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Please Go To Sleep

I have been attempting to sleep train my children again. Most nights I spend an hour to 90 minutes laying down with them to get them to sleep. Gabby still nurses to sleep and even if she seems sound asleep, as soon as I move from her side I hear “Mommy where you going?”. It can be infuriating and I can get easily frustrated. Elijah has no problems falling asleep. If I am there he will usually fall asleep in about 5 minutes, which was also the case last night. The problem came in when I tried to get up to leave and Gabby started crying. I tried so hard to stand my ground and just let her cry it out. Then Elijah woke up and fed up with her crying, he started complaining. I was then privy to a conversation between the two of them, which I was relaying to a friend via WhatsApp while it was all happening. This is a transcript of that chat:

Both these kids are howling in bed. Snot en trane.

They are now plotting to run away together tomorrow.

They plan to take the fish with them.

Gabby is asking where my fish will be.

She doesn’t understand how the fish tank goes with them and my fish stays here.

Elijah says he will buy another tank.

Mommy is rude. Now they are talking about how they will move to Salma (a neighbour) and Salma’s mommy will make them food.

They have now realized they can’t have another mommy, that I’m their mommy no matter what.

This messes with their plans.

They are legit blowing their noses and having a mother of a snot fest.

I so much want to comfort them.

Gabby: I want boooooooobies!

Elijah: Mommy won’t come. She is rude.

Gabby: I got a plan now.


I can’t take much more of this. 

They hate me.

Elijah says I don’t care about them.

Gabby is screaming at me that I hate them. Why won’t I lay there?

Elijah: Mommy cares more about sleep than she cares about us.

Gabby is still shouting at me because I hate them. Elijah agrees, because I am doing this. They are each trying to take the blame. She hates me. No, she hates me. I wish I could record this. Gabby can’t stop crying. She needs her boobies. This is torture. Gabby says her heart is breaking for mommy right now.

Elijah tries to negotiate. Mommy, just give her 5 minute boobies please!

Gabby: No! I want INFINITY boobies!

I can’t take this. It’s killing me.

To my credit, they both feared leaving the room. They were warned not to. Every now and then I would tell them “I love you. Go to sleep!”, especially amidst all the “MOMMY YOU HATE US!”. Eventually they both mustered up the courage to shuffle slowly towards my room…very close together, in case either of them gets into trouble. Once they hit the threshold their confidence soared and Gabby climbed onto my bed. Elijah followed suit and suddenly all the tears were forgotten.

While I obviously failed at my attempt to sleep train these monkeys, I managed to redeem myself in their eyes I guess. I had to chuckle at their plans to move out and can now definitely see how parents can claim their kids gang up and plot against them. It was heart wrenching and hilarious at the same time.


Once they finally fall asleep they are adorable though

I don’t know what I am going to do. Sleep training one at a time is hard enough, but sleep training two seems impossible. Since Elijah doesn’t actually have a problem falling asleep, he is not my challenge. Gabby wakes him up when she cries and then they are both whining for some sort of comfort. I don’t want to spend so much time putting them to sleep each night. I need a little time in the evening to myself to unwind, gather my thoughts and relax before I go to bed myself. On the one hand I think that they are only going to be little for so long and eventually I won’t be welcome to lay down with them as they drift off. On the other hand I need to maintain my sanity.

What would you do?

Thanks for reading 🙂


3 going on 13

When I was a kid I remember my grandmother and mother telling me to ‘stop being cheeky’ after almost everything I said. I didn’t understand their disdain at my incredible wit. You know how your parents always threaten you with your own children while you are still a child? ‘Wait till it’s your turn’ they’d say. Or ‘I hope you have a child just like you’. I think my mother got her wish.

Babyice has been saying the most cheeky things of late. He really can back chat with the best of them and clearly likes to have the last word. I don’t think having much older children at the day mother is helping at all. A while ago he passed Rudi the TV remote. Rudi asked ‘What must I do with this?’ He replies ‘Put on a movie. Duh!’ Really? Duh?! He also frequently retorts ‘Whatever!’ while he is being scolded. If he isn’t saying ‘OK. I get it!’ in an exasperated tone.

