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Untried Polish Challenge – Ugliest

This was not difficult for me at all. When I had to pick an ugly mani, colour immediately came to mind. It was easy for me to see one I didn’t like among my untrieds.  I did not buy this for myself, it was part of the prize I won. I won the entire Revlon Moon Candy range and there are three colours in there that just don’t do it for me. This is one of them.


Cosmic is a yellow-green-brown creme duo polish with the creme on one side and glittery flakes suspended in a tinted base on the other. The creme reminds me of a colour that might be used in camo. That is putting it nicely. This colour reminds me of poop and I know poop! I’m faced with it on a daily basis. Here is a bottle shot:

Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic

A usual I started off with my base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I painted two coats of the Cosmic creme on all my nails while trying not to throw up. Once you paint two solid coats of the creme it resembles a chocolate brown colour. I still didn’t like it. The green-yellow nature of it only really comes out in the sun. I thought some sparkly glitter might redeem it and I painted the flakes over my three middle nails. No cigar. The flakes are tricky to spread. You need to use the blob and spread method and sometimes it is difficult to control how many come out. I got way too many out on my left hand. I prefer less. The results:

Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic (less flakes)
Revlon Moon Candy Cosmic (more flakes)


Sorry, I realize the second image is a bit blurry. This was honestly the best one I could get of my left hand. My right hand is obviously a bit shakey with the camera.  This colour also had shrinkage issues with my Seche Vite. I forgot to wrap my tips with the polish, but wrapped them with the Seche and they shrank back pretty badly. I only wore this mani for a day before I had to take it off. I really hate this colour a lot. Honest review! And when I took it off?

See? Poo!


If you don’t hate this colour, it is amongst the polishes I’ve listed for The Polish Swap. What do you think? Would you wear this colour?