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Welcome to my new home!

Welcome to my new site. I really hope you like it! I must thank Richard for helping me out to make my site a reality. He designed my template and made change after change until I was happy.  He also helped me out with importing my old entries from blogger to here. A big shout out to Richard!

There are still tiny things that I’ll tweak a bit later on, but this is more or less what the site will look like. I still have to put in my stats counter, twitter and a badge or two.

So, I have big news regarding My Evil Mother. Recently she had consulted the family about leaving the job she had at a supermarket. Her excuses were that she was missing out on calls for other job opportunities and that she was always working when there was church and couldn’t attend services. I think she threw the church part in because she knows how important that is to my family and she was under the impression this would buy her sympathy/understanding. I also work during some service times, even moreso when I was in the call center. It’s not an issue. Really. It’s not like she’s out partying or just too lazy to make the effort.

Anyway, my uncle was suspicious, thinking it was very sudden, but she spins her lies quite well and we left it at that. Low and behold, the police come knocking on my uncle’s door, looking for her. According to the police she had stolen a customer’s credit card from the supermarket where she was working and had then used it. She tried to use it the next day at another store, but it had already been cancelled. The second store she tried had a surveillance camera.

It was inevitable one day that she would be caught. We didn’t realize the extent of her crimes, we didn’t know that she would victimize a stranger. We understood that she took advantage of people she knows, works for and her family…but strangers? It was the dumbest move ever in my opinion. Pulling the wool over the eyes of someone who knows you is one thing, this person may feel really stupid or embarassed that they have been taken for a ride. A person that knows you has some sort of relationship with you. Not so with a stranger. All she is to this stranger is a criminal. A crook. Someone who stole from them. They have absolutely no reason not to persue the matter. They can’t be talked out of/manipulated to drop the charges.

The police wanted to take her into custody, but she was with her husband at the time. My uncle has told them where she is, but they have not arrested her as yet. Perhaps this will be the wake up call that she needs. I really hope she doesn’t get away with it again. I think she has pushed it this far because she has gotten away with it so often for so long.

I tried to make a case against her many years ago, but the police were so horrified that I wanted to make a case against my own mother that they didn’t want to help me. Also the retail store where she had made 13K debt (not the full extent of what she has done to me)  to my name didn’t want to assist me in building a case against her. I knew she signed her own signature. That would have been ample proof, but nobody seemed to know where to get the dockets, not even their fraud division. As long as I coughed up their money, they couldn’t care less. I’ll keep you posted on what happens there. I should probably be more upset about it, but I’ve been waiting for it to happen. As I said, it was inevitable.

I had a lovely visit with my cousin from London on Sunday. She bought these gifts for our baby:


If you can’t see well, it’s a Peter Rabbit rattle 🙂

Other than that there isn’t much to tell right now. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new site!