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Breastfeeding – 18 months

Well, here we are. 18 months into our breastfeeding relationship. How on earth did that happen?! When Gabby was still a tiny baby my La Leche League Leader would say in meetings ‘You don’t plan to breastfeed a toddler. It just kind of happens’. That right there is the truth. Think about how quickly your children grow up. You blink and they’re crawling/walking/talking/in school. So while you’re making plans for the first birthday party, it doesn’t occur to you that, quite suddenly, you are breastfeeding a toddler.


I know this is weird for some of you. I know I seem strange. I once thought the same thing. I could in no way understand why some of the women who work with me breastfed their children beyond “6 months”. They breastfed children with teeth. They breastfed children that could speak. I could not wrap my head around it. I thought they were weird. Now I am weird and luckily I am at an age and stage in my life where peer pressure and what other people think of me do not matter that much. Thanks to the wonderful support I’ve received during my breastfeeding journey I am confident in my decision not only to breastfeed, but to breastfeed for an extended period of time.


Are there still things that frustrate me about breastfeeding? Sure. Specifically breastfeeding and sleeping. From a very tender age I tried to master the side lying breastfeeding position. I knew this would stand us in good stead for night feeds, but as my baby grows it has become increasingly difficult to stay comfortable while feeding her in our bed. Or falling asleep in a comfortable position while she is still latched on. Sometimes this means I wake up with a stiff neck or a sore back, however, it means that I haven’t been awake half the night getting up for feeds and putting her back to sleep. To me, the pay off is worth it. Of course, there are times when she wakes up at 2 in the morning and wants to play silly buggers for an hour or two. That is draining, but is no different from what Elijah used to do.


Gabby is suffering from separation anxiety at the moment, specifically from me. I don’t think this is breastfeeding related. I think it has more to do with a child’s personality than whether or not they are breastfed. Elijah never had it quite as bad and has always favoured his father. While it is nice to be the favoured parent, it is sometimes difficult when I need to do something or be somewhere. As an example, if Gabby is awake when I get up in the morning she cries for me to come back to bed (oh and how I wish I could comply) and unless I pick her up and carry her around while I am trying to get ready for work she will continue to cry until she upsets herself to the point of throwing up. Even if Rudi gets up and holds her at that point it is not enough. It is not all about the boobs though. She doesn’t ask to feed (usually by groping my shirt) , she is perfectly happy to sit in my arms while I try to go about whatever I need to do. Eventually she will find something else to do, or be okay with being put down and she’ll toddle off to do something more interesting than sitting in my lap.


The other day we were all laying in bed, settling down for the night and Gabby insisted on having a sippy cup with her with milk in it. Cow’s milk, mind you.  I had given her the sippy cup in an attempt to keep her busy till bedtime and to use the tiny bit of milk we had left. When the little bit of milk was finished, she gestured that she wanted more. In the sippy cup. Even after we climbed into bed, she kept the sippy cup and wouldn’t let me take it away. I lay down next to her, she continued to drink from the cup. I offered her the breast, she kept drinking from the cup. I felt rejected. It was the first time that she had chosen a plastic teat over my warm, comforting breast. Then, she bit that teat and pulled at the sippy cup with the teat firmly between her teeth and I was really grateful that she had just rejected me not long before. Sheesh! When she does bite, it hurts!


She is too young to wean and I am dreading the when she does. I am saddened by the thought. I can’t imagine myself breastfeeding a child of Elijah’s age and maybe she will wean before then. Maybe she won’t. Will I want to wean her before then? It is hard for me to say. Right now I am enjoying our special time together, the way she looks up into my face with those big blue eyes when we reunite with a feed at the end of a long day apart. It is also amazing to me how quickly she is comforted after getting hurt/upset by just latching on. I never had such a convenient and effective tool with Elijah. It really has been so much easier.


