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Busy Weekend Ahead

This weekend promises to be jam packed full of activity. No rest for the wicked!


This evening I plan to make a stop at the pharmacy to pick up a Tip Top cuticle oil. The one I am using seems to be sub-standard, which sucks because it was freaking expensive! It was palmed off on me by one of those Isreali hotties that sell the dead sea crap in the malls. All cuticle oils are not created equal! My cuticles take a beating because I work in water a lot (washing dishes, bathing the kids, washing my hair, etc) and of course the use of acetone when I do my manis dries them out even further. Using cuticle oil also really improves the health and strength of your nails, so having a good one is a really good idea for someone like me with weak, bendy nails. Somehow when I am using my ‘Obey Your Body’ cuticle oil, even if I oil them religiously, the skin around my nails still seems dry/flaky and I get hard bits at the edge of my nails that makes me want to bite them.  Biting cuticles is a no no! I’d really like to take care of them and a good cuticle oil is the best start.


On Saturday I will be making a turn at Maskscara to pick up my order. I’ve ordered Seche Vite and Seche Restore. Seche Vite is like the holy grail of all top coats. It dries your entire mani within minutes and apparently the finish is super shiny and smooth as glass. Sounds freaking fantastic, right? Right. The Seche Restore is a polish thinner that you can use on any polish (including your Vite) should it become gloopy. My Essie top coat has already gone gloopy and I’ve been meaning to get a polish thinner for a while now. I’ve also reserved some China Glazes for myself. Are You Jelly?, Astro-Hot, When Stars Collide and Lubu Heels. Are You Jelly is a jelly polish. I don’t have any of those. Astro-Hot and When Stars Collide are holographic polishes. I don’t have any of those either! I passed up on Lubu Heels the last time I was there and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then, so I decided to get it. After I stop in there I’m going to a La Leche League meeting with PrincessIce. I really enjoy these meetings and try to go every month. Once the meeting is over I’m heading off to the V & A Waterfront to visit Lush. Lush makes a cuticle butter called Lemony Flutter. It is raved about everywhere. Of course some people don’t like it, but apparently it is one of the best cuticle treatments ever! It can also be used for other dry spots like elbows, heels and knees. It is a bit pricey, but apparently lasts an age. There are only two Lush stores in Africa, one in the Waterfront and one in Cavendish. So I’m really excited about getting my hands on some for my shabby cuticles and Rudi has some dry spots on his knees that could really use some love. Regular body butters just don’t seem to help. Lemony Flutter has more oils in it than Iraq, so I’m pretty sure it will make a dent in the dry skin for both of us.


Sunday Rudi has another dart tournament or whatever. He will be gone ALL DAY. So I’ll have the kids and will have to make a plan to entertain them while he is out. At least this time we’ve got electricity, so I won’t have to worry about running out while he is gone!


What are your plans for the weekend?

What a weekend!

We had a fabulous weekend!


On Saturday morning I woke up and knew it was going to be a lovely day, so I took advantage of the good weather to do some washing (how OLD am I getting?!). It took me ages to clean the kitchen and once that was done I helped Rudi retrieve the Christmas tree and decorations from the ceiling. We have been hankering to put the tree up for a long time, but have been very busy over weekends. Last week the first Christmas gift was wrapped up for Babyice and there was nowhere to put it, so there was no more putting it off! Babyice is having a lovely time pulling balls and decorations off of the tree, he even went as far as to find something to stand on so he could reach the ones that are higher up. Mischievous little bugger! He thinks it is hilarious to touch a decoration and waits for me to say ‘Leave it!’ before he bursts out laughing.


Christmas Tree


Christmas lights


After all of that was done and Babyice was down for his nap I noticed Rudi had fallen asleep in front of the TV watching the cricket. I was going to have a shower, but decided to and nap myself for a change! I think I managed about an hour before Babyice woke up and the radio was turned up to wake me up too. I finally got into the shower and we started preparing to go for a kiddies party.


