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The Polish Swap

I have had an idea swirling around in my head for a while now. I have a few polishes that I have bought or that were gifted to me that I’ve tried once or twice and just don’t like. There is one where I am not fond of the effect and the others I don’t feel the colours suit me. There is no point in me hanging onto these polishes if I don’t particularly want to wear them again. These polishes are in perfect condition and have only been used once or twice. It occurred to me that I might not be alone in this boat and so the idea for The Polish Swap was born.


This exercise will involve swapping polishes with someone who has something you like/want and wants/likes something you have, or as the swap expands trades can be negotiated between a few people. I realize that there is a certain level of integrity and trust required in this exercise and I am not naive to the fact that people may be less than honest. I can only hope that everyone will act like adults and “do unto others”. I think it is necessary to set out some guidelines to follow. Here are some that I have thought of:


  • Both parties need to be in agreement about which polishes they want to swap.
  • Polishes are to be sent via post and sender is to ensure that the bottles are secured and safe for travel (bubble wrapped or otherwise protected). Tracking numbers are to be supplied to recipients by senders. If you are in the same area, obviously you don’t need to post the polishes if it is mutually agreed to swap them in person.
  • Polishes are to be in good condition. Thickened, clumpy polishes are not to be offered for swaps. Polishes that have been tampered with (e.g. had remover added) are not to be offered for swaps.
  • Polishes may be used, but half empty bottles are not acceptable, UNLESS recipient is aware of the level of polish in the bottle and accepts it. Polishes that have been used more than a few times must still be in good condition (see above).
  • Polish brands do not have to match, but swaps need to be realistic. I would not be willing to swap a R 20.00 polish for a R 100.00 polish. I would however consider offering more than one cheaper polish for a more expensive brand.
  • Full disclosure. Be honest about why you’re passing a polish on. Whether you don’t like the colour or application wasn’t easy for you, disclose. Something that might be difficult for you to work with might be easy for someone else and we all love different colours.
  • Swaps can be local or international if both parties are in favour.
  • Swaps are on a first come, first served basis. Transactions should be finalised within 48 hours to ensure polishes aren’t “reserved” for indefinite periods.


So how will it work?


I will be listing the polishes I have on offer below. I have created a page with this post (which I will update as time goes on) for you to copy. Blog about The Polish Swap and guidelines to spread the word, include what you have to offer and link back in the comments on The Polish Swap page for others to find you. It may also be beneficial for you to add your likes and dislikes so that someone that might have something for you can let you know, or a reader might make a connection between you and someone else and let you know.


If you can think of something I haven’t covered or have any questions, drop me a comment. You can also send me an email at acidicice[@]gmail[dot]com.



I am a lover of pink polishes and glitter. I really like different colour/sized glitter in one polish or the same colour in different sizes. I also really like holographic polishes and love pastel colours. I like a lot of other things so my choices aren’t limited to these preferences. This is just to give you a general idea of what I like.



Dark blue polishes, dark brown polishes and polishes with bar glitter.


What I have to offer (constantly updated):


WW Blue cracking polish – swatched here. – Was a gift


Sinful Colors Aqua – swatched here – Retails for R19.95 at Ackermans


Sinful Colors Gorgeous – swatched here – Retails for R19.95 at Ackermans


Revlon Moon Candy – Cosmic – Retails for R89.90


Revlon Moon Candy – Meteor – Retails for R89.90 (never used)


Revlon Moon Candy – Universe – Retails for R89.90 (never used)


Revlon – Sunshine Sparkle – swatched here. Paid R25.00 on sale.


essence – mr & mrs special effect topper – swatched here. Retails for R24.95


Please let me know if you have anything you would like to swap for any of the above polishes. This list will be updated if more become available or if some are snatched up by someone.


Happy swapping!