I am eternally grateful for this journey and the close bond it has created between me and my daughter. I will forever be a breastfeeding advocate and encourage my friends and eventually my daughter to breastfeed their babies for as long as they can. Having been on both sides of the feeding fence, I know that there are challenges and that it is hard, but I am living proof that there is hope. My La Leche League Leader wrote an article about helping us in the early days for Breastfeeding Today, an online magazine. If you would like to read it, click here. The article is on page 14.


Here’s to many more special moments!


Photos From The Weekend

As promised, our photo from the family fun day at Ratanga Junction. Babyice looks so awkward!




This weekend Babyice wrote and posted his letter to Santa. He was so excited! It read:

Dear Santa, My name is Babyice. I am almost 4! I have been a good boy. I hope I am on your nice list. For Christmas can I please have a car with a control that drives by itself and crashes.

Love Babyice


Luckily I remembered to take pictures!




We also went to visit my mother this weekend. We took my grandmother through to see her and picked up a ton of clothes she had acquired for PrincessIce. The guest house where they are staying is also a wedding venue. It is really beautiful there. There are rolling lawns and beautiful gardens as well as a pool. We’ve decided to spend Christmas there since it is so gorgeous and has plenty of space for the kids to play and also to swim if we want. I snapped some pics:


Wire heart as part of the wedding decor


Rose petals for the bride and groom


Rudi and PrincessIce in the arch


On Thursday last week Babyice was sick. He started vomiting in his bed after he went to sleep and continued throughout the night. He stayed home with Rudi on Friday who was also booked off for a back injury. He was running fevers on Friday. Saturday night Rudi started feeling ill and also spent a lot of time hung over the toilet. He too was running temps yesterday! I think they both got a tummy bug! Seems to be a 24 hour thing though as they are both feeling much better today. Babyice has a low grade fever and is complaining of sore ears, but no alarm bells yet. I woke up with a sore throat and ears myself and I’m still very sore from my procedure last week. Really hoping to catch a break and that everyone is healthy soon!

The Sicks

PrincessIce has been sick A LOT lately. Since 30 September she has been on four courses of antibiotics. It is one throat infection after the other.


I was taking her to a dispensing nurse since our medical aid has run dry and it is much cheaper than going to the GP, but two days after she finished the second course of antibiotics the nurse gave her she spiked a temp and we took her back to the GP. He prescribed more antibiotics (a different kind). I told him I don’t like putting her antibiotics so much, he empathized, but also said that he suspects she is picking up bugs at the day mother. R500.00 for medication. He noted that the antibiotics the nurse had given her aren’t very effective in our area as the bacteria circulating there have built up a resistance to the meds.


The next day she wasn’t keeping her antibiotics down and we were needing to overlap suppositories because her fever was going over 39 degrees every 5/6 hours. For two nights I sat with a shivering baby in my arms, debating about overlapping suppositories and waiting for the fever to subside. She broke my heart. At this stage we couldn’t administer any oral fever meds as she would just bring them up again. Same with the antibiotics the GP had prescribed, in and straight back out. We gave up trying to administer them again after they came up and tried mixing them in yoghurt. Nothing worked. The GP had said if she gets sick again quickly after this course of antibiotics (a 10 day course, mind you) we should take her to the paed. I was so fraught with worry, that I decided to take her to the paed anyway. How could the antibiotics do their job if she wasn’t keeping them down?


I took her to the paed and he gave her the once over. He then drew lots of pretty pictures for me on his iPad. He used to draw the pictures in blue ink on little blocks of paper, but he is very high-tech now. Has a special stylis and changes colours and everything! He explained to me what was causing the fevers. He said that it wasn’t a clear cut bacterial infection and the antibiotics might not be strictly necessary, so we should continue trying to give her the antibiotics and should not worry if she brings them up. He wanted to prescribe some cortisone over and above her medication, luckily I already had that from one of our previous trips to the doctor. He asked me to call him over the weekend to let him know how she was doing. If she hadn’t improved we would have to have another look. R630.00 for the appointment. Wouldn’t you know that very night she took her antibiotics and kept them down without a fight? Murphy’s law.


