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Forking Tired

I’m super tired right now. It’s been hot all weekend so naps and sleeping have been difficult. Working the whole weekend really doesn’t help! After work on Saturday we went to Rudi’s Dart League year end function/prize giving. Mercifully it went by quickly and didn’t feel like a long dragged out affair. Why is it

So much of being busy…

*phew* work has been such a shit storm it has been very difficult to get time to blog. I haven’t even really been taking lunch because I wouldn’t have been able to finish my work. Hecticness.   My Evil Mother has been causing much drama around me. My grandmother has told me that she sounds


I am exhausted, tired beyond belief. My last 12 consecutive days of work has completely messed me up. I could hardly lift myself out of bed this morning. I rested all weekend. We only went out on Friday night and we were in bed by 11. I feel like a zombie. I need some leave,