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Untried Polish Challenge – Oldest

Many a moon ago, while I was still on maternity leave, Ordinary Misfit sent me nail mail with loads of spoils. She included two Sinful Colors neon stripers in the package. I still hadn’t used them, so they fall into my ‘oldest’ untried polish category. She sent me the Sinful Colors ‘Me First’ and ‘A slice to go’ stripers. Very neon! I’m not quite sure why I haven’t used them yet. Perhaps I’m afraid of the boldness of a neon, or maybe I was timid about skill I might need to wield a striper. Whatever the reason I decided to use them this time. I messed around over my yellow mani with the stripers to “practice” before doing my new one. I don’t think I’m too bad at free handing stripes. Although I would like stripes to be perfect, I’d need to use tape for that. I also tried drawing some patterns with the stripers, but that was such an epic failure I deleted the photos 😛


Stripers be striping


I was going to do stripes and polka dots, but the idea just didn’t sit well with me. I decided to use my China Glaze Diva Bride as a base for the mani. Diva Bride is a very sheer, very soft pink. I bought it because I loved the colour in the bottle, it reminds me of ballet slippers (yes, I know Essie has a polish named Ballet Slippers). When I got home and googled swatches I was very disappointed. The swatches all showed a basically transparent polish with a pink tint. Visible nail line anyone? Technically this is one of my newest polishes, but I’m not splitting hairs. I was unsure of how the nude would look with the neon, so I got to searching Pinterest and found a pin with both stripes and leopard print. I love leopard print nails! I also haven’t done it in such a long time, so I decided that is what I would do. Michelle recommended I paint a coat of Tip Top Cream Puff underneath the Diva Bride to help with the sheerness and to try and get it opaque.


I started off with my usual base coat of Tip Top Miraculous Results to protect my natural nails. I then painted one very streaky and patchy coat of Tip Top Cream Puff on all my nails. I followed that up with two coats of Diva Bride. The Diva Bride evened out the Cream Puff nicely. I did have some bald spots near my cuticles, but that may be because I didn’t wait long enough between coats. Will have to experiment the next time I use it. With the 3 coats of polish the colour is pretty solid. Diva Bride is such a beautiful, soft pink. I am totally in love with it! The name is also very fitting as it would be a gorgeous colour for a bridal manicure! I was so sceptical about this polish after seeing the swatches, but now I’m really happy that I got it. Don’t you love when that happens 🙂 Bye bye buyer’s remorse!


Once my base was touch dry I used my dotting tool to dot neon dots on my middle and ring fingers and my thumbs. I used the black polish from my Revlon Moon Candy Moon Dust polish to outline the neon dots and add some black spots with a smaller dotting tool. My intention was to stripe the remaining nails, but Rudi came into the room and told me that it looked really nice and that I shouldn’t stuff it up by adding anything. I showed Michelle and she agreed that you needn’t fix what isn’t broken 🙂


China Glaze Diva Bride and Sinful Colors neon leopard print


I don’t feel you can really see the soft pink of the Diva Bride in the above pic, so I took another picture of it against a pink background:


China Glaze Diva Bride is a soft pink
Sinful Colors neon stripers – A slice to go and Me First


Of course, even after giving the polish another good 30 minutes to dry, as soon as I top coated it the black started dragging like there was no tomorrow. My ring finger on my right hand look horrid! I was tempted to do it over, but didn’t. Only I will probably notice and I really didn’t have time. I can’t wait to get my Seche Vite top coat so that this doesn’t happen anymore!


I love this mani, but I haven’t gotten any positive feedback on it. Rudi and my male colleague next to me don’t think it looks like leopard print. One female colleague said she didn’t like it. What do you think?