So by trying to save money I ended up spending over a thousand rand anyway. How does the saying go?  Penny wise, pound foolish. The paed did seem to agree with the GP regarding her recurrent infections. Without me telling him what the GP said he said he thinks she is picking up bugs at the day mother. He told me that some kids cruise through day care rarely getting sick, while others just get sick all the time. He said that things should get better once the warmer weather arrives. Maybe he should send a memo from his fancy iPad* to Mother Nature, she clearly hasn’t noticed that it is meant to be summer here already.


She has improved in leaps and bounds since then and is very pleasant, smiling and laughing. I phoned him on Saturday to give him the news and he was happy. She has been sleeping better for the last two days and hasn’t had a fever since Thursday. I’m completely shattered. The entire weekend I was like a zombie. I just wanted to sleep! I worked the weekend before last and I’m working this coming weekend too. I can’t wait till we go away the last weekend in November. Hopefully I can relax!


We also had a minor choking incident yesterday. Somehow PrincessIce managed to get a thick, long strand of tinsel stuck in her throat. I hadn’t seen her put it in her mouth, but realized she was choking on something. I positioned her over my arm and slapped her on her back to try and dislodge whatever it was. After a few tries she finally vomited out the tinsel. Luckily she could breathe, the tinsel wasn’t obstructing her airway, obviously just irritating her throat. By the grace of God I stayed calm and knew what to do.


Onwards and upwards!


*I know I sound a bit bitter, but I really love our paed (and his iPad).

Breastfeeding – 9 months in


He loves his sister

How precious is this picture? My beautiful boy and his sister <3 Melts my heart!


PrincessIce is 9 months old already! She seems pretty excited about it!



9 months old!


I’m still breastfeeding PrincessIce. Never in a million years would I have imagined breastfeeding a baby for so long. I have learnt so much about breastfeeding and so many myths have been debunked for me. I had heard some of them so many times that I believed they must be true. I think that is why so many people fail at breastfeeding. Our families, friends and colleagues (although they mean well sometimes) also put pressure on breastfeeding mothers to wean/start on solids/supplement and many more. I have faced these pressures myself, but have always had a soft place to fall with La Leche League. No matter how many times I was made to feel I was doing the wrong thing, I could always go to my LLL leader (Kim) and she would calm my fears and give me evidence based information to assure me that I am, in fact, doing the right thing. Once a month I can attend a meeting where nobody looks at me like I’m an alien for breastfeeding my baby.


For me breastfeeding was never about me, it has always been about PrincessIce and her needs. At the moment there is no end in sight and I am okay with that. I could not imagine refusing to feed or comfort PrincessIce at my breast. It is also really convenient for me. Having bottle fed and breastfed a child I can say from experience that breastfeeding is so much easier. Yes, it is hard in the beginning, but with the right support the large majority of women can do it. Yes, I still sterilize and wash bottles (from my pumping equipment), but not nearly as many as I used to. Also, I may be able to quit pumping when PrincessIce is around a year old (my goodness! That is SOON!). That’s a total of around 7 months of pumping if you exclude the majority of my maternity leave. A lot less washing and sterilizing than with an exclusively bottle fed baby. Because we co-sleep I get a LOT more sleep than I did with Babyice. No getting up for night feeds. What a pleasure.


Feeds have become a lot shorter as PrincessIce feeds more efficiently and a lot less frequent too. Sometimes she will moan, literally take a few sips and be happy again, she just quenches her thirst. If she gets hurt or is upset, latching on immediately soothes her. Best mothering tool, EVER. I was told the day would come where she wasn’t permanently attached to my breast and I couldn’t believe it then, but it was true.


So our journey continues and we grow together. Each feed is a special time for just the two of us and I need to remind myself constantly to treasure it because it will be over one day. I hope that it won’t end too soon, I am still loving the closeness and exclusivity of our relationship and I selfishly want to keep her to myself for just a little bit longer.


