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It has been so long…

…since I’ve blogged I wonder if I even remember how! My grandfather is getting thinner and weaker. He is receiving care at home and the Morphine seems to be keeping him pain free. He is not himself though and he does hallucinate and become very dopey when he has taken his medication. He is also

First day back

My first day back at work has not been too bad. Nothing unpleasant has gone on (other than my nose being stuffy). Rudi didn’t go to work today. He injured his back last week Thursday and was booked off till this week Thursday. This means I had to drop Babyice off at his day mother

Catching up

Where to start? A few things to catch up on. Babyice went to his day mother for the first time last week Thursday. I forced myself not to phone her. I knew that if he was crying at the time that I did I would want to rush over there and get him. When we