We made our way over to Camilla and Dennis’ house for their son’s 6th birthday. They decided to have a pool party and the weather was awesome, so I packed up all Babyice’s swimming gear. Oh my did he have a blast! His teeth were chattering to the point where his cheeks looked like they were vibrating, but he refused to get out of the pool! People were amazed at his courage as he repeatedly got out of the pool and walked around to the edge to jump into his daddy’s arms:




Safe 🙂


We had to be careful though, because he would jump even if you weren’t looking! Rudi got tired of being in the pool all the time, but Babyice would keep on running back for more. Eventually we had no choice but to take him out and he kicked and screamed while we changed his clothes, but once he was dressed he found other ways to occupy himself. Luckily a few of the other kids had also gotten out of the pool and they were running around too. The kids had hot dogs for lunch and a slip and slide later in the day providing many squeals of glee. Babyice refused to go on the slip and slide, but had fun watching the other kids:


Just the worsie for me!


Slip and slide


Babyice had a WONDERFUL time. The rest of the day saw him and the other children running around after each other and playing ball on the lawn. We managed to get him home and in bed by 21:00. He was pooped! He slept like a log and only woke up at 06:45 on Sunday morning 🙂


We had another big day ahead of us on Sunday as it was our year end “Family Fun Day” at Ratanga Junction. We teamed up with Mini G and his friend Willem and took on the park together. Mini G kindly offered to look after Babyice if Rudi and I wanted to go on any of the rides together. We had such a great time! The weather wasn’t perfect as it was raining every now and then, but we only had one real shower while we were there. The ‘bad’ weather was a blessing in disguise. If we had the same weather as we had the day before we probably would have burnt to a crisp! Rudi and I managed to go on The Cobra, Crocodile Gorge and Monkey Falls. I got soaked on Monkey Falls and we went on Crocodile Gorge towards the end of the day and my entire bum got wet! It was still wet when we got home and I had to peel my jeans off! There weren’t too many rides that Babyice could go on since he is still too small, but we took him on one or two very boring rides. He didn’t seem excited at all and didn’t want to go on the merry go round. We only took pictures of him on the baby ferris wheel and a few more during the day:


Boring ride


Ice cream!


Chasing chickens (really!)


HATED this thing. Couldn't get a nice photo.


Uncle Willen helped look after me 🙂


Painted face 🙂


Happy boy 🙂


And last, but not least, our family photo for the day:


Family Photo 🙂

We all had a fabulous weekend. I think we enjoyed it just *that* much more because of all the fun Babyice had. It is very rare that I feel like I’ve had a great weekend, but there is no doubt this time 🙂

Sleep Training – Nights 11, 12 and 13

It looks like weekends are going to be wonky for sleep training, but Babyice needs to get used to that too, so I’m ok with it.


On Friday we went to my aunt’s birthday dinner. Babyice stayed with his grandparents and we only managed to get there around 20:30 (waaaay past his bedtime). He had falled asleep at their house without having a bottle and looked so peaceful. We took him home and he was semi-awake when we got there.  I gave him a bottle and he dozed off on it quite quickly. I can’t remember 100%, but I think he slept pretty well for the rest of the night.


On Saturday Leebeesa babysat for us as we were going to a braai. She has been reading my posts and I gave her a run down of the method in the madness. She let me know that he went to sleep with no hassles. She read to him while he drank his bottle and when he was done he rolled over onto his side, she turned out the light and sat there for a while. He was out like a light. I must mention that he had barely slept during the day at all. If he had a 20 minute nap it was a lot.  We got home around midnight and went to bed. She said she hadn’t heard a peep since he had gone down. At 3:00 he started crying. We left him, but after about 15 minutes we decided to see if there was anything wrong. As soon as you would sit down next to him/pick him up he would go back to sleep. As soon as you leave the room, the crying would start again and he repeatedly got out of bed. Rudi and I battled for an hour. Rudi left the door open after his last visit to the room and Babyice came to stand next to our bed. Rudi lifted him up and put him in our bed. I immediately got up, picked  Babyice up and took him back to his room. He started crying again. I looked around for his ducky and found that it wasn’t in his bed. I noticed that it was lying on the couch, so I grabbed it and put it next to him, covered him and walked out. He cried for a little longer, but stopped after a short while. Resolved! He never asked for his ducky and I really didn’t realize he was dependant on it. Perhaps it is a coincidence that he finally went to sleep after I put ducky with him, but I certainly won’t forget to put him in bed every night from now on! 


