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Sleeping, scones and scared

We had an accident free potty training weekend! Babyice is doing very well with the potty training. The day mother is very impressed with him. Remember, she has been potty training children for the last 30 years, so she has a good idea what to expect. She didn’t expect him to catch on so fast

Sleep Training – Night 16

High 5! Another perfect night for Babyice! 😀 That’s 3 in a row! Could it be? Is it possible? Has he learnt what I’ve been trying to teach him?   He still takes chances though, the bugger. I was reading him his story while he drank his bottle. I finished the story and he still

Weekend update

Antenatal class last week was interesting. We learnt about coping methods during natural labour. We were taught some breathing exercises and positions to stand in. It was also demonstrated to the partners how to apply pressure on certain parts of our backs to ease the pain of the contractions. We practiced relaxation techniques and discussed