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Year Of The Doctor – Part 2

The weekend’s potty training went particularly well and Babyice is getting better every day. We had a couple of accidents over the weekend and we still haven’t gotten him to poo in the toilet or potty again, but we have gotten him to a stage where he asks to go to the toilet. He is improving all the time 🙂 He also wakes up dry, has a bottle and stays dry till he goes to the day mother in the mornings at which point he relieves himself on the potty. His reward chart is littered with smiley stickers which he gets really excited about and demands. I must say that the reward chart is a good reminder for me about how well he is doing as well.  Last night while I was in the shower he toddled into the bathroom, grabbed his potty and took it to Rudi because he wanted to pee. How awesome is that? He also toppled off the toilet yesterday while trying to climb on. He has a step, but is still too short to turn around and hop on, so he uses the step to climb onto the seat, then navigates his way around it to sit down facing the correct way. While trying to perform this rather intricate task, he lost his footing and fell. Luckily I was there and put him right way up again. He complained that his arm hurt (it was red), I kissed it better and encouraged him to pee, which he did. Phew!  We’ll keep on keeping on and at some point in the future we’ll have a fully potty trained child 😀 Then we’ll have to start working on getting rid of the bloody dummy.


Rudi started complaining of toothache on Saturday and we managed to get him to see the dentist yesterday. His wisdom teeth need to come out. Apparently his bottom wisdom tooth is coming out under his 2nd molar and it cannot be taken out in the chair, he will have to have surgery. You would think that would be okay, but again, it isn’t. The medical aid will require a co-payment of between R2200 and R3300, excluding any amounts that might be charged at more than 100% of our scheme rate. This all over and above the huge amount I have to pay in for my colonoscopy from last month. Yesterday I applied for gap cover on our medical aid. What a crock. You need to ‘insure’ your medical aid scheme, as an additional cost to yourself. WTF. Having to go through this twice in as many months is really depressing me. I really wish I had applied for the gap cover sooner. If I had we would have been ok 🙁 Looks like we’ll have to hunt for another doctor since the one Rudi was referred to operates in a hospital (R3300 co-payment) and not in a day clinic (R2200 co-payment), just like I had to hunt for another surgeon to do my colonoscopy. Taking care of your health should really not be so much admin when you pay a lot of money each month to ‘insure’ it.


So the year of the doctor continues…