She is sick (again) at the moment. Ear and throat infection. Of course after I bragged about how healthy she is she has made it her mission to make me a liar. At midnight she was burning up and I gave her our last suppository. She then got rid of it about 3 minutes after I administered it. I gave her oral medication. I tried to calm her by feeding her and she bit me. Hard. I cried. It really hurt. Rudi said ‘Well then you must just put her on the bottle!’. For just a moment, it became about me and I considered it, but just as quickly as the thought entered my mind it left again. She is unwell, she is in pain…her ears and her throat hurt and I’m trying to put something in her mouth that will require her to swallow. I get it. I know a lot of women draw the line at biting and will stop breastfeeding because of it, but there are ways to deal with it and I will explore those first. She has never bitten me maliciously or mischievously. Onwards and upwards!


I don’t know myself anymore! I have turned into a breastfeeding, baby wearing and co-sleeping mother. I never would of thought!


The kids are much better, but I’ve come down with a cold. Luckily not bronchitis and I’m not feeling man-fluish about it, so I’ll just ride it out. First time this season I’m having a stuffy nose. Hay fever is probably contributing to that.


I took PrincessIce for her vaccinations. I took a leave for the day in order to take her and then  she woke up with a low grade fever the morning. I know they usually can’t get vaccinated when they’re ill and I was afraid they wouldn’t give her the shots, but they did. She screamed from the time I brought her near the table where the vaccinations were done. While I undressed her and we weighed her and measured her. On the one hand it was a good thing. The screaming couldn’t get any worse as they injected her so even though she was clearly distressed it didn’t feel like the injections hurt her as much if that makes any sense. I wondered if she had a sense of the place. If she had a memory of the room or the nurse. I couldn’t understand why she screamed so much. After it was done I breastfed her for about 3 minutes and all was right with the world again 🙂 With Babyice we used to struggle to soothe him after vaccinations. Boobs are amazing.


At the clinic they told me if you gave birth in a private hospital/have medical aid the government will no longer supply vaccines to you. You will need to pay for private stock. So because I pay R3900/m for medical aid (excluding my gap cover), that must mean I can afford vaccinations too, because medical aid never runs out. I am certain this will result in less children being vaccinated overall as less conscientious parents won’t pay thousands of rands for vaccines they used to be able to get for free. Government is struggling to meet the demand for free vaccines. They need to make a plan! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The next vaccinations at 12 months are “optional” and not covered by the government schedule so I will need to pay for those anyway. Ching! We took Babyice for all his vaccinations and PrincessIce shall have them too.


I’ll be going to La Leche League and Maskscara this weekend. Very excited! I hope I feel a bit better soon 🙂

Double Trouble

Why didn’t you, dear readers, ever tell me that having an extra child is so much more work? I must admit I was quite naive about it. I thought about how getting them both to sleep at the same time might be an issue, but the rest? I didn’t think it through. I’ve found going from having one child to having two to be a huge adjustment. Before PrincessIce was born I thought “Hey, how hard can it be? You chuck them in the bath together and Bob’s your uncle”. HA HA HA HA HA. Silly, silly girl.


I don’t for one moment regret my decision to have two. I didn’t want kids, but if I had one, I knew I wanted two. I didn’t want to raise an only child, because I am an only child. Since PrincessIce arrived I have felt a sense of completion. Like my family unit is now whole. The four of us is just perfect. I can’t tell you if the fact that my children are a pigeon pair contributes to the feeling, but I do know I am very lucky not to have to wonder about that 🙂   It is, however, a LOT of extra work. I’m not sure exactly why it feels like such a lot. PrincessIce is not even eating in the evenings yet and nighttime with her is a dream because we co-sleep. Rudi wants that to come to an end as well, but right now I’m loving it and the only person it will inconvenience when she moves to her cot is me. I’m the one who has to get up in the cold to feed her back to sleep. Maybe  in summer. Maybe.  Having her in our bed has some drawbacks. Since she is always there after Babyice has been put to bed, having some “us” time is very difficult. We used to put her in her cot and then leave her there till she wakes up and then bring her into bed, but now she just keeps waking up when we put her down there. I suppose if we want to have some “us” time we’ll have to try harder. Rudi still goes to sleep with Babyice at night and it is happening frequently that he falls asleep there and doesn’t come back.  As things are we all just get more sleep this way, but we’ll need to make a plan to make some more alone time for us.