Yesterday we went out after church and only got home around 13:40. Babyice had fallen asleep in the car, so we put him down for a nap and I went to nap too. I was exhausted! Rudi let us sleep till 16:15! I was worried that him waking up so late would make bedtime a hassle, so we extended bedtime to 20:00 to make provision for it. Rudi put him to sleep as per our routine with ease (with ducky!). He cried a little at 04:20 and I said a little prayer that he wasn’t going to make me wake up at this hour on a Monday morning. Thankfully he went back to sleep and slept till 05:50 when the movement in the house woke him up.


I think we’ve progressed in leaps and bounds compared to where we were two weeks ago. I will continue to enforce the rules (on both Babyice and Rudi!) and I’m sure we’ll be happy, rested people soon 🙂

Weekend updates

Sjoe. So tired. In the midst of a 12 day working week. One of our products broke on Saturday and we walked into a black hole. It sucked up my entire day. In the end we received almost 7 000 complaints. It took a lot of time to process and we were only two staff members on duty. I was not amused!

On Saturday evening we were invited to a friend/colleague’s 30th birthday party. We dropped Babyice off at the in laws for the night and went through for the party. MiniG really knows how to throw one! There were platters with food for all tastes. A variety of cheeses with different biscuits, mini pizzas, samoosas, pressed beef, a selection of fruit with a chocolate fountain….and so much more! He put on a proper spread! Outside next to the large pool he had an area set up with fabric and fairy lights above you, a few couches and an area with pillows against the wall. A DJ set up in the corner and once the music got going the party was ON! He also had a selection of beers and ciders available, as well as a very dangerous punch. The whole party had a “club” vibe with the DJ playing house music. The whole setup felt like a chill area. Rudi and I really enjoyed ourselves. We met a lot of new people (since I didn’t know anybody except the birthday boy). The punch had quite a kick and just a few glasses saw me tipsy. We didn’t stay very late since I was working on Sunday again. We had a huge problem at work on Saturday and I knew that Sunday would involve a lot of follow up on that. We got home around 1am. Quite late for us old people who like to go to bed at 20:30!

The planning for Babyice’s party is in full swing. We’ve sort of decided on a luau as a theme. The idea stemmed from the jumping castle that we are hiring for the day:

Jumping Castle

See the palm tree on the left? My friend that has been helping me with the planning has taken it upon herself to make leis for all the guests. Originally we thought we would just buy them, but they are between R10 and R15 each, which is a bit pricey for a 1 year old’s birthday party if you ask me. She really loved the idea of the leis and devised a plan to get them cheaper. She bought plastic carnations from a chinese shop, took them apart and used elasticated thread to string the petals on. In between the petals she cut pieces of straw (courtesy of Clicks I believe) to keep them from bunching up (we saw this on the leis that were for sale). Here is the final product:


I think they are STUNNING! We are now able to make enough for everybody who will be attending (children and adults) for under R100! I’m so glad that I have help. I never would have been able to plan such lovely things on such a small budget. She really IS good at it.

Otherwise I have purchased a plastic bucket with a lid for each child (purple for the girls, green for the boys), Nemo themed bubbles that have a small game in the lid (the one where you guide the small ball around the grooves), invitations, tablecloths and sea themed stickers to decorate the buckets. We still intend to get a “1” candle and some sparklers for extra fun! After asking Twitter whether the bubbles were enough as party favours, I received an overwhelming response from everyone saying that it was more than enough. We will be putting a few sweets in the buckets, like a small packet of chips, a small fizzer and a lollipop.

There will be cupcakes, birthday cake, cone windmills with marshmallows in the centre and chips. I think that is over enough food! We’ll buy a few small samoosas/pies/snacky things for the adults. So the party is sorted! Sound good?


Oh.My.Word. The most awesome weekend I have had in…FOREVER. What a wedding!

We flew up to Johannesburg on Saturday morning. Our flight left at 10:00. We were up from 5am with Babyice and my friend/stylist, Sarah, was there at 06:20 to get my hair and make up done. Just before 07:30am Kambabe and Squidsquirt showed up to watch Babyice for us while we were gone. Kambabe shooed me out of the house while Babyice carried on sleeping. I popped my head into his room – said “Goodbye – I love you” and made a run for it. I already bawled my eyes out earlier the morning after Babyice got sick all over Rudi. He came down with something on Friday and we decided to take him to the doctor. He was given an antibiotic as he was beginning to get an infection. He was coughing so hard sometimes that he threw up his feed. I felt horrible having to leave him. I HAD to run out of the door to save my mascara and eyeliner from running. I managed to keep the tears to a minimum.

