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So, weeks in advance of Rudi’s birthday I hatched a plan to surprise him. I ordered him a batch of cupcakes, decorated in his favourite colours. I ordered a dozen and in hindsight should have ordered more since everybody wanted some.   Here they are:     Last Friday (same day as cupcake surprise) I


So I survived yesterday (as I suspected I would) and am still alive today. I would like to thank the following people for the messages I received yesterday: angel@laurakim123@thejacksonfiles@leevanlog@zola237@lanajvrAldaz HeatherSolitaireJaneWJanice and of course, Nellie

Rudi’s Birthday

I’ve recently discovered Bloglines and other types of RSS feeds. What a pleasure. I’ve always struggled to keep up with blog posts and to keep all the blogs I like bookmarked is a mission. Feedburner has made me wise to these things since I’ve started my new blog. Nothing would be cooler than to have