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Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was really nice.

As is tradition, my family came over to our house for a Christmas Eve dinner and to open gifts. Rudi and I frantically cleaned the house before everyone came (late). Once everyone was gathered there, Rudi read out a letter from my grandfather’s sister in law. I don’t have the letter to post here, but the gist of the letter was that we shouldn’t cry for him as he is spending Christmas with Jesus this year. It was very sweet. We all cried. We had a fantastic meal and ate waaaaay too much! My Evil Mother made a pork leg, curry noodle salad, sweet potato and roast potatoes. My grandmother made stuffing, she makes AWESOME stuffing! For dessert we had very decadent peppermint crisp tart. Delicious! I forced the family to take all the leftovers home as we would be going to Rudi’s parents for Christmas day and I just couldn’t face all that food.

Babyice got spoilt ROTTEN. He got a Learning Puppy from My Evil Mother, a loooong catepillar with all the letters of the alphabet on it, a story book with a CD (Christmas stories) and a walker from us. We were so very impressed when we found he was able to throw the balls into a hole in the walker which then lights up and plays music. I didn’t know he would be able to do that already! He also loves his Learning Puppy and presses the buttons to make him sing/talk all the time. He also got a drum from Rudi’s mom and a fold up tent (very cool!) from his uncle. For his birthday we’re going to get him My pal Scout from Leapfrog. Scout is very awesome. You can program your child’s name, favourite food and colour and it personalizes songs! You can download new songs because Scout can connect to your PC. How awesome is that?!

Rudi bought me a gold chain for the pendant my grandfather got me for my birthday in 2009 and a dainty pair of butterfly earrings. I really love the gifts he gave me 😀

Christmas Day we went to church and afterwards went home to change out of our clothes and get Babyice’s things ready for the day. We packed up all our goodies and headed off to the in laws. Rudi’s uncle had arrived from Johannesburg just in time for Christmas! When we stayed by him a few weeks ago to attend his daughter’s wedding he wasn’t sure if he was coming to Cape Town at all, but we convinced him 🙂

We had lunch, I didn’t have too much food, but I dipped into the sparkling wine and by the end of the meal I was a little tipsy. It was really hot and everyone was eager to get into the pool. We had all packed our swimming gear and took Babyice for his very first swim. He really enjoyed it! The in laws had even bought a small inflatable boat that he can sit and float around in (or be pushed around in as I refused to let him out of my sight!). He loved bouncing up and down in the water. All the sun, swimming and food made Babyice really tired and we lounged by the pool while he was taking a nap. It was so lazy and wonderful. So much better than last year. Actually, it was the first Christmas I enjoyed in about 3 years. I’m really happy that we had a good Christmas this year, despite the sadness in our hearts.

Boxing day was spent relaxing at home and while we were relaxing we got a phone call with horrible news. One of the Evangelists from our congregation had died. On Boxing day. He was fairly young (late fourties). He really was a wonderful man. He offered me a lot of support when we lost Jamie and when we lost my grandfather. He would often embrace me when he saw me, knowing I needed some comfort. He was also very good friends with my grandfather. His wife also lost her mother earlier this year and he leaves behind two beautiful young daughters. It’s so sad. He was up in Gauteng visiting his mother when he and his brother went swimming. Apparently something happened to him in the water, causing him to drown. They suspect a heart attack, but will have to do an autopsy to confirm. We have lost two great men this year.

I really hope everyone else had a good Christmas too! I still have to do a 2010 wrap up post, hopefully I’ll get around to it this year!