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Good news, I lost 800g which puts my total weight loss at 8kg. Yay!Bad news? I went back to the doctor and I have bronchitis. I’ve been given an inhaler and all sorts of medication. The doctor booked me off till Thursday provisionally, but said I should call for an extension if necessary. Sorry if


The weeked turned out to be pretty cool. On Friday we went to braai (BBQ) at Lindor’s house. I went to make a turn at Sarah’s house as they were also having a party to which were invited. After returning to Lindor and having a bite I convinced Rudi that we should go to Sarah’s

+/- 0kg

The scale stood still for me again today. I’m super stoked about it since it’s my ovulation week (last month I gained 200g)…and I ate such a load of nonsense over the weekend. I didn’t drink my water on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday and we skipped our Thursday walk because I was ill. This morning


Today I am wearing jeans that did not properly fit me before. They were too tight to sit down in, but today they are fairly comfortable. I would still like them to be a little less snug though. It’s such a nice feeling being able to wear them again without worrying about being uncomfortable all


I neither lost nor gained any weight this week. I’m very happy with that as it was my cycle week and the scale could easily have reflected a gain. I updated my ticker to reflect the 2kg I lost the week before I officially started counting. I figure I lost them and I’ve kept them