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The Luckiest Cow In The World

My Evil Mother must be the luckiest biyatch in the world. I am most annoyed.


I spoke to my grandfather yesterday and he had contacted the detectives working on the case to find out what is happening. Apparently My Evil Mother was to report to the police station at 10 AM this morning. Word is that Coke Head has managed to convince the man that laid the charges to drop the charges should they pay the money back. Coke Head somehow got his hands on some money (because he is just as much of a loser as she is, he doesn’t really have an income either). There will be a court case on Monday, most likely to ensure she pays and then that will be the end of that for her.


I am so disappointed by this outcome. I suppose it’s good for her, but I feel that she is getting off WAYtoo lightly. I know this is not the first time that she has stolen, defrauded or swindled money from someone. Hell, I fell for that crap myself. I also know that it will not be the last time. She needs to have the book thrown at her. She needs the long arm of the law to come out and slap her in the face. My fear is that she only got a mild scare this time around and that she will only be more cautious now to ensure she doesn’t get caught again. After all, clearly in her mind she has difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong.


If I could speak to this person, I would encourage them to not drop the charges, however, I’m sure that a long drawn out court case would be inconvenient to them as well. I suppose they’ve decided to try and settle the matter quickly and get it out of the way. If they pay her back, it’s no skin off their nose. They need not be concerned for her future victims. Oh and there will be more.


At least now there will be some kind of legal record for future reference. My uncle is still kicking her out and apparently she will fetch her belongings on Monday, perhaps Tuesday depending on how long the court case takes. One good thing that has come out of this, at least they are rid of her.


I hope she moves far, far away and leaves us all alone. I don’t want her in my life anymore and I think the rest of my family is finally starting to feel the same way.


Blood may be thicker than water, but that woman has vinegar running through her veins.