his attempts he managed to take 3 steps!

He was having a BALL of a time doing this. Standing up/falling down/laughing/standing up/falling down/laughing. The excitement got so much that he threw up right through a smile!

We are so proud of him and very chuffed! I posted the news on all my social media applications and soon started getting worried at all the responses I was getting from other mommies! Of course everyone congratulated us/Babyice on his achievement, but warnings soon followed: “You have to lock EVERYTHING away now!”, “All hell is about to break loose”, “Chaos will ensue”, etc. I am sure they meant no harm and I am sure we will cope with whatever mischief he gets up to from now on…I hope 🙂

Mommy is so proud of her beautiful boy!

Biker Boy!

P.S. He doesn’t know how to move his legs on the bike yet, but he looks darn cute sitting on it!