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Do I look fat in these pants?

Screeching tires are the most annoying sound in the world. Guess what Grand Tourismo 4 sounds like? Constant revving engines and screeching tires. Ugh. Last night when we got home, he went straight to the Playstation. Then it was Grand Tourismo until it was time for my soapie. After that he insisted that there was


Eina. Gained one. I’m not surprised as we ate (and drank) well the weekend. Trying to face my water today, if nothing else! No time to blog. Work is a load of crap. I’m hating it. They’re implementing all sorts of new rules and stuff. Basically making us work harder and justifying it by saying


Yeah, OK. I know I’m getting fatter and I know I’m undoing all my hard work. I seriously need to get back on to the bandwagon and start eating well and excercising again. This is utter nonsense! I have to get my ass into gear. On another note of vanity, Rudi has suggested that I

I’m still alive!

Sjoe. Time for a proper entry. Work this past week has been utter hell. It has been the most stressful week I have ever had while working for The Company and I’ve been there for almost nine years. That says a lot. I’m quite annoyed that a new product was launched and that it doesn’t

+ 200g

Freaking marvellous. Despite all the exercise efforts last week, my poor eating habits are shining through. Perfect. Like I’m not depressed enough already. I must say that the weight has stayed the same and only shifted up once now…so I’m still doing *something* right. *Another* pregnancy was announced in the office yesterday. Now, I know


I neither lost nor gained any weight this week. I’m very happy with that as it was my cycle week and the scale could easily have reflected a gain. I updated my ticker to reflect the 2kg I lost the week before I officially started counting. I figure I lost them and I’ve kept them