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The Dreaded Jubba

Oh my goodness. I’ve received reports from work that Jubba is on the war path (again). Apparently I’m in for it when I get back. Now I’m DREADING going back to work. I am already emotional (PMS?) and frustrated with my own things in my head…now I have to be shouted at and be told how worthless I am by this…this…man. Word is that he wants to crap all over me about surfing the internet (again). I did relax a bit over the festive season…(I’m not the only one that surfs for Pete’s sake! Just the only one that is singled out constantly), but apparently he said I stopped for about a week. Absolute bullshit. I’ll tell him that to his face. I don’t appreciate him discussing this with an entire team behind my back either. Bastard! Don’t know how often I’ll be able to blog with him looking over my shoulder 🙁

Apparently my team has already been called in and told how useless they are. The girls have been accused of ‘not doing anything’ (this is the second time this has happened in my absence) the boys fervently agreeing. Liars.

I wish someone would stand up to him. I wish we could all stand up to him. We are too afraid though…because if nothing happens and he stays in his current position we are sure to be victimized afterward *sigh* What to do? Eat up all his crap is what we do. ARGH!

I already have a pimple and cramps today. Not looking good for pregnancy 🙁