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Untried Polish Challenge – Warm

For the warm topic I decided I was going to try out all my yellows for the first time. I don’t love or hate yellow, but I knew the only solid yellow I would want to wear would have to be a pastel shade and so the hunt began for the perfect pastel yellow. I was afraid to work with yellows, especially for a solid mani because they are famed for being difficult to work with, streaky, patchy and sheer.


Sanita found a bottle of Revlon Sunshine Sparkle on special and for R25.00 a bottle it was definitely worth a try. It is a soft pastel yellow with a beautiful shimmer. After I bought it I read some reviews and kind of stayed away from trying it out because nobody could find anything good to say about it. Sanita also gifted me a bottle of essence wanna be your sunshine for my birthday. It isn’t a pastel yellow and I probably wouldn’t use it on its own, but I would use it for art. When I went shopping at Maskscara I found a gorgeous China Glaze pastel yellow creme called Lemon Fizz and I knew I had to have it!


I decided to paint the Sunshine Sparkle and Lemon Fizz on alternating nails and use the wanna be your sunshine to make a sun on my accent nails. The topic is “warm”, after all.






As usual I started with a base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I proceeded to paint China Glaze Lemon Fizz on my thumbs, middle and pinky fingers. I painted the Sunshine Sparkle on my ring and index fingers. I’m wearing two coats of the Lemon Fizz on each finger. It looks okay on the photo, but if you scrutinize it in person it could probably have done with a third. To me it is a little streaky and uneven. As with most polishes the first coat is always a mess and the second coat evens everything out well, but with these a third coat would make it perfect. I found the China Glaze a little thick, but not gloopy. I suppose this helps for opacity, but with careful application this shouldn’t be an issue.


The Sunshine Sparkle is very sheer. I have three coats on my index fingers and two on my ring fingers. Three coats still leaves a bit of VNL (visible nail line), but it doesn’t bother in the least. I usually hate VNL, so this is really not bad. The reviews on this polish moaned about streaks, sheerness and bubbles. I’m prone to bubbles, so I tried to paint thin coats. The formula of the Revlon was runnier than the China Glaze, but I found this helped me as it was easier to spread across the nail. The shimmer that looks so gorgeous in the bottle doesn’t translate onto the nail at all. They really might as well not have bothered. The polish didn’t bubble on my right hand, but I found that my nail on my index finger on my left hand had tiny bubbles when the polish dried. It was almost as if it dried to a textured finish. When I painted a top coat the next morning some of the bubbles popped and were more obvious.


I free handed half moons on my ring fingers with wanna be your sunshine using the polish brush. This also covered up the very obvious VNL on these fingers that only had two coats of Sunshine Sparkle. I then used a dotting tool to make dots depicting the rays of the sun. While the idea was great, I don’t feel the colours contrast enough to make the sun stand out. In hindsight I should of used a different base colour for those nails. The half moons on both hands bubbled very badly, but because I only wore the essence over the Sunshine Sparkle I am not sure which is to blame. Because I didn’t feel the accent *popped* enough, I decided to add stickers to my middle fingers. Since it is spring here in South Africa, I thought butterfly stickers would go well with the sunny/warm/spring theme.


Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the yellows. I did find and them finicky, but nothing three coats and careful application can’t see to. I was scared for nothing! The Lemon Fizz and Sunshine Sparkle are very close in colour. The Lemon Fizz is quite a bit brighter, whereas the Sunshine Sparkle appears a bit more muted. I really don’t need both. The China Glaze gives a more beautiful end result, so I think it will be the one I hang onto when I purge polish.


I loved wearing this mani. Work has been dreadful and looking at the bright colour cheered me up. It is quite a bold statement though and I don’t know if I’ll wear an all-yellow mani again soon. It also made me think of Siobhan all the time because she so loves yellows 🙂


My only frame of reference for a yellow mani is remembering photos I saw of my mother’s engagement to my stepfather. I distinctly remember her wearing a yellow dress, yellow heels, a purple blazer with shoulder pads, long yellow nails and a perm. My stepfather had a perm too. So, to me, a solid yellow mani screams bad 80s fashion. I hate 80s fashion so the association isn’t great. This contributes to the reason I probably won’t wear a mani like this again, but I’ll try anything once 🙂