I have started sending him to his room when his tongue gets out of hand and that generally seems to work…once I finally get him in here. I said an “ugly word” the other day and I was ordered to go to his room. Not my room, his! Sometimes he’ll randomly start saying “I don’t say stupid it’s an ugly word. I don’t say moron it’s an ugly word.” I get the feeling he is cheating and just wanting to say all the ugly words. He also often refers to things and puts a “bloody” in front of them. “I can’t open this bloody thing”. He has picked this up from Rudi’s father. He knows he shouldn’t say it.

More often than I’d like to admit he gets the opportunity to reprimand me for swearing. It’s like I can’t hear myself doing it. I might be frustrated and say something like “Pick up the fucking towel!” and he’ll look at me and say “Don’t say fucking towel. Just say towel.” I then have to eat humble pie, tell him he is right and apologize.
Obviously someone has taught him this and I have an inkling the day mother may have been reprimanding him for swearing the very same way. Oops.

It’s like I am already living with a teenager. 3 is proving to be a lot more challenging than the “terrible twos” were. They were a breeze in comparison so far!

Things My Kids Say

We were driving to the day mother to drop Babyice off for the day when he saw a truck on the road and he said ‘Mommy look! A BIG truck!’


As we’re teaching him colours I said ‘Yes! What colour is the truck?’ he responded with ‘Yellow!’ which was correct and he received the appropriate praise. Not a minute later he saw an African guy walking on the sidewalk and he said ‘Look mommy! Black people is brown!’



I have NO idea where he came up with this. He was, of course, 100% correct…but I don’t remember ever referring to an African person as ‘black’…and how would he know to do this if they are clearly brown? All I can conclude is that he must of picked this up at the day mother who has African neighbours.



Over the weekend Babyice was playing with our downstairs’ neighbour’s son. He comes around every second weekend to stay visit his dad. Yesterday on our way home he was saying he wants to play with Seth and I tried to explain to him that Seth has gone to stay by his mommy. The dynamic obviously didn’t make sense to him at all, because in his reality mommy and daddy live together. That is all he knows. So after the umpteenth time asking to play with Seth, I explained that Seth’s mommy and daddy do not live together. He looked at me and said ‘Is that because Seth is naughty?’ Again, I was floored. Where would he get such a notion? I carefully explained to him that it was definitely not because Seth was naughty (which he isn’t, by the way). I didn’t go into too much detail since Babyice is not even 3 yet and a more complicated explanation did not seem warranted. I just tried to make sure he understood that Seth was a good boy, even if his mommy and daddy don’t live together.




As much as we try to control what our children are exposed to, there is still so much that we cannot control at all, even before they get to school where they are surrounded by peers. I guess we just have to hope that we instill the right values and principles in them and that they trust us enough to speak to us about their perceptions and what they hear.

Things My Kids Say

While I was getting undressed to shower last night:



Babyice: ‘Mommy, I like your boobs. Come let me touch them.’



Again this morning after I was already dressed ‘Mom, I like your boobs.’



At least someone does 🙂

Butterfly World and Hair Hallelujah!

We decided to take Babyice to Butterfly World on Saturday. It really was a beautiful spring day. Their website advised to visit on a sunny day as the butterflies are more active then. We promised to take him before winter already and lately he has been mentioning it, so we decided it was a great idea to go.



I must say that I was disappointed by the butterflies. There were a lot of one sort of butterfly. Ones with transparent wings and I only spotted 3 other kinds. None of the butterflies were fluttering around. They were all just sitting around. Babyice didn’t seem interested in them at all and I think the lack of movement had something to do with that. He did enjoy pointing at the koi fish swimming in the pond though. Luckily Butterfly World has many attractions now so there were lots of other things to see. The highlights of the trip were probably the marmosets and the iguanas.  It was quite funny actually, we were at the iguana exhibit and neither Rudi nor I could locate one. We kept looking and suddenly Babyice said ‘Mommy look! A lizard!’ and these HUGE iguanas were right in front of our eyes the whole time. Very well camouflaged! One had also escaped the exhibit and was sitting on the pathway. Babyice was quite scared and so was I…it even moved as I walked past it and I squealed. The creepiest part was, of course, the insect section. Eek! On a side note, I don’t recommend the hamburgers at the restaurant. I only managed to force down half of mine before donating it to Rudi. Our photos from the day:





