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Tick Tock

I have been so demotivated to blog. Usually I have a few blog posts brewing in my head and always have lots to say…but right now my mind is pretty one track. Its actually pretty boring in my head right now and I will spare you the details.

The days are ticking away now. I’m counting down the days until my maternity leave. I can’t freaking WAIT. I am so gatvol [fed up] with work it isn’t funny! I think the fact that I would have had maternity leave with Jamie already just added to this frustration. 19 more days to go, 14 of which I will actually be at work and 10 of which Jubba will be in attendance for. Although my maternity leave will start on the 25th of January, my last day will be the 22nd of January.

I speak of this as if it is a certainty. I have not actually booked my maternity leave yet. I have requested that human resources allocate my maternity leave quota on the system so that I can apply for it, but I have not heard back from them yet. I have sent them the letter from my gynae saying when my expected due date is and since then I haven’t heard anything. I suppose I should call them. I am anxious to book it and have it on black and white that I get to leave here for 6 months! I must say I am very blessed to work for a company that grants us 6 months maternity leave with full pay. No standing in the unemployment queue for me! That being said…I’ve been working here for almost 10 years now and I need to get away for a bit, even if it is to learn to appreciate it a bit more.

I’ve been working since I was 16. I used to work part time at a retail clothing store most weekends and once I finished high school I started working where I do now. Since then I have been working non stop. In that time (since I was 16) the longest period I haven’t worked for was a month, when I went to London.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I won’t be on holiday. I know I’ll have my hands full with Babyice, but I won’t be at work. I won’t have to deal with grumpy customers. I won’t have to deal with my boss. I won’t have to deal with my colleagues. I will be exhausted…so tired I want to cry…(I get that way sometimes, even before having a baby!) and I’ll have someone vomiting and peeing on me…but I won’t be at work.

So tick tock….don’t dare stop the clock!