It was Rudi’s first time on a plane. Joining me at the wedding and his first flight on a plane was my gift to him for his 30th birthday. He was very nervous and kept on thinking of disaster scenarios. After we took off and were about halfway to Johannesburg he realized that flying is actually quite boring. We failed to draw money at the airport so didn’t have anything on the plane, this would also prove troublesome later in the day…

Rudi’s cousin, Candy, her boyfriend and kids picked us up at the airport to take us through to Helderfontein Estate where Angel and Glugster were to be wed. We had a drink with the family as they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years. After they left we checked into our room and started to get ready for the ceremony. I brushed my hair and touched up my make up before putting my dress on and we headed down to the area where the ceremony would take place. Shortly after we sat down people started arriving in their droves and I started meeting people that I speak to every day on Twitter, but never had the opportunity to meet before.

I was fortunate enough to meet the following people:

Shebeegee – she gives AWESOME hugs! 😀
ExMi – Lovely chick, can be as grumpy as she says she is.
Becausei – What a fun person to hang out with! Very susceptible to brain freeze 😉
Sproutsmom – A lot shorter than I thought she would be, dynamite and all that!
pauljacobson – Rudi thinks he knows his shit 🙂
MeeAParkins – My ex belly buddy. Was awesome to meet her in person!
Sleepyjane – I didn’t even know she was going to be there – as gorgeous as you think she is. Not surprisingly, we discussed nail polish.
beagle_momma – We were both wearing gold jerseys!
donpackett – He really is a funny guy. Search him on YouTube.
SnowgooseSA – Hot chick. #thatisall
Alidaonline – We didn’t get to talk too much, but she likes shiny things.
Rubyletters – Been chatting to her forever and so glad I finally got to meet her.
Louisabower – Another new mommy…MUCH taller than I imagined her!
thejacksonfiles – She is awesome. Very fun to be around…her enthusiasm is contagious.
philly_girl – We also didn’t get to chat much, just met briefly.
Jenty – Amazing photographer and very sweet. Go and see her pictures of the wedding here.
I also got to see cybersass again. I met her briefly in Cape Town last year…she is wonderfully down to earth for a celebrity 🙂

The ceremony was beautiful. The pastor was funny and respectful. I wasn’t bored for a minute. Angel and Glugster had their own vows, which got everyone teary. She looked breathtaking. Amazing. Gorgeous. ExMi pointed out that she looked like a cupcake that you had to resist licking. I have to agree! ChristaB did a fantastic job with her dress! The Knucklehead (Angel’s son) also looked very handsome. We got to chat with him a little before the ceremony. He really is a lovely boy – or I suppose he is a man now, he is 19 already, after all.

After the ceremony we moved over to the reception area. Angel and Glugster had taken most of their photos before the ceremony to save time later in the day as the sun sets pretty early in winter. They only took family photos after the ceremony and lost the sunlight just they were done. While the photos were being taken guests enjoyed some cocktails and Angel’s infamous cupcakes! Being in Cape Town I never get to have them and just drool on my keyboard whenever I read about what she is making. I finally got to try a secret centre cupcake and the cream cheese icing I have been curious about for ages! Nom. I could only manage two cupcakes. They are unbelievably decadent.

Don Packett was the MC for the evening. He had us all giggling. He read out beautiful letters from Angel’s friends in New Jersey, Australia and from Cath Jenkin who couldn’t be there. Angel’s father teared up in his speech while talking about his daughter. There wasn’t a dry seat in the house!

The food was DELICIOUS! You very often get crappy food at weddings…this was definitely an exception. I particularly enjoyed the lamb and the mixed vegetables. The lamb was juicy and tender and the vegetables were crispy and tasty. I was really disappointed when I had had enough to eat, I would easily have devoured another plate!

Just outside the reception hall there was a photo booth – similiar to one you might see in a mall. There was a container with crazy props in. Everybody dressed up and posed for photos in the booth. The later in the evening it got (and the more the wine flowed) the crazier the photos became. After having four photos taken everyone received a set of two prints, one to take home and one to stick into the wedding guestbook accompanied with a message. It is SUCH an awesome idea. It was thoroughly enjoyed and taken advantage of by the guests. Angel already said on Twitter that they have the best wedding guestbook ever!