Then it was time for the dreaded haircut. I was more than nervous. His appointment was at 14:00, but we arrived at the salon at about 13:10. Before we left the morning we gave him the antihistamine recommended by the doctor. We went to the salon straight from Butterfly World as it is on our way home. I told Babyice that we were going to cut his hair and he still refused…’No. Not cut my hair.’ This didn’t help for *my* anxiety. I went in, asked if we could come in and sit there for a little while to help him feel more comfortable. The receptionist agreed. He didn’t want to go in at first. At some point I asked him to come and sit with me on a row of ottomans in the centre of the salon. He didn’t want to, but I picked him up (yes, picked up all 16 kg of him), took the 3 steps to the ottomans and sat down with him on my lap. He was nervous, but I spoke to him calmly, telling him nothing is happening and everything is okay. I then pointed out the ladies having their hair cut. He looked and said ‘Mommy, look! The aunty has papers in her hair!’ By papers he meant foils. So cute! The hairdresser allocated to do his hair came to say hi and asked if he would come sit by her. She got him a ‘big boy’ chair (a high chair). I put him down on the chair. He looked like he wanted to bolt, but she distracted him with a spray bottle with water. This was good. We hadn’t even gotten him into the chair at the last place. She showed him the kiddies cape and he let her put it on. The owner of the salon brought him some hair rollers to play with. He wasn’t much interested in them, but I offered him Angry Birds to distract him from the scissors and he was happy for it. He doesn’t seem to like the feel of the comb against his head and he gets especially nervous when the hair around his ears is cut. He dodged the hairdresser a few times around that area. There was no screaming, no kicking, no tantrum and no crying. I was so happy and relieved that I didn’t even mind being covered in hair. The owner of the salon said ‘I thought we had a performer here?!’ That is how well behaved he was. She said she used to have to sit on top of her son while someone cut his hair! Babyice looks SO much better now! I’m amped I managed to get his hair cut before the Huggies event this weekend. I am going to try and take him regularly to get him used to it. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try it without the antihistamine though.



Today, I spoilt myself. I have been in need of some new make up for a while and after buying a MAC concealer I’ve really been wanting to try their foundation and powder. I went to Edgars with a friend today and marched up to the MAC counter. I told the assistant there that I need a foundation/powder and eyeliner. She sat me down, took off my make up and proceeded to apply a primer. A primer?! I wasn’t even aware that you wear something UNDER foundation. I mean, really. What is my face? A wall?! Apparently the primer hides any pink/red pigmentation. She applied complete make up for me, save lipstick since I’m already wearing my Very Berry Revlon lipstick today. It’s the really dark one that draws so much attention. She also spritzed my face with some or other water that sets your make up, hydrates your skin and has a bit of a glimmer in it. Including that I have 4 layers of make up on my face! It does look nice though and a few hours later the foundation still looks good. Strangely enough I walked out of there with the 3 products I intended on buying when I walked in…it still set me back eight hundred rand O.O Yep. R800! I really want to get their mascara as well, but it is R200 and psychologically there is a huge difference between spending R800 and spending R1000. I also bought myself a pair of hoop earrings and a ring I liked (they were cheap):




MAC made my day 🙂



While my wallet is still crying…I’m smiling because I really do get excited by new make up! While I was paying one of the other MAC ladies complimented me on my lipstick. I can’t get over how many compliments I am getting about it. It just shows me that you really need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. It pays off!



Family Matters

On Friday I was scheduled to go back to the dentist for further work on my root canal. Not 3 hours before I was due to go to him I was eating some popcorn and THIS happened:






My bloody tooth broke! No, I wasn’t eating popcorn kernels…that’s just asking for trouble. I was very upset! Considering that Leebeesa had also had a root canal, the tooth broke, was patched up and broke again! She is now having her tooth pulled. I am not as fortunate though because my tooth can be seen when I smile, so I can’t simply pull it. I wasn’t smiling when I got to the dentist.



He had a look and then called me a fuss pot. He said it would be a problem to rebuild the tooth when he put in my permanent filling. He has a very reassuring way about him. I am still a bit worried though. Leebeesa’s was patched up and broke AGAIN. I can only hope mine won’t do the same. The dentist mentioned that I might need a crown, but that he would wait 6 months to make sure that the root canal was successful before putting a crown on. The root canal is going to set me back about R1400. A crown? Apparently R4000! For ONE TOOTH. That’s an insane amount of money to me. It is also half of my medical savings for the year, for my entire family. I have regular savings, which is for emergencies…but I really don’t want to spend my savings on something ‘cosmetic’. Although I don’t want to have a hole in my smile either. It never rains, it POURS. Just when there is a new baby on the way and you start counting your pennies, somebody wants a chunk of money.




