Untried Polish Challenge – Three Colours

I had a day’s leave on Friday and was torn about what to do with my nails. I considered using my jelly polish, but I was chatting to Ordinary Misfit about it and then remembered that I’ve been wanting to try water marble nail art. Michelle recommended I watch SimpleLittlePleasures video channel on YouTube. She is a water marble genius. Her tutorials are short and to the point. She does amazing things. And so I decided to do the three colours category of the challenge.


I painted all my nails with my Tip Top Miraculous Results base coat to protect my natural nails. I then painted all my nails with MUA I < 3 u. I painted three coats on my thumb and pinky for opacity and two coats on my three middle fingers as a base for the marble. I let that dry and then put sticky tape around my nails to try and minimize clean up. I had a foam cup filled with water standing out for a few hours. It is important that the water is room temperature in order for the technique to work. l alternated Tip Top Purple Reign and Tip Top Sexy Bikini dripping the polish into the water, forming a bullseye. I was having trouble getting the polish to form a drop in order to drip it into the water. Michelle advised me to wipe one side of the brush which forces a bead to form on the tip of the brush. Worked like a charm! I took a toothpick and gently dragged it through the bullseye to make patterns.




Once I had a pattern I liked I placed my nail parralell to the pattern and dipped it into the water. I used the toothpick to pick up the polish that remained on the surface of the water and slowly lifted my finger out.




I recommend you watch a YouTube video if you have trouble visualizing what I am explaining. The result:


I am quite chuffed with how it came out! I think it is good for a first try 🙂 My middle nail is my absolute favourite! I’m sure with practice I can get them all stunning like that!





I enjoyed playing around with this and really like the result. I was scared to try this as it is notoriously difficult to do and I didn’t want to do it over and over again to get a result that I liked. I was pleasantly surprised though and will definitely do it again when I have some time on my hands.


What do you think of his kind of nail art? Would you try this yourself?

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