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With Age Comes Moisturizer

Hi everyone! Is it me or has this year just flown by in a blur? Just as the past few years have. It seems the older we get, the faster time passes. The sands are running through the hourglass at a frightening speed and with age comes moisturizer…

When I started doing my nails, it came with a whole lot of routine maintenance. A lot! I couldn’t have bothered with half of it, but the more I posted photos of my nails and trawled nail sites online, the more self conscious I became about the state of my cuticles and the more dedicated I became at performing said maintenance. Have you woken up? Moisturize your cuticles! Did your hands touch water? Moisturize your cuticles! Do your hands feel dry? Moisturize! Are you going to sleep? Moisturize your cuticles! Rinse. Repeat. Every day. Moisture, moisture, moisture. Many products have been tried and tested and I have found a few I think work for me and I’m sticking to them.

At some point it dawned on me that I was paying so much attention to maintaining and beautifying my nails and cuticles, which people do not necessarily even notice in person, but I was doing nothing to or for my face. So I started to apply bio oil as a moisturizer. I didn’t see/feel it making much difference, so applying it diligently tapered off into not applying it at all.

I received a call from Isabella Garcia offering me a free gift as one of my friends had apparently nominated me. One of the questions to check if I “qualify” was whether or not I have a credit card. Alarm bells! I figured this was probably one of those things where they send you something and then phone you again later to bully you into subscribing to something or buying stuff here’s looking at you Platinum Life. Since I am one of those suckers who cannot say no, I accepted and answered questions about my skin type, issues and products I use. I received the delivery a few weeks later with no less than 10 different tubes of products. I was overwhelmed. So many things! 3 different types of cleansers (i.e. mask, exfoliating and foam wash), a few different moisturizers and other special lotions and potions for my face. I thought I would start with the basics: cleanse, tone and moisturize. I added the specialized products that are to be used once or twice a week in gradually.

To be completely honest, I don’t think that my skin has improved dramatically at all. I’ve been using the products for about 3 weeks and I am neither here nor there about their efficacy. I do, however, feel better that I am making some sort of attempt at taking care of my face. It has also gotten me into a morning and evening routine of moisturizing and I have added moisturizing my heels into that routine, leaving me all nice and soft.

I am also making a point of applying eye shadow every day. I’ve watched some YouTube videos on how to make smokey eyes and bought a few strategic brushes to help me do so.

All of this is work. Work I never used to do before. Work I didn’t feel was necessary before, but that I feel is absolutely essential now. Getting old just seems to add more and more effort into making ourselves feel and look acceptable (to ourselves) and what we perceive others to expect of us.

My Isabella Garcia samples are starting to run out and I am considering purchasing products to replace them. I’m not sure exactly what I will replace them with, I have colloidal silver soap which was recommended to me that I can use to cleanse…what I’m looking for is a good moisturizer that is inexpensive and won’t cause an oil slick on my face. My skin is quite oily, even more so in summer, so I need to use something with effective oil control. Any recommendations?


All of this has left me asking, who am I even?