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A day for Oupa

On Thursday 17 November it was the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. Leading up to the day I was completely fine and I made plans with my grandmother and aunt to go out for breakfast to commemorate the day. When I woke up the morning I updated and dedicated my status on various social networks to my grandfather and as the *hugs* and support flowed from followers and friends I found myself crying.


My Ouma came to pick me up around 10:00 and we went for breakfast at my grandfather’s favourite Spur. They had a nice breakfast special and we all ate a hearty meal. Afterwards we visited the Durbanville Market as my grandmother wanted to buy some vegetables. I found some alphabet pasta to make alphabet soup for Babyice. I thought that was so cute! We then went off to the local supermarket for me to buy some supplies. We also went to a fabric store as my grandmother and aunt needed fabric for some clothing and I found the most gorgeous ‘Nemo’ fabric. It is pure cotton and I was on special for R30/m (instead of R40/m). I thought it would make a lovely bed spread for Babyice:


"Nemo" fabric


I decided to bake since I didn’t get an opportunity to bake for Jamie this year. I thought I’d try something completely different this time. Leebeesa has been baking lately and I have been itching to do something. I found inspiration (and the recipe)ย  from Fiona’s Food Blog. I was a bit afraid to try this recipe. It had a lot ofย  ‘do not overmix’ and ‘make sure the butter stays cold’ conditions and I was afraid I would botch it up. I have ruined cake mix from a box before, after all. While I was trying to cream the butter and sugar with my electric hand mixer conked in. I think the butter was too hard. I didn’t let that stop me though! I continued to cream the butter and sugar by hand. Once I had added all the ingredients together I thought it looked very dry and crumbly (definitely not like Fiona’s photo, but she seems to have an awesome mixer). I was tempted to add something to it to make it look more like dough and decided against it. I soldiered on and managed to make dough. This was the very first time I had ever made something with dough. I’d never even rolled dough out before. While buying supplies I tried two different stores and neither had a rolling pin, so I bought a bottle of wine instead. It worked!


Cookie dough


I decided to make a “Christmas tree” cookie stack like Fiona did. I found the exact same cookie cutters that she used. Initially I was just going to use a glass to cut out the cookies, but I remembered that Babyice recognizes ‘tars’ and thought it would be nice for him too. I thought putting silver decorative balls on the points of the stars might make the tree look as if it is decorated. In hindsight next time I’ll put a red cherry on the top:


Christmas Tree Cookie stack ๐Ÿ™‚


I varied the decorations on the rest of the cookies and used only the two middle cookie cutters:


Various Decorations


I did manage to fudge up quite a bit of the cookie dough by handling it too much. It got very floury from all the rolling and re-rolling and eventually became unusable. I enquired with two avid bakers as to whether I could somehow salvage the dough and it didn’t seem there was any way, so I had to chuck it. I learnt my lesson though ๐Ÿ™‚ The cookies also happen to be delicious! Baking them brought back memories of baking the same sugar cookies with my grandmother (in Bloemfontein) for Christmas when I was very little. Good memories!


All in all I had a nice day spending time with family and labouring with love ๐Ÿ™‚