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2010 – It’s going to be HUGE

And not just for the reason you think!

In 2010:

Babyice will be born – he will be 0 years old

My grandfather turns 70

Rudi turns 30

My aunt turns 40

My uncle turns 40

My cousin (their son) turns 13

My great great uncle Dan turns 80

So begins what will probably be the biggest year of my life so far. Am I ready? I suppose I am as ready as I’ll ever be. I’m already starting to experience performance anxiety as far as Babyice’s arrival is concerned. I’m not just referring to the day of birth. Of course I’m completely frazzled about that…but…it’s just one day (hopefully!). Its not even necessarily the hardest part.

I’ve been having the customary third trimester dreams about being an incompetent mother. The other day I dreamt that I had to bath and change Babyice. I was doing everything wrong. I was alone…I had forgotten to get things ready for his bath and had to constantly turn my back on him to get things…leaving him vulnerable. I felt completely out of my depth. I know, I know. It is more than likely that I will be fine, that I will be overly cautious and make a few mistakes that aren’t the end of the world. People keep telling me they reckon I’ll be a great mother. I just have no idea where this opinion is stemming from. What have I done to deserve such confidence?

Anyway, I’m waddling/hobbling into 2010 with much uncertainty…but I am excited. I’m not scared of it like I was afraid of 2009. I knew that 2009 could not be worse than 2008…but after receiving such an unexpected ass whipping from 2008 I was very cautious about resting on my laurels and expecting everything to be fine. Last year did not start off hopeful at all. This year…is starting of full of optimism, hope and happiness. I could not of asked for more.

A lot of people seem to be grateful that 2009 is drawing to a close and are happy to see the tail end of it. I wish all of you a wonderful year. May it be truly blessed!

What are you looking forward to?