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A bit of this and that…

Last week was a really lonely week for me. On Monday Rudi went to darts, on Tuesday we went to eat at the in laws, Wednesday he went to Lindor, Thursday he needed to go to his parents again to help with something and on Friday night he had a bachelors. Yesterday he worked the whole day. I really feel like I didn’t see him for a whole week. Sarah has been so busy at work she was unable to come and keep me company, so it was just me, Babyice and series. I almost started getting used to it.


Yesterday when Babyice stayed at home with me for an entire day I realized again that I cannot be a stay at home mom. I do not have the patience for it (this coming from someone who has worked in customer care for over 11 years!). By the end of the day Babyice was cranky, which made me cranky and when I get cranky or frustrated, I yell. I don’t want to yell at him, it’s just the way I cope. I’m going to have to work on that. At some point yesterday he was crying incessantly and throwing tantrums and I calmed him down the only way I know how. I relented and gave him his dummy. I let him keep it for a while too. Later I bribed him with a sweet to give it back to me. Hats off to those that are stay at home moms and can handle it! Perhaps if I had no other choice I could do it and teach myself better ways of coping with tantrums and tense situations. Right now though, it isn’t for me. I appreciate the time I get to spend with him and it might be shorter than if I were home with him, but it is manageable for us both.


We tried to do some Christmas shopping over the weekend. I managed to get something for my cousin from the UK and we bought Babyice’s gifts. Babyice is becoming a real terror to shop with. Once we’d gotten those gifts I just wanted to LEAVE. I wrapped all the gifts on Saturday afternoon, including my grandmother’s gift which I had purchased a couple of weeks ago. I bought my grandmother a Yardley blusher since she asked for this. I wrapped it and put it under the tree with the other gifts. Rudi’s cousin from Johannesburg came over for a braai and while they went to the shop I fell asleep on the couch. Babyice woke me up with my grandmother’s gift in hand and asked me to open it. I said no and told him to put it back under the tree and dozed off again. I remember trying to snatch it away from him, but he was too quick for me. Now it is missing 🙁 I asked him where he put it and he pointed at the Christmas tree and then grabbed another gift and tried shoving it under the couch, but the gift isn’t under the couch either. We’ll do another sweep and ask the housekeeper to look as well. She is good at finding things. I really can’t afford to replace the gift, so I hope we find it before Christmas and that it didn’t find its way into the bin 🙁 We still have to buy a gift for my cousin and I think that is all. Nobody else to buy for. We decided only to buy for the kids and my Ouma this year. Rudi and I bought the TV for us from us.


Our kitchen sink is leaking quite badly.The entire cupboard is wet on the inside every time you open the tap. Our landlady had the plumber and electrician out to issue certificates for the sale of the flat and she had to pay R1000.00 to get a geyser outlet pipe or something fixed, so said she would need to wait for next pay day to have the leak fixed. The plumbers close for business on the 15th of December. We simply can’t wait till next year to have it fixed. By that time the cupboard probably would have started suffering and that would need repairs too. Luckily we know a friend that used to work in the building industry and he came to have a look on Saturday. Apparently we need new seals or something which he will obtain and install for us. Very nice of him! He says the plumber that installed the pipes used wood filler on them. WTH?! Wood filler on plastic pipes? Weird. No wonder we’re always having plumbing issues in that place. We’re still searching for something else, but the going’s tough and we haven’t found anything else yet.


As for My Evil Mother going to Kimberley, it would seem that this didn’t happen. SURPRISE! My grandmother has been receiving messages from her again. One of them said she was sick and needed to go to the doctor. The last time she was sick and needed to go to the doctor she got a haircut and groceries out of my grandmother. Not to mention the medication she was prescribed. My grandmother is doing well at ignoring her at the moment and I hope she will keep it up until she gets the message. Last week Thursday my grandmother had to go into hospital for a scope and needed someone to drive her. I am the only family member around that can drive and luckily my boss was gracious enough to grant me family responsibility leave to take her. I quite enjoyed spending the day with her. After I dropped her off and filled in the forms for her at the hospital, they said they will call me when she is done. I went home to do some laundry and cleaning since our housekeeper couldn’t come on Wednesday. After they called I went to pick her up. She said her conscious sedation didn’t work and she was aware of what was happening the whole time. Apparently she had difficulty swallowing the camera and complained, but they just sprayed something in her mouth. How do they know if a patient has been successfully consciously sedated? You’re walking and talking like you would when you aren’t? Surely some/all patients protest, but doctors assume that they won’t remember? I don’t know. Luckily she wasn’t *too* traumatized. We went for breakfast and picked up some bread and milk at the shop. She then asked if we could go to a shoe store as she needed new shoes and after that we went to a linen store where she wanted to get something else.  I bought myself two new pairs of sandals for summer. I was only going to buy one pair, but we were in the shop for so long I sprung for a second pair. Which I put on my credit card. BAD, BAD, BAD! I bought some new dish cloths and kitchen swabs at the linen store and my grandmother bought us a new bath mat and a Barney face cloth for Babyice. Babyice was very chuffed with his new face cloth! Needless to say both his Christmas gifts and birthday party are going to have a ‘purple’ theme.


I had a bad mommy moment with Babyice on Friday. There was a piece of fluff on the floor and he was pointing at it and saying ‘spider’. Then he tried to touch it and wanting to teach him not to touch spiders I said ‘Don’t touch! It will bite you.’ Big mistake. He would NOT stop cowering and saying ‘Bite choo’. Eventually I picked the “spider” up and threw it out the window and made a fanfare about saying ‘Goodbye spider!’. He also eventually said ‘Where spider? Spider doe doe’. Very cute. It was bedtime and I thought by the next morning he would have forgotten about it…but NO! He is *still* walking around pointing at things worriedly saying ‘bite choo’. Sherbet. Oops!


I’m taking Bio Strath at the moment. Christelle recommended it to me since I’m always complaining of being tired. I’ve been taking them for almost a week and feel a slight difference. You need to take 6 tablets a day and 100 tablets cost about R120.00. It’s not cheap, but if it works, it works!


The rest of the stuff I want to talk about I’ll spread out over a few posts since this one is getting long and I require fodder 🙂