PrincessIce has been such an easy baby. In hindsight if she was anywhere near as challenging as Babyice was we would have been in big trouble. I think having the hang of parenting in general helps. I used to be terrified of Rudi leaving me alone with Babyice to go play darts. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to handle XYZ on my own. I have been staying alone with both kids on dart night since PrincessIce was about a month old. I was uncomfortable with it at first, not sure I could deal with their needs and requirements for attention simultaneously, but I have found a way that seems to work for all of us. I’m much more relaxed about a lot of things than I was with Babyice. Sleep training, co-sleeping, starting solids, milestones, etc. I suppose these are all benefits of doing things with a little experience.


All that being said, I absolutely adore my children and love being their mom. I often sit back and realize how lucky I am to be blessed with them and as the old cliche goes, I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

No nails today

Sheesh.  I’ve just realized I’ve posted about nothing but nails for the longest time. Technically, this isn’t a nail blog, but I’ve discovered a love for nails and nail art. Since it is occupying my time and my mind it is something I like to talk about. I really enjoy it. I also feel like it’s my creative outlet and I like expressing myself in this way. Do the nail posts annoy you? Or do you like them? I know I have one or two male readers who might find them boring. Sorry boys, you’ll have to like it or lump it. I’m going to keep doing them 😛 Speaking of nails, I won a Twitter competition yesterday! I won a R1500 nail hamper from Truworths and Revlon! I’m so excited! They’ve couriered my prize to me and I should receive it tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what they’ve included in the hamper! I have exactly one Revlon polish, so there isn’t much chance of them duplicating polishes I already have. I’ll take photos of what they send me and post them 🙂


The family is doing well. The sicks invaded our house for the first time this winter about two weeks ago. PrincessIce was the only one that needed antibiotics though. She had an ear infection, throat infection and conjunctivitis. We caught it early so she didn’t suffer too much. She is such a sweet baby. After a few days she wasn’t too uncooperative with taking her medicine. Babyice who is no longer a baby is getting so big and so cute. The things he says sometimes! It is very entertaining to have a small child in the house. Never a dull moment. It also renews your perspective on things. It forces you to look at life through the eyes of a child sometimes and it is truly a wonderful experience. I try my best to remember what it was like being a child. Especially when it comes to the “Why, why, why?” of things and discipline. Where I was once the disciplinarian in the house I’ve turned into the softie. How did that happen? There’s no such thing as sleep training in our house anymore. Besides me refusing to do it because Rudi would just muck it up again, I almost feel like I lost out on an opportunity to co-sleep with Babyice and that is something I can’t get back now. We co-sleep with PrincessIce and I absolutely love it. It is also extremely convenient for me since I’m still breastfeeding. It means no getting up at night for feeds. It really has been so much easier than with Babyice. I still need to wash and sterilize my breast pump equipment, but because I have a few sets this doesn’t need to be done daily and is not nearly as much of a chore as washing loads of bottles every day. Breastfeeding is really working out for me in that sense. We are all also getting a lot more sleep than we were when Babyice was this age.


PrincessIce seems to be lazy. She is nowhere near wanting to crawl, at least it doesn’t look like it. She doesn’t seem to like tummy time, so getting to the crawling part isn’t happening. She is almost 8 months old! Babies born around the same time as her are scooting around already!  I’m not worried that she isn’t developing properly. She has hit all her other milestones and isn’t behind in any way. I really just think she is spoilt 😛 Not spoiled in a bratty way. I don’t believe you can spoil such a young baby. I know many people will disagree, but I get to parent my way and they get to parent theirs. I do my best not to judge. On the one hand I am kind of grateful that she isn’t very mobile yet. Boy am I going to have my hands full with the two of them when she is!


