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7th Anniversary

Rudi and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 26th of April. Married for 7 years, together for 13. Where has the time gone? Unfortunately someone in my family also passed away on this day this year :(. Added to that, I had to work. After work we decided to go out for dinner with the kids.


We chose Panarottis as our dining destination since Elijah loves the play area there and we like the food.  Worst. Idea. Ever. The service and food were great, but if I wasn’t sitting alone eating while Rudi was chasing Gabby around, I was chasing Gabby around while Rudi was sitting alone eating. We spent none of our dinner together at all. Then Elijah all but assaulted a child in the play area, which was not fun to deal with.  Eventually we left, a whole lot grumpier than when we arrived. Shame, it isn’t Gabby’s fault. She is just mobile enough to get away and want to explore all the things, but not steady enough to be left to play in the play area without adult supervision. There were no child minders on duty. We are not 100% sure what happened between Elijah and the other child since we only have a 3 and 4 years old’s version of events. After we had all gone to bed Gabby decided she was sick and spiked a temperature of 40 degrees. Pffft. We took her to the emergency room after a few days of the fever not subsiding and she has a middle ear and throat infection 🙁 Elijah has also started coughing again. I feel like I have a cold coming on myself. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become full blown bronchitis again for either of us. I think I will actually go and sit in a corner and cry about it. For real.


In more happy news, Rudi has built me another polish rack! My first one was overflowing and polishes were starting to pile up on my dressing table. I was so incredibly happy when he built me another one! (You can tell by all the exclamation marks, right?). I then had to decide how to order the polishes and I have a new system going. I’ve sorted them by brand and within the brands by finish (cremes together, glitter together, jellies together, etc). I also have all my untrieds together in the shelf close to where I do my nails so that I can prioritise them. Since doing my untried challenge I mostly do my manis with untried polishes. It really helps with shopper’s guilt when I’m buying more polish 😉 My base and top coats have their own shelf and I even managed to put my two favourite cuticle balms in the rack.  All my ‘random’ brands or polishes that I only have one of are also on their own shelf. I will be purging a few polishes that I don’t want as well. I can’t decide whether to have a blog sale or whether to pass them on. Thoughts?


When my one rack was full, my collection looked so robust and impressive. Now, spread across the two racks, they look kind of empty. I’m sure if I think really hard I can find a solution for that problem 😛


Post a pic or it didn’t happen? Certainly!





Amazing! I’m so happy that all my polishes have a home now and I love that they are all ordered the way I want them. So very happy with this gift! <3