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32 week appointment

We went to see the gynae last week. There were only two couples in the waiting room when we arrived, meaning that he wasn’t too backed up. We were in for a nice surprise as Being Mom had left hampers for all the pregnant mommies. I’m a sucker for freebies and the hamper included free nappies! Free nappies are the bestest! (and not just 5 like you get in your Discovery baby bag).



Being Mom Hamper



Before long we were ushered into the gynae’s office. He asked me under what circumstances I would come into the labour ward, probably checking whether I knew what signs to look out for when going into labour. I think I scored top marks 😉 Then we were off to see PrincessIce. She is growing well and weighs about 2 kilograms now. There are no signs that she is going to try and make an early escape and he is most certain she will not arrive before January. He wasn’t even able to give us a photo of her since madam has her head firmly lodged into my pelvis. This would explain my extreme discomfort when trying to walk! If one more person tells me I should walk more/exercise to try and relieve this discomfort I am going to punch them in the face. Especially if they do not have a head lodged in their pelvis at the time, which is always the case.  My gynae is a funny guy. He said he is practicing his epidurals like a runner would train for the comrades. He says every time he administers an epidural he thinks of me and he is doing pretty well. He says the sweetest things 😀 Apparently the way PrincessIce is positioned now she is in the optimum position for a complication-free natural delivery.



A colleague scared the crap out of me yesterday. Another colleague of ours gave birth at the same hospital. She is also with my gynae. Apparently she went in at around 16:00. It was weekend. She gave birth around 22:00…before the gynae had even seen her! This also means she didn’t get an epidural!  Shit. I will just have to trust that my gynae will be there the day I go into labour, that he will have time to give me my epidural that I so desperately want and that I will have as beautiful a birth as I did with Babyice. I must really do my best not to worry about all this now. It is out of my control and worrying about it isn’t going to change anything. Right? Right. *breathe*




He has scheduled an appointment for me with his partner in December. He said he would rather not tempt fate and schedule an appointment for me for when he gets back from leave. In effect this means that I won’t see him again until we see each other in the delivery room! He said they would likely schedule another appointment for me in January, but that he doubts I’ll make it to any appointment they make for Jan. Flippen hell. After that we booked my hospital bed. I’ve already gotten authorization from the medical aid…everything is starting to feel very REAL!



I discussed with the receptionist the R 1500.00 co-payment for the birth and she said we don’t have to pay it. Apparently the medical aid’s policy has changed since I had Babyice and there is no co-payment on my plan anymore. SCORE! I save R 1500.00, right? Well, sort of. I found out the same day that Discovery doesn’t cover the actual Mirena device which I plan to have put in after the birth. The discovery rate for the device is R 2060.00. Thank goodness for the saving of the R 1500.00 though. I’ve put that money away in my 30 day account to pay towards the Mirena when the time comes.



The nesting instinct is still strong. Whenever we bring stuff into the house I feel like crying. I want to get rid of stuff…not bring in more junk! And everything is junk. We went to a few furniture stores yesterday and found no freestanding cupboards. We went to two pine furniture shops and found what we are looking for, with a big fat price tag of between R 2500.00 and R 3000.00, without a coat of paint! So I’ve decided to get a 2 door linen cupboard from Smartfurn. Basically it’s like a wardrobe cupboard, but only has shelves and no hanging space. It might be made out of chipboard, but it is less than half the price of the pine furniture. All I know is that I don’t want something with drawers. Drawers have repeatedly failed me! I hope to get the cupboard this week. I lay awake at 3:00 this morning visualizing what I would pack into the cupboard. Yes. I have serious issues!