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In the past few days I have considered starting a separate blog, but have put the idea to bed. I can barely cope with regularly blogging here…I couldn’t cope with two. I could perhaps write a guest entry on another blog, but not a daily blog as the second one would be. How on earth does Angel manage her 3 blogs?! So I’ve decided to keep it at just one blog.

My working weekend is this weekend, plus I’m working the public holiday (alone!) next week. So I’ll probably be stuck at work all day on Tuesday 🙁 SUCK. Rudi was rubbing his hands together at the prospect of the overtime I’ll be earning…but I’m TIRED. Dammit!

I feel like I need a break…yes I know we were just away…but I dream of being a lady of leisure. Wouldn’t that be nice?

By the way…I didn’t gain any weight this week. Completely slipped my mind to mention it.