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We Heart Nail Art Vinyls Review

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Hi everyone! Today I have a review of nail vinyls from We Heart Nail Art. We Heart Nail Art is an online store bringing imported brands to South African nail addicts. What I really love about this is that I can shop for these rather exclusive brands from the comfort of my chair. Goods are delivered via courier, so no waiting for your package to come through snail mail and possibly getting stuck at customs and then still having to pay more when it finally arrives in your mailbox. The owner, Shann, is also always on the lookout for new exciting products she can offer. If you’re a nail art lover like me, you *need* to visit this store on a regular basis!

Another new product Shann is bringing to our shores is nail vinyls. When Shann asked me to review nail vinyls I was very nervous. I had only used the bornprettystore guides before and had very little success with them. I always ended up failing with them and out of frustration decided not to use them again. Because of this I also never bought nail vinyls from anywhere else as I figured I was just bad at it. I’m always up for a challenge though, right? I took the bull by the horns and decided to give it a try anyway. For those of you who are not entirely sure what nail vinyls are, they are like stickers that you can apply to your nail to make really awesome designs. Let me show you what the sheets look like:StarSpiralLargeSpiralHeartSwirlsI explained my reservations about using vinyls to Shann and she was happy to give me a few pointers that I thought you might find helpful:

  • It is easier to pick up, apply and remove the vinyl with tweezers. That way they don’t stick to my fingers and pull out of shape.
  • Each of the swirl vinyls have 2 per design (one inside the other) so try to peel them off gently and patiently. If you pull too hard they will lose their shape.
  • A very important step to note is that once you have applied your chosen colour of nail polish, you MUST apply a quick drying
    top coat! The vinyls are quite sticky and will pull the nail polish off if you dont do this. And make sure the top coat is completely dry before you start.
  • With your tweezers, position the middle of the design where you want it on your nail and spiral your way around following the
    shape of the vinyl. Use your tweezers to space it evenly. You can lift it and reapply as many times as necessary.
  • Once you have it in place where you want it, look at your nail from all angles to see if there are any gaps and press the vinyl down flat so that there are no gaps where you polish can leak.
  • Remember to leave a piece of the vinyl hanging off your nail so you can peel it off without touching the nail. Then you want to apply a fairly thick coat of polish on top over the entire vinyl. Make sure all the grooves are filled in.
  • Then almost immediately you want to peel the vinyl off to avoid the polish drying and pull up with the vinyl.
  • Be patient and careful and peel in the same direction as the vinyl.
  • Something to note is that not all nail polishes work well with vinyls. Some of the quicker drying polishes, and some metallics tend to not work well because they pull away with the vinyl.
  • Make sure your polish is completely dry before applying a top coat as your design could drag or smudge if it is not.
  • PRO TIP! You can use a make up sponge to dab the polish on the vinyl too as this will make it less likely that it will bleed under the vinyl, that is also a great way to do gradients over the vinyl.

The mani I did with these vinyls was inspired by a mani that Pish Posh Polish posted. Let me show you 🙂PicsArt_09-07-08.33.21PicsArt_09-09-07.27.13 LargePicsArt_09-09-07.28.43 Large


I started out with a base coat to protect my nails. On my index and middle nails I painted 2 coats of essence Wild White Ways as my base. Once that was completely dry I applied 2 vinyls to each nail. I used the 2 vinyls that fit together on the sheet. I painted a thick coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black and immediately removed the vinyls. I was so very pleased that the vinyls left clean lines. They are most definitely much better than the guides I had experience with. I think it is because they are made of a different kind of material. It really makes a huge difference. This was my first attempt! No bleeding at all, which is something I really struggled with previously, even when I made sure the guides were stuck down properly everywhere. The vinyls also pulled off quite easily. While they are quite sticky, they’re not too sticky if that makes sense. I also had to put them down and lift them a few times to get them exactly where I wanted them, but they didn’t have any problems sticking to my nail without any gaps despite this. Come to think of it, vinyls are a nice alternative to stamping, which can be quite tricky to master. On my ring and pinkie nails I painted 3 coats of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. This colour is not accurate on the photos. It is a GORGEOUS orange neon, but neons freak out my camera, so this is the best I could get it. I placed 3 black studs on my ring and pinkie nails and then applied top coat to all the nails.


We Heart Nail Art will be selling their vinyl sheets for R50.00 each. The number of vinyls per sheet may vary depending on the design. Can’t make up your mind? Order a variety sheet! Check out We Heart Nail Art’s shop and their other social media channels: