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Please Go To Sleep

I have been attempting to sleep train my children again. Most nights I spend an hour to 90 minutes laying down with them to get them to sleep. Gabby still nurses to sleep and even if she seems sound asleep, as soon as I move from her side I hear “Mommy where you going?”. It can be infuriating and I can get easily frustrated. Elijah has no problems falling asleep. If I am there he will usually fall asleep in about 5 minutes, which was also the case last night. The problem came in when I tried to get up to leave and Gabby started crying. I tried so hard to stand my ground and just let her cry it out. Then Elijah woke up and fed up with her crying, he started complaining. I was then privy to a conversation between the two of them, which I was relaying to a friend via WhatsApp while it was all happening. This is a transcript of that chat:

Both these kids are howling in bed. Snot en trane.

They are now plotting to run away together tomorrow.

They plan to take the fish with them.

Gabby is asking where my fish will be.

She doesn’t understand how the fish tank goes with them and my fish stays here.

Elijah says he will buy another tank.

Mommy is rude. Now they are talking about how they will move to Salma (a neighbour) and Salma’s mommy will make them food.

They have now realized they can’t have another mommy, that I’m their mommy no matter what.

This messes with their plans.

They are legit blowing their noses and having a mother of a snot fest.

I so much want to comfort them.

Gabby: I want boooooooobies!

Elijah: Mommy won’t come. She is rude.

Gabby: I got a plan now.


I can’t take much more of this. 

They hate me.

Elijah says I don’t care about them.

Gabby is screaming at me that I hate them. Why won’t I lay there?

Elijah: Mommy cares more about sleep than she cares about us.

Gabby is still shouting at me because I hate them. Elijah agrees, because I am doing this. They are each trying to take the blame. She hates me. No, she hates me. I wish I could record this. Gabby can’t stop crying. She needs her boobies. This is torture. Gabby says her heart is breaking for mommy right now.

Elijah tries to negotiate. Mommy, just give her 5 minute boobies please!

Gabby: No! I want INFINITY boobies!

I can’t take this. It’s killing me.

To my credit, they both feared leaving the room. They were warned not to. Every now and then I would tell them “I love you. Go to sleep!”, especially amidst all the “MOMMY YOU HATE US!”. Eventually they both mustered up the courage to shuffle slowly towards my room…very close together, in case either of them gets into trouble. Once they hit the threshold their confidence soared and Gabby climbed onto my bed. Elijah followed suit and suddenly all the tears were forgotten.

While I obviously failed at my attempt to sleep train these monkeys, I managed to redeem myself in their eyes I guess. I had to chuckle at their plans to move out and can now definitely see how parents can claim their kids gang up and plot against them. It was heart wrenching and hilarious at the same time.


Once they finally fall asleep they are adorable though

I don’t know what I am going to do. Sleep training one at a time is hard enough, but sleep training two seems impossible. Since Elijah doesn’t actually have a problem falling asleep, he is not my challenge. Gabby wakes him up when she cries and then they are both whining for some sort of comfort. I don’t want to spend so much time putting them to sleep each night. I need a little time in the evening to myself to unwind, gather my thoughts and relax before I go to bed myself. On the one hand I think that they are only going to be little for so long and eventually I won’t be welcome to lay down with them as they drift off. On the other hand I need to maintain my sanity.

What would you do?

Thanks for reading 🙂


No nails today

Sheesh.  I’ve just realized I’ve posted about nothing but nails for the longest time. Technically, this isn’t a nail blog, but I’ve discovered a love for nails and nail art. Since it is occupying my time and my mind it is something I like to talk about. I really enjoy it. I also feel like it’s my creative outlet and I like expressing myself in this way. Do the nail posts annoy you? Or do you like them? I know I have one or two male readers who might find them boring. Sorry boys, you’ll have to like it or lump it. I’m going to keep doing them 😛 Speaking of nails, I won a Twitter competition yesterday! I won a R1500 nail hamper from Truworths and Revlon! I’m so excited! They’ve couriered my prize to me and I should receive it tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what they’ve included in the hamper! I have exactly one Revlon polish, so there isn’t much chance of them duplicating polishes I already have. I’ll take photos of what they send me and post them 🙂


The family is doing well. The sicks invaded our house for the first time this winter about two weeks ago. PrincessIce was the only one that needed antibiotics though. She had an ear infection, throat infection and conjunctivitis. We caught it early so she didn’t suffer too much. She is such a sweet baby. After a few days she wasn’t too uncooperative with taking her medicine. Babyice who is no longer a baby is getting so big and so cute. The things he says sometimes! It is very entertaining to have a small child in the house. Never a dull moment. It also renews your perspective on things. It forces you to look at life through the eyes of a child sometimes and it is truly a wonderful experience. I try my best to remember what it was like being a child. Especially when it comes to the “Why, why, why?” of things and discipline. Where I was once the disciplinarian in the house I’ve turned into the softie. How did that happen? There’s no such thing as sleep training in our house anymore. Besides me refusing to do it because Rudi would just muck it up again, I almost feel like I lost out on an opportunity to co-sleep with Babyice and that is something I can’t get back now. We co-sleep with PrincessIce and I absolutely love it. It is also extremely convenient for me since I’m still breastfeeding. It means no getting up at night for feeds. It really has been so much easier than with Babyice. I still need to wash and sterilize my breast pump equipment, but because I have a few sets this doesn’t need to be done daily and is not nearly as much of a chore as washing loads of bottles every day. Breastfeeding is really working out for me in that sense. We are all also getting a lot more sleep than we were when Babyice was this age.


PrincessIce seems to be lazy. She is nowhere near wanting to crawl, at least it doesn’t look like it. She doesn’t seem to like tummy time, so getting to the crawling part isn’t happening. She is almost 8 months old! Babies born around the same time as her are scooting around already!  I’m not worried that she isn’t developing properly. She has hit all her other milestones and isn’t behind in any way. I really just think she is spoilt 😛 Not spoiled in a bratty way. I don’t believe you can spoil such a young baby. I know many people will disagree, but I get to parent my way and they get to parent theirs. I do my best not to judge. On the one hand I am kind of grateful that she isn’t very mobile yet. Boy am I going to have my hands full with the two of them when she is!


I’ve just come from the dentist today. I lost the filling on the root canal tooth. When the filling came out part of the tooth came with it. He has put another filling in now, but it is hanging on a thread of tooth. It won’t last. He told me in so many words I am going to lose the tooth. He told me to pray when I left his office. So eventually it will be pulled. It is in my smile line and a bridge is apparently going to cost nine thousand Rand. 9k. 9 000. Holy crapola. It is the very last tooth in my smile line, so when the time comes I’m just going to have to pull it and see how it looks. A big black gap in a person’s smile really looks horrid, but since it is so far back there is a slim chance I could get away with it. I really hope I can. Ain’t nobody got R9000 to fix ONE tooth! In the interim we’ve attempted to attach a filling to the tiny piece of tooth left. This could go at any moment. So I’ve spent R450.00 to cling to this stupid tooth for dear life. Wish me luck!

Sleep training, co-sleeping and winter

Since going through the sleep training process and seeing what it did for us, I was an advocate for sleep training. It has made and still does make bedtime wonderfully easy. The whole sleeping through thing has not been a great success though. All readers of this blog know that Rudi has always worked against me in this respect. Eventually I just refused to get up and Rudi started doing it. He was often resentful at the fact that he always had to get up, but I stood my ground and said if he wants to muck up the sleep training, he can deal with the consequences. Rudi always had an excuse for getting up. What if he is cold? What if there is something wrong? What if…what if…


Roll on winter. New excuse at the top of the list – He probably kicked his blankets off and is cold. Rudi then started picking him up and bringing him to our bed, despite my protests. This happens every night now. Being winter, his door has swollen a bit and doesn’t open as easily anymore. This results in him tugging at the door and then sitting in a heap behind it crying to be let out. Now that he has realized that isn’t going to work, or that someone is always willing to come fetch him, he doesn’t even bother getting out of bed. Leaving the door open does not change this, he still sits and cries until he is fetched, which he is. Every night.  At first sleeping with him was terrible. He is generally a very restless sleeper and being kicked/smacked/rolled over was a common occurrence. Somehow he has become much better at sleeping like a normal human being and turns around every now and then in a much more orderly fashion. He does, however, take after his father and rather loves the pregnancy pillow. I found him hogging it this morning, luckily after I had already gotten up to get ready for work.


Pregnancy Pillow Lover


I don’t approve of this development. Whenever it is mentioned to the day mother she says ‘Aww, but it’s winter, he is probably cold’. *sigh*. Nobody is on my side! This might also prove problematic when the new baby arrives. We’ll obviously have her in our room and have to wake up for her constantly at first. If I decide/manage to breastfeed Babyice might be in the way in our bed. The other morning just after he woke up he said to me ‘Our room’. I said ‘No, mommy and daddy’s room’, he smiled and said ‘OUR ROOM!’. Not good. Rudi is even more self conscious of leaving him to cry now because our new neighbours downstairs came to ask us if he is okay because they had heard him crying the night before (when we had tried to leave him to soothe himself). This morning Babyice was throwing a tantrum and Rudi was willing to do anything to shut him up (including giving him his dummy). When I tried to explain to him that rewarding that kind of behaviour would compound our problem, it came out that he was concerned about the neighbours trying to sleep. My opinion? They will need to put on their big girl panties and suck it up. We live there too. It is not like we are having drunken brawls or blasting loud music. We are dealing with a 2 year old the best way we know how. Now try to explain that to my husband. I care a lot less about what other people think of us than he does. Perhaps he is not wrong to give a damn, but he needs to be reasonable and so do they.


I don’t know how I could possibly fix the co-sleeping situation without Rudi’s buy in. I have been trying a long time to get him to listen. He is grumpy when he has to get up to go and fetch Babyice, but this seems a small price to pay. I guess we’ll have to play this by ear. Again.

Babyice Brag

Babyice is smart. Stubborn. BUSY. He is all over the place and everywhere. He is climbing on the arm of the couch and jumping off. Repeatedly. He has reached a stage of curiosity that I am trying very hard not to get irritated by. ‘Whose this?’ and ‘What’s this?’ being his two favourite questions right now. He’ll point and everything and ask one of the two. It’s actually very cute. It does get kind of tiring, but I know he is trying to learn and this is a phase I should encourage and answer the unending stream of questions. So I do. I answer him. I wonder why he’ll point at things he *knows* though. For example, he will point at me and say ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll say ‘Mommy’ and then he’ll point at Rudi and ask ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll answer ‘Daddy’, he’ll point at himself and say ‘Whose this?’ and I’ll say ‘Elijah’. If you point at him and ask him ‘Whose this?’ he will quickly answer you, ‘Ya-ya’. I suppose that his name does have a few consonants that could be difficult to pronounce. His friend at the day mother also used to pronounce his name that way when she was about the same age as he is now. Very cute! 🙂


Before he was born I bought him two books. The one is ‘My first 100 Animals’ and the other ‘My first 100 Colours, Opposites, Numbers and Shapes’. He loves them! They are colourful board books with photographs in and he loves paging through them and pointing at the pictures and mostly asking ‘What’s this?’. We also often ask him to point out certain things. If you point to a chocolate in the book (it looks like a slab) and ask him what it is he says ‘Kak’. I have no idea where he gets that from, but it makes me giggle every time.  He still calls pretty much any fish ‘Nemo’ and if you say ‘one’ he will respond with ‘two’, but if you say ‘three’ he says ‘two’ again. There is also a picture of 4 steel pet feeding bowls and when he points to that he says ‘Ambah’. He recognizes that they are the same bowls she eats from 🙂 He seems to call ‘sweets’ something that sounds like ‘pretty’ and a flower would be ‘wower’.


Now that mister is tall and strong enough to open the fridge he does so all the time. He knows full well that is where he can find his ‘Juice’ and ‘Mato’ (tomato). He *loves* tomato. Luckily we have some cherry tomatoes on hand which are easy for him to eat without making a big mess. He doesn’t particularly like a bigger tomato cut up, but gobbles the cherry tomatoes in a flash. He also loves cheese and often steals grated cheese from an unattended plate. He insists on feeding himself lately too, but if he gets lazy about it halfway through the process he will allow you to feed him. Sometimes he gets stubborn about being dressed as well, but mostly he will still let me dress him without a fight. He does say ‘All done!’ after each item of clothing I put on and then giggles when I say ‘Noooooo. Not all done’. When he finally is all done I ask for a kiss, receive one and then announce ‘All done!’. This makes him very happy 🙂


Nemo has taken a backseat to Barney for now. Excited squeals whenever Barney is seen are a clear indication that he is his favourite favourite right now. He does seem to have tired of the episodes that he has and when I aquired some new episodes for him he was glued to the TV again. Still and quiet. A state he doesn’t know much about, even when he sleeps. He participates in the actions, specifically when they sing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. He especially loves the part where they shout ‘Hooray!’ and have to jump in the air. He loves jumping and is getting really good at it too! He has started doing something extremely cute lately. Whenever they get to the ‘I love you, you love me’ part of the episode, he’ll sway and when they say ‘with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you’ he will come and hug and kiss whoever is near. He even did it with Leebeesa when she came to babysit recently. She sang the song to him while she was putting him to bed and he hugged and kissed his ducky. I tried it last night and he jumped up and gave me a hug and kiss instead *melt*.


The sleeping isn’t going very well. I know I said I wouldn’t blog about it, but while it’s going badly there doesn’t seem to be any harm in doing it. *touch wood* Rudi messed up the sleep training again, so now we get a few nights here and there that he will sleep through. Last night he woke up crying a few times, the last time he woke up he was screaming and throwing a tantrum. He wouldn’t take his dummy and eventually a bottle he doesn’t need calmed him down and he went back to sleep. I think I understand why Rudi doesn’t have a problem with him sleeping in our bed. He mostly kicks ME and ends up rolling me off the bed to make space for him. I noticed him and Rudi having a lovely spoon (baby was the BIG spoon!) this morning. Yes, I’m a little jealous. I got kicked a lot. That is all. We have tried leaving his door open, but he seems too lazy to even come to our room. We *still* have to go fetch him when we realize the tantrum/screaming isn’t going to stop. Getting his way much?


We’re doing well with restricting the dummy for now. Rudi wanted to give in and give him his dummy so many times this weekend, but I stood firm. Once you’ve distracted him with something else he soon forgets about his pleas for the dummy and carries on regardless. I asked him for his dummy the other day after he had woken up in the morning and he handed it to me without a fuss. I hope that means we’re getting somewhere.


Afternoon naps on a weekend are still a train smash. We can still only get him to go to sleep by taking him for a drive in the car. Even when driving him around he resists for the longest he possibly can, no matter how exhausted he is. I’m not sure if we can “sleep train” him into napping . Any advice?


Well, he is doing fantastically well. We love him more every day and are so blessed to have him in our lives.


Sleeping Beauty



Cool as ice...


Forking hell I am tired. TIRED. Exhausted. Not awake. It’s always this way in the afternoon. I thought once we start going to gym it would get better, but it never did. Even when I was doing up to two gym sessions a day. While I was on leave I was okay, but by Sunday having worked two half days and trying to juggle family/housework/work and physical demands from the husband…I was drained all over again. As if I hadn’t had a one day of rest.




Yes, I am busy, but so is everybody else. A lot of people do a lot more than I do and aren’t this tired. Yes I am carrying extra weight around and that does take it’s toll, but I don’t remember ever being this tired in my life (other than when I was pregnant) and I’m lighter now than I previously was. I am also older than I was before, but I’m 30. I feel like I’m 90!


I don’t get quality sleep at all and if I could have afternoon naps that would be okay. My sleep is constantly broken. Babyice is back to waking up every night and often has a bottle during the night now again. Believe it or not, Rudi has fucked up the sleep training again. AGAIN. I am NOT re-doing it. What’s the point? He is just going to mess it up again. Even though I don’t get up as much for Babyice anymore (I have Rudi do it now since he was the one that messed up the sleep training in the first place), once I have been woken up I struggle to go back to sleep. Sometimes it takes me an hour or more. It is SO frustrating. Rudi just nods right back off and I lie staring at the ceiling. Fuck you very much Thank you, Rudi. This might be a contributing factor, right? RIGHT.


Admittedly we have been slacking at going to gym. We skipped a whole two weeks before going again on Monday. I wanted to go this evening again (feeling guilty much?), but Rudi doesn’t feel like going because he came in after midnight last night from darts. I don’t like going to gym alone. I really prefer when we all go together.  Rudi and I “compete” at certain things and it is much more fun than going all by myself. It should actually be easier to go now since we put Babyice to bed later because it is still light outside at 19:00 and this buys us a little more time in the evenings. BUT…BUT…who wants to go to gym when you feel like you have bowling balls hanging from your top eyelashes?


It’s not just about being lazy. It really isn’t. Although I dreaded going on Monday, I actually enjoyed my workout. I know if I get myself there I usually enjoy going. I’m just so effing TIRED ALL THE TIME. I know I have to go and I don’t NOT WANT TO go…I just don’t have the energy!


I don’t know what to do. I finished the 3 month course of iron tablets my doctor recommended and I did notice a very small improvement when I was taking them (miniscule really), so I don’t think it’s a deficiency in that department that is causing my fatigue. I had a big Vitamin B Complex shot in the bum yesterday. No difference. Right now I’m feeling tired enough to cry about it. I wish I could figure this out.


I seriously jinxed it. I am NOT going to talk about the sleep training on this here blog again if it is going well!


Babyice woke up twice last night. Once just after 03:00, Rudi got up and gave him his dummy. He then woke up again shortly after 04:00. This time he wanted ‘bottie’, but didn’t want water. Rudi insisted I give him his bottle since it was only an hour or so from the time I would give him his bottle anyway. I gave him his bottle and walked away. He then asked Rudi for Barney, since he had stayed behind for some reason. Luckily Rudi didn’t give in to *this* request and he went back to sleep.


So mommy was a little resentful when she woke up this morning. I was also a bit jealous that he got to snooze while we were getting ready for work. He wanted to get up just as much as I did. Rudi was chipper and was trying to wake him. I was not so sympathetic. Bad mommy.


In other news, Babyice is so very clever! I wish I had a better camera for this beautiful picture:


Building blocks

That tower is 10 blocks high! He built this all by himself! As you can see the blocks are tiny and not very easy to balance, but he managed it! I am super proud of him 😀
So no more sleep talk and hopefully he’ll go back to sleeping through.

Mommy is a liar

Isn’t it fabulous how our little angels like to turn us into liars? This time I didn’t mind! Just after I bitched and moaned on my blog about Rudi effing up my sleep training, Babyice decided to turn me into a huge liar. I’m cool with it. I hope to God that I don’t jinx this. He has been sleeping through now for the past 6 or 7 days, basically since my last blog post. He has woken up once or twice and moaned or cried, but both time soothed himself back to sleep. Neither of us have HAD to get up since I last posted about this. I’m not sure what suddenly clicked…we didn’t do anything differently.  I have noticed that Babyice sleeps better throughout the night if I put him to bed for some reason. I’m not sure why or whether he thinks that Rudi isn’t there or whether he has just discovered the awesomeness of being asleep all night that we all used to take for granted, but he has been sleeping through beautifully.


Nap time on weekends is a different story. Now that we have sleep trained him, nap time has become almost impossible on a weekend. We have tried putting him down like we do in the evenings, but he simply gets up and plays in his room or bangs on the door. We have tried sitting with him while he falls asleep. This doesn’t work. Rudi even tried to lay down next to him while he drifts off. This doesn’t work. Rocking him? Not a chance! The only solution we have found is to do what Christelle does. We put him in the car and drive around aimlessly until he falls asleep and we think he is asleep to the extent where he won’t wake up if we take him out of the car. This had to be done on Saturday AND Sunday. He slept soundly for a respectable amount of time on Saturday, but only slept for about an hour on Sunday. The day mother also said he would not go down for his nap this morning. She struggled with him from 09:30 till after 11:00! I wonder if he isn’t trying to drop his day time nap. Surely he should still have one? He is a MEAN tantrum thrower when he is tired, so sleep he must. Just….HOW? *sigh*. At least we are sleeping at night. I have found this makes me a much happier mommy and I am really happy to see him each morning. No resentments for broken sleep. It is awesome.


He also has his fingers in his mouth constantly lately. We are still waiting for the canines or ‘eye teeth’ to come out. Apparently those are quite traumatic teething wise and I’ve been dreading them for ages. I must say he went from 4 to 12 teeth very quickly, this resulted in a constant bum rash and lots of misery and an infection or two, but it happened quickly. Only the canines and his ‘big molars’ are still outstanding. He almost has a mouth full of teeth now. I always used to marvel at small children with a mouth full of teeth as I understood what them and their parents must have gone through to get them all there. Perhaps we almost have a complete sets ourselves 🙂


I still have to download the photos from our weekend away, but I think I’ll write a blog post about it in the meantime while I get the pictures ready for a post of their own.


Thank you for your patience, dear reader 🙂




I am so frustrated. I’ll blog about my weekend away later.


Rudi has gone and fucked up the sleep training good and proper again. You know, I’m really trying to stop swearing, but sometimes the occasion just calls for it. Like now. Please refer to my previous post: Rudi Ruiner.


The night before last Babyice woke up again and Rudi went to him again. I could tell he was already getting tired of getting up every time he cries. He brought this up briefly yesterday, but I put my foot down, I said I am not getting up for him and that it is now officially Rudi’s problem. I think he displayed dissatisfaction, but i ignored it. He mentioned things like:


  • What if he has a cramp?
  • What if he is cold?
  • What if he doesn’t get back into bed and sleeps on the floor in the cold?
  • What if we don’t check on him and find him dead the next morning? (something I AM actually scared of)

…and and and. Excuse after excuse. In the summer there will be another excuse. *sigh*.


Yesterday afternoon Babyice didn’t get his way with something and threw another epic tantrum. This child carries on like he is possessed. I swear. It is incredible to watch and difficult to bear. Rudi even joined me in boycotting his tantrum for a short while. He then went back to try and console him or calm him down and then ended up walking away again with a “Fuck you”. I really don’t like it when we swear at him. It is completely unacceptable. There are times that you completely lose control and don’t know what else to do. I suppose it is our way of expressing *our* frustration at that moment in time. We need to change this! Eventually he calmed down and the rest of the evening was uneventful.


He went to sleep with no protest or problem. Rudi put him to bed as I was busy talking to someone who needed some advice. We went to bed and everything was wonderful…until about 01:34. Babyice woke up and started crying. The crying quickly escalated into screaming and went on and on and on. After a few minutes Rudi got up (since I refused to). The screaming and tantrum continued. He coughed from all the snot this was producing, threatening to throw up. Sound familiar? Yes. Life before sleep training. Welcome back to the dark days. The tantrum continued for 15 minutes or so…maybe 20. Rudi gave up and brought him to our bed. I got up and went to lie in Babyice’s bed. Rudi came to tell me that I was being childish and that he was going to divorce me becuase I’m ‘being like this’. Eventually I relented and went back to bed. Rudi thought it might be mature to then squidge him and Babyice up on a quarter of the bed so I could have some space. I didn’t protest. Not long after that Babyice was fast asleep and kicking me repeatedly. I complained and eventually Rudi took him back to his own bed where he slept happily for the rest of the night. Apparently Babyice is now also climbing onto his bed bumper, which is potentially dangerous, but not a reason to get up for him.


Rudi and I were so pissed off with each other this morning that we didn’t speak a word to each other in the car and did not even kiss each other goodbye. This bull is seriously causing a rift between us. I insist, however, that sleep training is the right way to go. Rudi reckons that this is something that will go away with time and that I will regret not allowing Babyice to sleep with us when he gets older and no longer wants to. I spoke to him this morning via BBM (sometimes it is easier when the tone of what you are trying to say is difficult to interpret). He still feels that we need to give Babyice free reign on our sleeping time. He thinks he will hurt himself. I’ve told him we can work around the bed bumper issue by taking it down and placing pillows on the floor next to the bed in case he does fall off. It is easy for us to distinguish between his I’ve-hurt-myself-cry and his I-want-attention-cry.


It looks like sleep training will have to be started practically from scratch again. I don’t want to do it. How do I know I won’t be wasting my time AGAIN? I think Rudi needs to do it, but I’m not sure if he has the backbone to see it through.





Rudi Ruiner

So, just as sleep training was going beautifully, Rudi decided to sabotage me yet again. On Tuesday night Babyice woke up. I don’t think Rudi realized it wasn’t time to get up yet and he went to fetch Babyice, but it was only 02:40! He tried to sneak Babyice into bed, but I got up, took him from him and put him back into his bed. He continued to cry and I walked away and closed the door. Having seen us though, he was hysterical and Rudi got up and went to go and lie in bed with him. At this point Rudi and I had already had a fight about something else and I thought he could just stay there for the night for all I cared. He came to bed about 30 minutes later.

On Wednesday night Rudi was at darts and Babyice slept through. Curious that. Last night Babyice woke up, got out of bed and screamed at his door. I told Rudi to leave him. He knows where his bed is and can get back into it. After about 10 minutes I got up and was quite willing to see through the tantrum. I closed Babyice’s door as to minimize the sound of the screaming. This didn’t stop Rudi from coming in. As soon as Babyice saw Rudi it was ‘Daddeeeeeeee’. Rudi took him from me and went to lie in bed with him again. I told him I refuse to get up for Babyice anymore since he insists on sabotaging my sleep training and that I hope he is prepared to get up every night from now on. If he won’t listen, he must feel. I refuse to sleep train again. It’s his problem now.

I’m sitting typing this post on my Blackberry as we’re driving to Montague Springs for a weekend away with the in laws. It is our first time going away with Babyice. I was apprehensive about it. I thought I might forget to pack something important, but I’ve let it go now that we’re on the road what’s done is done and what is forgotten will need to be purchased. The long road trip is also nerve wracking. Babyice has never taken such a long drive and he might act up and after that accident we saw and the more recent death of a family of 4 in another accident, I’m nervous on the roads.

I’m sure we’ll have a good weekend though and I’ll definitely blog about it when we get back! 🙂

Great Success!


He did it! I did it! 5 nights in a row!

*victory lap*

Thanks to Gina and Paul who nudged me into doing this when I was at my wits end. Thank you for all the words of encouragement, support and cheering me on from the comments section. Your support has meant the world to me and helped me tough it out.

Yes! Success! Woohoo!

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