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Weekend update

Antenatal class last week was interesting. We learnt about coping methods during natural labour. We were taught some breathing exercises and positions to stand in. It was also demonstrated to the partners how to apply pressure on certain parts of our backs to ease the pain of the contractions. We practiced relaxation techniques and discussed how anxiety and ‘fearing’ contractions can actually increase pain levels. Sjoe. Again I only have one frame of reference for this and I can completely understand anticipating and fearing a contraction. I’m still so in two minds about it…


So…the weekend. I invited friends over for a braai around 1PM on Saturday. Rudi decided to amend the plans so that the men can go fishing at 5AM (apparently the tides determine the time they go). So our guests pitched up at 5AM. Much to my dismay. I don’t get to lie in a lot and I require much sleep lately. Luckily wife and kid were happy to go back to sleep. They each grabbed a couch and I toddled back off to bed. After waking up at around 7:30 (pffft. WHY?!) I cleaned the kitchen and farted around until I felt like making some breakfast. Rudi had an appointment to see his prospective manager at 11:30…but only rocked up back at home at 12:00. I was so mad at him. I’m super punctual and HATE tardiness. It creates such a bad impression. He got a tongue lashing for it. He did phone ahead, but I don’t feel that makes things better. Of course they caught NO fish. I don’t really care whether or not they catch…but it just seems like such a collasal waste of time and effort. Excuse to go sit and drink beer on the beach if you ask me 😛


While Rudi went off to his meeting we decided to have another nap. I was surprised by the amount of sleep I managed to get with guests around. The rest of our Saturday was spent braaing and we slipped off to Dischem to go and take advantage of the baby specials. I bought three more jumbo packs of nappies, some top to toe wash for Babyice, a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner for myself and walked out R700.00 poorer. Holy moly!


On Sunday I went to church…was faced with My Evil Mother right at the door. I dimissively greeted her and proceeded to take my seat. After service I found her standing talking to another congregation member crying her heart out. I moved in closer since I wanted to ask her to remove call forwarding she had set from the landline they use to my cell phone (that had me FUMING!). She was telling this lady how her husband beats her and that he must just hit her until she’s dead and get it over with and how she just needs help for a little while until she can get away from him. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I want to strangle her myself sometimes. Now this person will look at you, probably thinking ‘Why don’t you help her?’, because she believes all the crap spewing from her mouth. Is it true? Well she doesn’t have a mark on her…and if all the tales she tells of drug and alcohol abuse are true, surely he is not always sober enough to consider the consequences of his actions? (i.e. not leaving a mark). Now she has another job lined up (remember how she lost her last one? Credit card theft…). She proceeds to tell this lady how she wouldn’t have married him, but I told everyone except her that he is a bullshitter of note. Uh. How did that become MY fault? My grandfather has asked me to somehow get her to stop contacting him because it’s making him depressed and conflicted. I totally get that…but how?! I can’t corner her at church…too many people there for her to cry victim to *sigh* This might sound horrid, but I want her to disappear from our lives. She doesn’t have to come to harm. She can just go somewhere far away and start over (as she keeps claiming she is trying to do). Are they still looking for fish packers in the North Pole?


After church I helped my grandfather upgrade his cell phone. It was actually quite a mission, but he eventually got one that he liked. It’s a touch screen phone and I really wonder how he is adjusting…he is amazed by all this technology. I want an iPhone please. Kthxbai.