We’ve been having issues with our water for almost two weeks. It got so bad that I took emergency leave so that I could meet the plumber to get it sorted out. On Tuesday after having at least 4 evenings where we were not able to bath/shower I had had enough. My landlady was most gracious (as always) and she said she would be ready with the funds to have the problem fixed immediately. I spoke to my boss, submitted the leave and called the plumber to make all the arrangements.


Step in Murphy. You mofo. We get home on Tuesday evening, water is on. Rudi managed to take an uneventful shower. On Monday I had showered, soaped up my hair and the water had disappeared. There was a trickle of water coming out of the cold tap and it was piping hot. There was no way I would be able to rinse myself and my hair off in that. Rudi put a distress call in to the neighbour right next to us and I toddled over to their flat in my gown. An old guy and his son live there. I’m pretty sure I was the first naked girl in that shower. So embarrassing! I rinsed myself off and stumped home quite peeved. Of course, as soon as I had made all the arrangements to have the problem checked, it would disappear.


So I spent most of my day yesterday waiting for the plumber. I didn’t even sleep late because I wanted to make sure the house was clean and tidy before anyone came in, so I was up at 06:00. Seeing as how the water was working, I decided to take the opportunity to do the washing. This was a win since it was on my chore list anyway and I could hang the washing up because it had all day to dry. I completed all the laundry, tidied the house and watched Spud (a pretty cool movie. Yes, I have read the book). I thought it would be a great time to have a nap since everything was done and the receptionist had called saying the plumber would only be able to make it to me in the afternoon. I went to lie down, but for the life of me I could not sleep. SO frustrating. It was very windy yesterday and it was causing doors to slam, blinds to knock and all sorts of other sounds to keep waking me up. I gave up on the nap and decided to watch some series.


The plumber eventually arrived around 15:00.  He said he couldn’t trace the problem if it wasn’t happening while he was there. He said it sounded like someone was switching the water off. I explained to him that the water had been switched off in the entire complex on a particular day because I heard the neighbours in the next block complain. I also told him I don’t think it is likely that the municipality switch off the water 4 times in the last two weeks. He maintained he could not find the problem while the water was working. He showed me where the tap was outside that switches off the water for our block. He said that we should check that if we had a problem again. If the tap is open, we should check with the neighbours and actually turn open their taps ourselves to check if they have water and if the neighbours have water, then call them out while the problem is happening. I found it a bit fishy that the plumber then went down to one of the downstairs flats since he had an appointment there too. So the plumber thing was actually a waste of time. The water was still fine last night. We all managed to bath and shower. It’s the first nice shower I have had at home in quite a while. What a relief!


The entire day wasn’t a waste though since I managed to do all the laundry, including folding/packing away AND clean the entire house AND watch series 🙂


I’m SUPER excited! In the beginning of September last year one of the stones in my wedding ring popped out. I was quite upset since I had *just* had the entire ring reset with my grandmother’s diamond (luckily it wasn’t that one that popped out!) and the setter had obviously done a poor job. So I eventually got the ring back to the jeweller that did it for me (Boogaloo’s friend), but it was a time consuming mission as I never really dealt with him directly. Yes, I had met him and been to his house to discuss the original work, but Boogaloo was always our go between. To the extent that I took my ring to Swellendam so that Boogaloo could drop it off in the southern suburbs when he made his way back to Cape Town. Anyway…many months have passed and I have been wearing a cheap place holder ring on my ring finger, but my ring is FINALLY ready for collection. They have also made out a valuation certificate for me so that I can finally insure the ring properly. I have wanted to do it for a long time, but have been procrastinating and spending the money the valuation would cost me on other things. A colleague of mine had her entire jewellery box cleaned out by sticky fingers in October though, so I decided I cannot put it off any longer. I would never be able to replace my ring by myself. I have made arrangements to pick my ring and the certificate up on Saturday. WOOOO!


Without further ado, some photos as promised:


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Trip to the aquarium


Trip to the aquarium


Trip to the aquarium


2nd birthday, getting ready to sing 🙂


Birthday cake


Cake! Nom!




Look at his face! (Thanks Blackhuff ;))


I have uploaded albums to Facebook with all the photos, so if you’re friends with me there you can head on over to have a squiz 🙂


P.S. Pssst, Stalker, I hope you told your boss I said some nice things about him.

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