Since we were staying at the venue, we were the last guests to leave along with ExMi and thejacksonfiles (and their partners, of course). Remember we failed to draw money at the airport? We ran out of cigarettes just before the ceremony started. HUGE fail. Thanks for all of those who were generous enough to give us some during the course of the evening, you know who you are!

Don’t worry, I stopped smoking again on Monday. All good 🙂

My favourite photos (released so far) taken by pauljacobson (click to enlarge):

As we left, everybody got a cool magnetic bumper sticker that says “I was at #AnGlugWedding!” Hopefully *someone* in Cape Town caught it on Twitter and admires it while we’re driving 🙂 Our flight back was uneventful. Babyice didn’t even smile at us when we came home, little shit.. Still loves us muchly, I’m sure 🙂 Kambabe and Squidsquirt took very good care of Babyice while we were away. They constantly sent us updates and photos via Twitter. Our minds were completely at ease the entire time we were there. Check out the cool tweet kambabe sent us just before we got back – I LOL’d 😀

All in all, I am super happy that we were able to go. It was an honour to share the day with these two very special people!

Weekend update

The weekend was pretty chilled. We went to get a new phone for Rudi on Saturday. He did get the Samsung Star. I’ve changed my mind about lusting after the phone though. It has no 3G or HSDPA. Now we can’t have that, now can we? I also get to play with it whenever I want…so it’s not too bad. The rest of the day was chilled and I snuck in a 2 hour nap which was great.


Sunday was a little less relaxed. I tried my best to get some extra sleep, but unexpected guests (how rude!) arrived and roused me from bed. They didn’t stay too long and when I tried to go back to sleep for a while the phone kept ringing. I should have switched them both off!


We went to the in laws for a braai, which turned out quite nice. I must say I am feeling pretty pooped lately. The more I sleep, the more sleep I seem to need. Actually, that’s not true. Even if I do get my 8 hours, I seem to need much more sleep. If I was a lady of leisure I could get all the sleep I need *sigh* a girl can dream!


Despite all of that my Monday hasn’t been too bad at all 🙂 Yours?

Birthday Weekend

On Friday at work I had a lovely back, shoulder, neck and foot massage during my lunch. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. The lady doing my treatments must not have thought it was my lunch hour, as she kept me there for one and a half hours! Luckily nobody really noticed, except Leebeesa, but she didn’t bust me 🙂
After my massage Leebeesa gave me my birthday present. It’s pretty cool! You can check it out here.
Last night we went to News Cafe in Tableview for birthday drinks. It was my birthday, as well as that of @anib, but we decided to also make it a tweet up so we could include our online friends and meet some of them while we celebrate.
A good time was had by all…I stuck by the virgin cocktails…and let me tell you, I did not feel one bit deprived. Sipping on some beautiful strawberry drink with good music and good friends…how can I complain? I also made off with some lovely gifts which were most unexpected! Thank you @al_ice, @camera_obscura, @whizper2me, @anib and @ajventer for the gifts! Also, @Rose_Cohen baked chocolate cupcakes for the occasion! Thanks so much! They were awesome!
Photos of the evening can be found here.
Today Rudi and I are just chilling…as I will be doing for the rest of the week. I’m on leave….yeah baby!
And because I never post pictures of my current baby, here she is:
Catching a sun beam

Catching a sun beam

Not interested in posing for photos

Not interested in posing for photos

Birthdays and Movies

Today is My Evil Mother’s birthday. Had my grandmother not reminded me in church yesterday morning I would have completely forgotten. That is how disconnected I am from her and her life. I suppose I should get her something. I feel obligated somehow. Not that I bought her something the last two years (just returning the favour since she hasn’t bought me gifts for the past 5), but we exchanged gifts at Christmas and I guess this has set the ball rolling again. Her birthday is before mine, as luck would have it.

It’s my birthday soon. I have no idea what to do. It’s the second consecutive year that I am pregnant, so no drinking or partying for me. Rudi wanted to take me to The Mount where we had our wedding reception, which is a very sweet and romantic idea. I kind of feel like a restaurant would be a bit of a waste though since I’m suddenly very fussy about what I want to eat and risk throwing up my expensive meal or feeling like I want to throw it up. That kind of sucks the fun out of it.

