The Kids Met Santa!

I spotted a great looking Santa in one of our malls and decided I absolutely MUST take Elijah to see him. This year is the first time that he has a real understanding of Christmas/Santa (in the commercial sense) and he is very, very excited!


We took them to see Santa and had photos taken. They only charged R50.00 for an A5  and two jumbo prints. I actually think that is a real bargain! The photos are really lovely.  Elijah was a bit star struck when he met Santa and when Santa asked him what he wants for Christmas he stood there too shy to speak. Obviously, Santa is a seasoned professional and he prompted him saying ‘Would you like a remote control car?’. Coincidentally this is exactly what Elijah had asked for in his letter to Santa, so I was able to nudge him at this point and say ‘See? Santa read your letter!’. It was all too sweet. He happily posed for a photo with Santa and held his bell:





With Gabby I was a little worried she would cry if I put her onto this strange man’s lap, but she sat there, with her usual dead pan expression. I knew getting her to smile was asking for a Christmas miracle, so I was just happy to have her somewhat looking in the direction of the camera and now bawling her face off. I warned Santa that she might cry and he said ‘Don’t worry, I’ve had all sorts today’.





I will treasure these photos!


To all my readers who celebrate Christmas, a blessed Christmas to you. To everyone else, stay safe and enjoy the holidays x

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