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Year End Function

As has been custom the last few years we went to Ratanga Junction for our year end function. The last few years it hasn’t been fun. Last year I was 8 months pregnant and couldn’t really walk around much. The year before Babyice was still a baby and Rudi and I couldn’t go on any rides together because we had to find someone to watch him if we wanted to do that.  I didn’t really expect this year to be too different. We still have a baby to lug around and I wasn’t sure Babyice could go on many rides.


But then!


Babyice met the height requirement to go on the Monkey Falls! Monkey Falls is my favourite ride at the park. It is not quite as scary as the Cobra, but still thrilling and getting splashed on a hot day is just great! I went once on my own and when I got back I thought to measure Babyice and he could go! Rudi was hesitant to take him. Babyice can be a real cry baby some times. He is scared of things and cries easily, so taking him on something as scary and exciting as a theme park ride was a real gamble. He LOVED it! I took him next and managed to put my mommy brain aside for a while and we had an absolute blast!


We really had a wonderful day filled with ice cream, cold drinks, pizza, chips and candy floss. The family really enjoyed themselves. I’ll post our picture as soon as I’ve managed to scan it or take a picture of it 🙂