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The Sicks

PrincessIce has been sick A LOT lately. Since 30 September she has been on four courses of antibiotics. It is one throat infection after the other.


I was taking her to a dispensing nurse since our medical aid has run dry and it is much cheaper than going to the GP, but two days after she finished the second course of antibiotics the nurse gave her she spiked a temp and we took her back to the GP. He prescribed more antibiotics (a different kind). I told him I don’t like putting her antibiotics so much, he empathized, but also said that he suspects she is picking up bugs at the day mother. R500.00 for medication. He noted that the antibiotics the nurse had given her aren’t very effective in our area as the bacteria circulating there have built up a resistance to the meds.


The next day she wasn’t keeping her antibiotics down and we were needing to overlap suppositories because her fever was going over 39 degrees every 5/6 hours. For two nights I sat with a shivering baby in my arms, debating about overlapping suppositories and waiting for the fever to subside. She broke my heart. At this stage we couldn’t administer any oral fever meds as she would just bring them up again. Same with the antibiotics the GP had prescribed, in and straight back out. We gave up trying to administer them again after they came up and tried mixing them in yoghurt. Nothing worked. The GP had said if she gets sick again quickly after this course of antibiotics (a 10 day course, mind you) we should take her to the paed. I was so fraught with worry, that I decided to take her to the paed anyway. How could the antibiotics do their job if she wasn’t keeping them down?


I took her to the paed and he gave her the once over. He then drew lots of pretty pictures for me on his iPad. He used to draw the pictures in blue ink on little blocks of paper, but he is very high-tech now. Has a special stylis and changes colours and everything! He explained to me what was causing the fevers. He said that it wasn’t a clear cut bacterial infection and the antibiotics might not be strictly necessary, so we should continue trying to give her the antibiotics and should not worry if she brings them up. He wanted to prescribe some cortisone over and above her medication, luckily I already had that from one of our previous trips to the doctor. He asked me to call him over the weekend to let him know how she was doing. If she hadn’t improved we would have to have another look. R630.00 for the appointment.¬†Wouldn’t you know that very night she took her antibiotics and kept them down without a fight? Murphy’s law.


So by trying to save money I ended up spending over a thousand rand anyway. How does the saying go? ¬†Penny wise, pound foolish. The paed did seem to agree with the GP regarding her recurrent infections. Without me telling him what the GP said he said he thinks she is picking up bugs at the day mother. He told me that some kids cruise through day care rarely getting sick, while others just get sick all the time. He said that things should get better once the warmer weather arrives. Maybe he should send a memo from his fancy iPad* to Mother Nature, she clearly hasn’t noticed that it is meant to be summer here already.


She has improved in leaps and bounds since then and is very pleasant, smiling and laughing. I phoned him on Saturday to give him the news and he was happy. She has been sleeping better for the last two days and hasn’t had a fever since Thursday. I’m completely shattered. The entire weekend I was like a zombie. I just wanted to sleep! I worked the weekend before last and I’m working this coming weekend too. I can’t wait till we go away the last weekend in November. Hopefully I can relax!


We also had a minor choking incident yesterday. Somehow PrincessIce managed to get a thick, long strand of tinsel stuck in her throat. I hadn’t seen her put it in her mouth, but realized she was choking on something. I positioned her over my arm and slapped her on her back to try and dislodge whatever it was. After a few tries she finally vomited out the tinsel. Luckily she could breathe, the tinsel wasn’t obstructing her airway, obviously just irritating her throat. By the grace of God I stayed calm and knew what to do.


Onwards and upwards!


*I know I sound a bit bitter, but I really love our paed (and his iPad).