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15 week scan

So I went to the gynae sans Rudi today. Rudi’s boss decided yesterday that he was an asshole of such a nature that he wouldn’t allow Rudi to take me. Our appointment was scheduled for 11:15. He said Rudi couldn’t go and apparently ranted about the appointment being on a Friday. He then told Rudi that there wasn’t work anyway and that he could leave at 10:15 and would be paid half day. So, just to be clear, there is no work, but you cannot take your wife to the doctor and go see your baby, unless I can pay you half of what I would of if you didn’t go. I arranged for a friend/colleague to take me instead. I knew she wouldn’t mind, but I was disappointed that Rudi wouldn’t be there. What if the gynae said something important? What if there was something wrong? What if they were wrong about the gender of the baby?


Anyway we went off to the gynae’s office and waited a very long time to see him. He probably had to catch a baby or performed an emergency C-section earlier today because his waiting room was packed with missed appointments. Eventually we got to see him. My blood pressure looks good. He says there is absolutely nothing that I can do about my skin, the persistent nausea or fatigue. He said I would just have to deal. There is no magic solution. Turns out I was mistaken about my own blood type and that they had the correct blood type on record the entire time (I was confused about this after donating blood and being told what my blood type is).


Then I went for a scan. He confirmed that we are having a girl. He said the sonographer was brave to venture a guess at 12 weeks, but that she was right. He says she is very active, even though I cannot feel her myself yet. He measured and measured and measured again. I wondered why he kept measuring her head over and over. He says she is a little smaller than he expected her to be at this stage. He checked back on our fetal assessment and said she still fell into the average range at that point and that I shouldn’t worry about it. He also said we were in a period of pregnancy where things can vary a lot. Apparently my womb has rolled out the red carpet and is playing the perfect hostess to our little girl.


So all is good on the pregnancy front, except the lingering first trimester baddies. Hopefully those will bugger hastily!


It’s a girl!


Squished up


She’s got my nose! (Thank goodness!)


Apologies again for the photos of the pics, still have no located a scanner that will scan these. I will work on this! If you look closely you’ll see that the measurements indicate that I am 14 weeks and 2 days, instead of 15 weeks. This is what he was talking about. Hopefully she grows steadily and quickly now and everything will be fine.