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3rd Funeral

We decided on Monday that we will be going through to Heidelberg this weekend to attend the funeral for Boogaloo’s mom. I knew her and Boogaloo has been at my side during some very hard times and I feel like it is the least I can do. I’d like to support him. We’ll be leaving tonight and coming back on Sunday. I’d like to spend some time with Boogaloo after the funeral as well, hence the extended stay. The funeral is in Heidelberg where Boogaloo’s parents have stayed for quite a number of years. We will be staying in Swellendam where Boogaloo currently lives and where his mom passed away.This is the third funeral that I will be attending in the past year. More than I have ever attended in a 12 month period.


Logistically it is a bit difficult. A lot of friends and family will be coming to Swellendam and staying over to attend the funeral. Most of the family is scattered across the Western Cape and one of Boogaloo’s brothers is from Nelspruit. All these people require accommodation, so we will most likely not be staying with Boogaloo, but with a friend of his. I completely understand that they may want to keep the family under one roof under the circumstances. We plan to shower at home before we leave tonight. I think it would be awkward stepping into a stranger’s house and invading their bathroom shortly after you arrive. We will also be picking up some take aways on the way there so we are ready to go to bed without burdening our hosts. Hopefully on Saturday evening we will be able to stay with Boogaloo, but that largely depends on when the rest of the family decide to head back to their respective homes.


It will take us approximately 2 hours to drive to Swellendam, but I have tons to do when we get home after work today, so I’m not sure what time we’ll leave. I have to shower and wash my hair, pack (eek!), feed and bath Babyice and clean the house before we leave. I really don’t want to arrive back home on Sunday to a house that is a mess. Sunday evenings are stressful enough as it is. I’m always daunted by packing. I usually pack too much and end up with loads of baggage, or I forget something important. Angel has sent me a list of things to pack and I am busy adjusting it to include Babyice and to make sure I don’t forget anything. I’ve always been worried about travelling with Babyice. What if I forget something crucial? It really is a silly thing to worry about since there are shops/pharmacies *everywhere* and they are likely to have anything we might need. It is probably just paranoia on my side. We will be fine.


I’m hoping that I will enjoy the weekend, despite the morbid reason for having to go. Boogaloo and I were trying to arrange a weekend together before his mom passed away, but had to factor in his exams, our plans, etc. We would have seen Christelle and Deon this weekend, but we rescheduled with them in order to be able to attend the funeral.


Saturday is Jamie’s birthday. I started a tradition where I bake for her birthday every year (even though the baking isn’t always a success, it’s the process and the thought), but this year I will not be able to bake for her. I was going to bake in the morning before we went to Christelle and Deon, but it will be impossible this year. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Life happens. Things happen that are beyond your control and it is not that I have forgotten or don’t care. It is kind of ironic that I will be attending a funeral on her birthday. Perhaps there will be cake there 😉


It looks like the weather is going to be crap this weekend. I was hoping that Babyice can run and play on Boogaloo’s lawn. Hopefully it will be middle of the night rain 🙂 Wish us a safe journey and no packing disasters!