My cousin is visiting from London at the moment. We popped around to see her and other family on Sunday. She bought such cute things for PrincessIce! She bought her polka dot socks that look like shoes, a full Winnie The Pooh set of clothes and the cutest little babygro for her first birthday. I will take pictures and post them. I didn’t want to parade everything around in front of Babyice since he is usually the one who gets all the presents. Since I am sending a lot of Babyice’s old clothes and shoes over for her friend who is a single mom there, her mother has promised to bring loads of goodies back for the kids when she returns in December. ‘The kids’. My goodness. My grandmother was upset that she brought me gifts, or rather, she was upset that I am the only one who ever seems to get gifts. She said my aunt takes offense that such a fuss is made over myself and my children, but nobody even speaks to her son.



Perhaps a little background on this: My aunt is mentally incapacitated. She doesn’t work. She had a job once with Telkom where she cleaned old telephones or something, but her entire department was retrenched. She has tried to work other jobs, but she doesn’t have proper social skills and couldn’t work on a cash register for example as she is considered ‘too slow’. She is married and had a son who is also also mentally impaired. He has been to a number of special schools and is currently in a high school for children with learning disabilities trying to find a suitable trade. He is 15 years old, but not mentally as mature as a 15 year old. He was once diagnosed with Aspergers, but I’m not sure that is the whole story. People find it difficult to relate to them. Even myself as a family member who grew up in the same house as my aunt sometimes struggle to. While my aunt can still have a conversation with you, it is not really possible to have a conversation with her son. If you do not talk about rugby (something which he is fanatical about) then there isn’t really anything to talk about. My grandmother has always pushed the family to interact more with my aunt’s family unit and is very protective of her. She is a mother, it is only natural that she would do so. Her sister is also a ‘funny’ person and can even be perceived as being nasty sometimes. She often says awfully insulting things to my grandmother. As an only child I do not know if this is considered normal sibling behaviour. At the end of the day they still love each other dearly. My grandmother doesn’t seem to understand that people struggle to relate to my aunt and will accuse people of ‘not liking her’. My aunt is good natured and a sweet person. She wouldn’t harm a fly. She can get a bit much though and is sometimes unreasonable in her requests. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my grandmother wants her to feel included and loved and there is nothing wrong with that. She just fails to understand that it is difficult for others to do so. I also don’t think that she realizes that I am only getting so much attention now because there is a baby/small child involved and once their cuteness and novelty wear off they will also fall by the wayside in favour of other things. It’s just the way things are. She eventually gave her sister some money so that they could buy something for my aunt’s son overseas and bring him back a present too. My grandmother is such a kind soul. I have no idea what they could possibly buy for him though. I never have any idea what to buy him for his birthday. This year I ended up giving him some cash to do with whatever he wanted. It was easier that way.




Now to lighten the mood! I had gotten out of the shower the other night and was drying myself off in the bedroom. Babyice was on the bed and he ran over to me and said:


Babyice: “Mommy, I see your winky” (he was asking)


Me: “Mommy doesn’t have a winky”


Babyice: “Where you pee?”



I then had to try and explain to a two and a half year old that girls have fannies and boys have winkies and that girls can also pee even though they don’t have a winky. Surely it is too early for this conversation?! It was terribly cute though!

Things My Kids Say

Babyice is  at an age now where he is too cute for words. He is starting to say things now that I feel I *must* record. Even if just for my own reference. This will be a short entry, but I don’t want to forget.



We were in the car on the way home from the day mother. Babyice had been licking his lips excessively. So much so that above his top lip it was starting to get raw. I asked him if his mouth was sore. He put his little hand up and said, ‘Don’t worry mommy. It will be alright. Ok?’ I couldn’t help but smile and tell him that I would always worry about him.




Then last night we were all sitting on the couch watching Toy Story when suddenly my toothache attacked with a vengeance. I held my cheek and groaned. He looked at me and said ‘Mommy, what’s it?’ I said ‘My tooth is eina’ so he said ‘Oh, shame. Don’t worry mommy.’ He came to me and kissed me on the cheek and said ‘All better.’ I had to laugh as my heart melted and I wished a kiss really could take the pain away. I am sure that I will wish that many more times in the future as I try to take his pain away.