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Untried Polish Challenge – One Colour

I have had magnetic nail polish lying around for ages. Actually I bought it the day before I went back to work, so about 3 months. It feels like I have been back at work forever though. Leebeesa also brought me some from Ireland. When I saw the category “One colour” in the untried polish challenge I knew I wanted to use the magnetic for it. It may only be one colour, but it wouldn’t be boring!


The magnetic polish Lebeesa bought me is a blue/grey color. I decided to use my essence polish since I’ve worn quite a lot of blue lately. This is the polish from Ireland:

Magnetic polish Leebeesa brought me from Ireland


This polish has the magnet built into the lid of the polish. The patterns made by this particular magnet are chevrons, indicated on the magnet:


The magnet is built into the lid


essence sells their magnets separately, allowing you to buy different magnets, without having to re-purchase the magnetic polish. So if you have one colour you love, you can change the look depending on the magnet you use.


essence magnet


My essence magnet is a star, only indicated on the little pouch it comes in. Better not lose that. i started off with my regular base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. Magnetic nail polish dries a bit more quickly than regular nail polish, so you need to paint one nail and use the magnet before moving on to the next nail. I tried to use the magnets on alternating nails so I would have one star, one chevrons and then star again. That didn’t quite work out. The star magnet just wouldn’t work for me. You could barely see that something had changed on the nail. The centre of the star would always form at the base of my nail and the “rays” would go towards the tip. It looked stupid. The chevrons came out pretty cool though. My first attempt:


essence witch you were here, star and chevron magnets used


Fair warning. Wait for the magnetic polish to dry before doing a top coat. It lessens the effect if you top coat while the polish is still wet. I decided to redo the “star” nails. I wasn’t happy with how they turned out. I also didn’t top coat the nails that I did over and the effect is much stronger. I waited till the nails were completely dry before doing the top coat and it didn’t affect the patterns. Second attempt (ring and index finger not top coated):


essence witch you were here – chevron magnet used


I think this is a pretty cool effect! You should see this baby sparkle in the sun! I will definitely hang on to my magnetics and this chevron magnet. I am quite disappointed by the star magnet though and I don’t think I’ll use it again. I even tried moving the magnet into different positions, but it made no difference. Sanita has used the star magnet before with much more success. Ordinary Misfit and I were speculating that the pattern might be to big for my small nail beds. It isn’t impossible. I’ve just recently laid my hands on essence magic red carpet which is a stunning red magnetic polish. It is so pretty!



This is a very easy, quick way to get some cool art going on your nails. What do you think?