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Ups and downs

Babyice has a problem where he spits up. Very often. I chatted to the pediatrician’s assistant about it on Skype and she spoke to the doctor. After answering a few questions, they suggested we try and limit Babyice’s formula intake to 750ml per day and feed him more solids. I thought this was going to be very hard since he is used to having a bottle whenever he pleases. It went better than I thought it would, but we’re still having some issues.

He still spits up, but only his milk. He doesn’t vomit or spit up solids at all. Perhaps the milk is disagreeing with him? Discussing this with the pediatrician as well since they requested feedback. Also, we’ve now changed him over to Lactogen 2 (he was previously on Lactogen 1) and this milk is horrible. I pre-make his bottles and keep them in the fridge. At night when we go to bed we put a bottle in the bottle warmer for his night feed and should he require a feed in the middle of the night, his bottle is ready and waiting. We never had any problem doing this with the Lactogen 1. We have found now with the Lactogen 2 that his bottle has completely curdled by the time he needs his next feed. It smells sour and has gone lumpy. WTF?! The bottle warmer keeps the formula at a constant temperature of 40 degrees. Why does it go “off”? Granted it does stay in the bottle warmer for quite some time…but we never ever had a problem with the previous formula. I understand that the formula is different as it is stage 2 formula, but surely stage 2 formula doesn’t mean it must be impractical? It just doesn’t make sense for me to have to make a bottle (potentially in the middle of the night)…leaving him crying, waiting for it. I also can’t put a bottle from the fridge into the warmer as it will take 20 minutes to get warm…this will take longer than making the bottle from scratch and Babyice will be screaming his lungs out and be fully awake by then. I’ve mentioned this to the pediatrician. They’re considering another type of formula and will get back to me later today.

The other thing that is bothering me is that he is urinating considerably less. We bath him and put him to bed around 7/8pm and the next morning at 6/7am it looks as if he has only urinated once or twice. Before it used to be very full and would probably leak if not changed immediately. I realize he will urinate less now that he is drinking less, but surely one or two during 12 hours is a little? He seems happy, isn’t crying more than usual, cries tears and is still drooling (all signs to look out for in “What to expect the first year”). I’m trying to get him to drink purity juice/rooibos tea to up his liquid intake, but that isn’t going very well at the moment. I have raised this issue with the pediatrician also.

There is good news though! Babyice seems to be sleeping through! For the last 3 days he has slept till 6/7am. The night before that till 4am. I might have been too hasty to give him a feed that night. Sometimes he does get restless and wake up, but after being given his dummy he goes back to sleep without even being picked up. I, on the other hand, wake up regardless of whether or not he is sleeping. I’m so used to getting up for him that I can’t help but wake up. Hopefully we’ll both adjust now so that I also get some decent, unbroken sleep.

Any moms out there have some advice for the other problems?

P.S. My pediatrician is a lot of awesome. His receptionist is available on Skype all day during office hours and I can chat with her from home, free of charge. She asks the doctor should she not be able to answer your questions. She’s going to print out my discussion with her this morning to show to the doctor so he knows exactly what we spoke about. She mentioned something about Losec formula, but is going to discuss it with him first. Anyone know if it’s expensive?