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Despite the fact that I was working our weekend turned out to have a few nice surprises.


On Thursday when we got home we found a man standing on top of a ladder in front of our front door. He was removing the light bulb from our outside light. We were puzzled since we had not reported any fault with the light. It turned out that he was an Eskom employee and he had come to replace ALL our old light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs – free of charge! None of the light bulbs in the house were energy saving and he replaced every single bulb. We had never bothered doing it since we rent and do not own the place. The light in the house is very different now. Unlike the older ‘big’ energy savers, these don’t switch on dim and brighten as they ‘heat up’. They switch on almost like a fluorescent light. It looks like day light when the lights are switched on now. It is actually pretty nice. The best part is that the bulbs were not only free, but we benefit now too because we will be saving electricity. We were lucky to catch the gentleman before he abandoned hope of anyone coming home and headed out.


Saturday was a very frustrating work day for me. The application we work on was fried and responding painfully slowly while trying to do anything. At one point I got so frustrated I broke my keyboard! Luckily we didn’t have a lot of work to do and we managed to head out after 11:00. We had a lunch scheduled with an old school friend of mine. Even though he lives in town and I live in the northern suburbs we only seem to get to each other about once a year. When we arrived he had laid a beautiful table for us and he made us the most DELICIOUS Thai Green Curry. The vegetables were still nice and crispy and the basmati rice was perfectly cooked. We had some fruit for starters. Not long after we arrived Elijah spotted the pool in the complex. Luckily I had a swimming nappy in his bag and they decided to take him for a swim. I got drenched in the process. Do not underestimate the size bomb a small person can make in a swimming pool! My friend jumped in, with ample warning, but I really thought he wouldn’t make much of a splash. I spent the next hour sunning my dress dry. It was a lovely afternoon. Some pics:




Thai Green Curry Cooking


Fruit Starter


Thai Green Curry


Fun in the pool
Fun In The Pool


Lie Low 😛


Sunning Myself


I was very lucky to get that last photo. He was lying there for all of 5 seconds before he was on the move again. After the lunch we went to a kiddies party, which was already over by the time we got there. The party was moved from a Wednesday cake and tea to a proper party on Saturday, but we already had the lunch planned in advance so just popped by to drop off the gift we had gotten for the birthday girl.


Sunday was a much better day at work. No application issues and little work to do meant that I was only at work for just over 2 hours when I was able to leave. I went home and had a nap with Babyice. After an hour of trying to get him to sleep, Rudi took him for a drive and came to put him down next to me. I really wish he would get over this nonsense now and take his afternoon naps. On Sunday evening Lindor called and asked Rudi to come out with him for a beer. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so I didn’t object. Lindor recently moved to Somerset West, which is a fair distance away. Since then he has been going through a divorce. I’ve never had much time for Lindor and he has received nothing but lip from me for a long time. I saw a different side to him last night. He said he thought having to deal with me to see his friend was one of his biggest problems, but now he knows what big problems are really like. I honestly don’t wish divorce on anybody. It is something I never, ever want to go through. Last night I really felt bad for him. He has lost a lot of weight. He wasn’t much overweight to begin with and the difference is noticeable. When he spoke of not being able to see his children whenever he wants to he cried. Not a sobbing, ugly cry, but he wiped away a tear. I could not imagine not being able to see my baby whenever I choose or whenever he wants to see me. I said to him last night that he is a lot less arrogant, he disagreed and said he still felt arrogant, but he realizes now that there are some things that money can’t buy. He had been doing really well for himself financially of late, but obviously this wasn’t enough. Last night he was giving Rudi some good advice for a change. He said things like ‘Don’t take for granted what you have now, because once it’s gone it might be too late’. I have no idea what was said when they were alone, but it was nice to see some sense come out of him.


Considering I had to work and I am totally exhausted, not a bad weekend.


It’s birthday week! Babyice will be turning 2 on Thursday! 😀


P.S. I’m supposed to be going back to gym today. My knee is practically 100%, but Rudi is working late, so I doubt it will happen. I can still feel my knee hurt a little bit every now and then, but I’m sure I will be able to train soon.