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Sick of being sick!

I may hate my body for various reasons (a lot of them self inflicted), but I’m hating my body for something completely different now.

I have been sick for a very long time. A week before I was to come back to work (19 July) I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a throat infection. He gave me a course of antibiotics and sent me on my way. By that Friday Babyice needed to see him, so I took him to see my GP. While there I asked my GP why my throat was still sore and he said I should give it till the Monday to let the antibiotics run their course.

By the Monday my throat was no better. It was downhill from there. I held out as long as I could, hoping that my body would fight it off, but I had to go back to the doctor again. Cue second course of antibiotics (medical aid had already run out and this set me back about R1000). These antibiotics were far better than the previous ones. They did not make me nauseous at all and I really started feeling a lot better. My throat didn’t hurt for about 4 days after finishing my antibiotics when it started troubling me again. I simply refuse to go back to the doctor unless he feels like booking me into hospital. All he is going to do is give me more antibiotics, right?

Yesterday my niggly throat turned into full blown flu. I am completely congested, constant bark, muscle ache, headaches…you name it. It’s all there…the barking isn’t doing my sore throat any good either. I went to M-Kem pharmacy after work yesterday and the sales lady sold me some Viral Guard supplements and Viral Guard throat spray. I made an enquiry on Twitter and I got a lot of positive feedback about the product. I don’t feel any better yet. I’ve stopped resisting the urge to use Iliadin – it’s the only way I can sleep at night.

I have been consistently sick for over a month now and I am SO OVER IT! Not only do I feel like crap, but I can’t hold and enjoy Babyice as much as I want to while I’m a snot factory.

I wish I could take off work and rest a bit, but it is not possible right now. We’re short staffed every day thanks to a new team member that was placed in my portfolio while I was on maternity leave. He has already been for an incapacity hearing. He is simply never really here. He can’t cope with the pressure we have to deal with every day, so he just fades. And if all this isn’t bad enough, I’m working this weekend. As you know, when we work a weekend we work 12 consecutive days. I’m sure this is going to help me get better. Meh.

Luckily Babyice seems to have gotten better after his second course of antibiotics. He was sick just before I came back to work and was on his first course of antibiotics. He then deteriorated so I took him back to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a bad chest infection. He was given Augmentin 600mg antibiotics (which is rather strong if you ask me!) and he got much better really quickly. He is still coughing every now and then, but you can hear that he is pretending sometimes. I’ve read that some babies realize they get attention when they have a cough and later fake it to get attention. Little buggers. Having a sick baby is the suck. I felt so sorry for I would cry for him sometimes, not to mention lying awake at night listening to him coughing and worrying yourself to death.

So…I’m sick and tired of being sick and I really can’t take it anymore. Hopefully this Viral Guard will help me get better and prevent me from getting sick again before we’re blessed with some summer!