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The Christmas Tree Saga with the Happy Ending

Finally! I got a Christmas tree! On Sunday we went to Sonstraal dam for a picnic and to be harassed by ducks and geese. Sheesh. Those ducks and geese certainly are very comfortable with people. They had absolutely no qualms coming right up to us and nosing around, obviously searching for food. No amount of “Shoo!” deterred them. I am not really comfortable around birds. They freak me out. They have sharp claws and beaks man! Those things can hurt you! Not to mention the terrifying huge wings flapping all around. I just don’t like them, so having so many birds in such close proximity was quite unnerving for me, especially when they waddled up to our blanket and stuck their beaks out looking at me with their beady little eyes. Let’s just say outings to the dam are not the most fun thing for me. We enjoyed some rolls with cold meat/viennas and Elijah distributed the leftover rolls (at least 8 of them!) to our hungry onlookers. We took a stroll around the dam and then headed to the mall to search for a Christmas tree. Some pics of the birds on our park excursion:


Baby Ducks!

So many birds!


I showed you the tree I saw on takealot…which I thought was very expensive. I decided to shop around in the shops to see if I could find something I liked for less. I went to Game in Cape Gate and they didn’t really have anything that tickled my fancy. There was one tree which was nice and fluffy, but it had almost lime green “needles” mixed in between the dark green and I didn’t really like that. We went to Checkers and I saw two trees that I liked there, but nobody could find the box of one of the trees for me to compare to the other and they were not priced. The staff was pretty confused as well and after spending about 20 minutes waiting for them to try and find what I was looking for we decided to leave. The fact that Elijah had spiked a fever while we were there contributed to us rather leaving. One of the store assistants actually opened about 4 Christmas trees trying to find what we were looking for, so I wouldn’t say they were unhelpful, but I still don’t know how much that tree costs. We pickled off to Pick ‘n Pay and Cape Gate did not have a Christmas tree bigger than 60 cm. I knew for a fact that Pick ‘n Pay Tygervalley had decent sized Christmas trees, so I decided to give it up as a bad joke. I often find that Cape Gate mall, which is much closer to where I live, seems to get the scraps stock-wise. More than one store doesn’t have half the stuff the other mall has. We packed it in for the day.

On Monday Sanita and I went to Tygervalley to go Christmas tree hunting again. We started at Game and I saw a tree I absolutely fell in love with. It had more realistic “pine needles”, tipped with silver glitter. They also had the tree I saw at the other Game. The tree I liked was clearly marked with a price and I started hunting for a box. I couldn’t find a box with that particular tree in the entire display. I asked a staff member who checked and then went to check the back and the response was that the specific tree I wanted was sold out. They took my details and said they would try to source one for me. Sanita was not hopeful since she has received bad service from this particular store before. I didn’t even take down a name. We went to Pick ‘n Pay as well and while they had a much bigger selection than the other branch, no other tree came close to the one I had seen at Game. Their display tree was awesome and I had hoped it was in stock somewhere, but it turned out the display tree was just that. A tree they got from head office to decorate the store. I was despondent. It was like the universe did not want me to have a tree!

On Monday night my phone rang while I was in the shower. Rudi answered and it was the manager at Game! My Christmas tree was there waiting for me!  I was so excited. Lunch time Tuesday Sanita and I descended on Tygervalley to collect the tree. We also got some other admin done while we were there, but the tree was the purpose of the trip. I couldn’t wait to go home! It turned out that there was actually stock of the tree in “the back”, but it was still packed in a container which the floor staff did not have access to.

Elijah was super excited about decorating the Christmas tree. We had a quick supper first and then the unboxing began. Each branch was individually wrapped in plastic and the tree was split into 3 sections, which is pretty common for a 1.8 m (5.9 ft) tree. It felt like it took us forever just to pull all the small plastic sleeves off of every branch and once that was done I went about bending the branches out to fill up any empty spaces. Here is what the tree looked like before we started decorating it:

Silver Sparkle Christmas Tree

Isn’t it beautiful?! So full and fluffy! I then untangled and tested our 3 strings of lights and started to wrap them around the tree, followed by the tinsel. Finally it was time to hang the decorations. These branches are a little tricky to hang decorations on, but the needles are quite stiff and you can hang most of the lighter decorations on the needles if you must. Elijah’s enthusiasm quickly waned and Gabby was pulling off decorations faster than I was putting them up. I found so many broken balls it wasn’t funny and also came across some personalized hand made decorations that my friend Nicola sent me from PE. They are so special and make me so happy. The only problem with the decorations is that our little angel that normally sits atop the tree won’t stay on. The needles are quite stiff and sort of pop back out when you put her skirt over them, causing her to fall off. I guess we’ll just have to get one of those huge glitter stars or something to put on the top of our new tree 🙂 Here is a pic of the tree with the decorations:

Decorated Silver Sparkle Christmas Tree

I am now perfectly content! It was totally worth the wait, don’t you think? Is your Christmas tree up yet? We’re halfway through November people!