Any suggestions for what I might do?

The weekend was not bad. I managed to scrape through without throwing up, but did feel nauseous most of the time. I managed to schedule in a nap on Saturday and Sunday…but I still didn’t want to get up this morning.

Yesterday we went to Canal Walk to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D. I freaking HATE Canal Walk. It’s a HUGE shopping center and we got lost trying to find the cinema. We were constantly consulting the maps and still feeling completely lost. The queues for popcorn were really long and Rudi barely made it in before the movie started. The movie was pretty cool. Ice Age seems to be one of those franchises that aren’t deteriorating every time they release a movie. We had a good giggle at the fact that the “monster” in the movie was named Rudi 🙂

I’m really looking forward to watching Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince with Leebeesa next Sunday. The reviews are already sounding good!

************SPOILER ALERT****************

If you have not yet watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage and you don’t wish to know how it ends, stop reading now. I warned you.

I really enjoyed the idea of the movie. I liked the ‘puzzle’ aspect of it…and the supernatural feeling it had to it…but then there were aliens. I’m not so much into sci-fi so didn’t find that part interesting or well thought out in the least. Personally I don’t think I could think of a better way to end it, but I think there was potential there for a fantastic ending. When I was under the impression that just the two main character’s children were being taken I wondered about the inbred race they would spawn, so I was relieved to see other pods or spaceships or whatever taking off from the planet earth.

I liked the way they chose to end the world. BOOM.

I also found it a bit confusing when Caleb (son of Nicholas Cage’s character) started writing down the numbers. This would lead me to believe that the numbers don’t necessarily ‘run out’ and that he is perhaps predicting further events. I found that small part a little bit contradicting.

But I’m no movie critic! Let me know what you thought!


I’m really trying my best not to write an entire rant about Jubba. I will refrain. I must be zen. I must not let him get to me. Breath in. Breath out. In. Out.

Right. So Rudi and I are also going to watch The Knowing with Nicholas Cage on Saturday. The trailer looks really good, but I’ve heard whispers on Twitter that the ending is a disappointment.

I’m probably being quite optimistic with all my weekend plans, considering the all day sickness seems to be getting worse at the moment, but I can’t stop my life.


Just barfed at work. That’s a first. Usually my system doesn’t allow me to barf in public. I do feel a bit better though. My lunch is almost over and I haven’t had anything to eat yet. I thought I could have plain salted popcorn, but they didn’t have. Leebeesa gave me two provitas. So sweet of her.

Anyway. Hoping Jubba stays out of my way for the rest of the day and that I get enough rest this weekend. I certainly need it.


*yawn* I am so tired I feel like my head is going to fall off. This morning I rushed to get ready and then crawled back into bed for 10 minutes. I would SO much rather have stayed in bed and slept. Keeping in mind that I’ve been working for 11 days straight now. That doesn’t help. *yawn*

It doesn’t look like sleeping late will be forthcoming this weekend. On Saturday I have to go and renew my car license…it expired on the 30th of June already and I’m already into my 21 day grace period. Then at 11:30 I have a hair appointment.

Sunday morning will be church and on Sunday afternoon we’re going to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D with Beauty Queen, SLK and a bunch of their friends. Quite looking forward to that.

Weekends are too short dammit. Three days. Is that too much to ask? I’ll still give four full days to my employer. Just ONE more weekend day. Either that or I should have become a construction worker or doctor. With all the strikes going on at the moment I would have been granted some time off.

Going to bed at early doesn’t seem to help much either, although Rudi decided it was more important for him to go out and watch darts last night than to spend time with me, so he did wake me up when he got home and then I had heartburn so struggled to get back to sleep. I’m actually quite annoyed with him for going, but what can you do? I suppose he needs some time away from me as well. Hmph.

So I’m 9 weeks today. The appointment for my nuchal scan was made for 7 August 09:00. I will probably be anxious and nervous before this scan as it will be done with high definition scanning equipment and this is where we’ll get our first indications of what exactly is happening inside me at the moment. My ticker says our baby has fingers and toes already…so we’ll most likely be able to see a whole lot more by the time 7 August rolls around *fret*

Ok. Enough of that.

I’m going to have a nap on my desk.


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