I’ve just come from the dentist today. I lost the filling on the root canal tooth. When the filling came out part of the tooth came with it. He has put another filling in now, but it is hanging on a thread of tooth. It won’t last. He told me in so many words I am going to lose the tooth. He told me to pray when I left his office. So eventually it will be pulled. It is in my smile line and a bridge is apparently going to cost nine thousand Rand. 9k. 9 000. Holy crapola. It is the very last tooth in my smile line, so when the time comes I’m just going to have to pull it and see how it looks. A big black gap in a person’s smile really looks horrid, but since it is so far back there is a slim chance I could get away with it. I really hope I can. Ain’t nobody got R9000 to fix ONE tooth! In the interim we’ve attempted to attach a filling to the tiny piece of tooth left. This could go at any moment. So I’ve spent R450.00 to cling to this stupid tooth for dear life. Wish me luck!

Guest Post: Babyice and PrincessIce Mani

Today I have a real treat for you! I asked Ordinary Misfit to do a guest post for me. She was doing a guest posts for other nail bloggers and we collaborated with ideas for their manis. She wanted to make the manis personal.  Being as modest as she is, she wasn’t sure if the manis were “right”, so I said that they are very personal for each individual and that it would be equivalent of doing a mani representing my kids. Light bulb! So I asked her if she would like to do just that. A mani representing PrincessIce and Babyice for a guest post for my blog. She agreed!


Of course this now means I owe her a guest post. I am quite nervous to be doing a nail art post for someone of her caliber, but a deal is a deal.




Here is her post:



After acidicice gave me tons of help and advice on my guest posts for Siobhan

and Thea she asked if I would do one for her as well. What an honour!!

The subject matter was, the children, Babyice and PrincessIce. No pressure

right! I am not going to lie. It was HARD! Luckily I got tons of feedback and

information so I gave it a try. Maybe even a few tries 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

Awww. Lookit Shrek!



I am going to start with the middle finger because that is where this ‘story’

starts. One thing that is very clear is how much acidicice loves her children. To

show that, I used two coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me White and stamped using

Essence – Fame Fatal and Pueen01. Tons of little hearts that shows all the love.

Next is my ring finger. This is representing babyice. I used two coats of Sinful

Colors – Ruby Ruby and with my dotting tool I made two pirate swords. (Well,

tried to) and then added some glitter. Babyice loves playing with his pirate

sword and ‘protecting his mommy and sister when daddy isn’t home’. He also

loves glitter and he does seem to like the colour red too.

Next up is my pinky. This is also representative of babyice. I used two coats

of Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine. I then used Tip Top – We Have an Agreen-mint

and my dotting tool to ‘draw’ Shrek. I also added some glitter using L A Colors

– Confetti. Shrek is Babyice’s movie of choice lately and of course, some more

glitter never does any harm 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Next up is my index finger. This represents princessice. I did an ombre using

Essence – Destination Sunshine and Essence – Absolutely Blue. This represents

her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I then used Revlon – Gold Rush and

Pueen05 to stamp the little princess crown on top. I then took some Tip Top –

Rocky Road Glitter with my dotting tool to put three little pieces as the ‘jewels’ of

the crown. She is a proper princess after all 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Onto the thumb! PrincessIce loves her bath time and to represent that I used two

coats of Tip Top – Melting Marshmallow. I then used Sinful Colors – Why Not

and Pueen12 to stamp the little rubber duck surrounded by bubbles. Of course,

I added some Tip Top – Rocky Road glitter for some sparkle. I also know it is

mommy’s favourite!


PrincessIce Thumb

PrincessIce Thumb


So there we have it. Thank you so much for having me and having such gorgeous

children to draw inspiration from. Ok ok I know you practically gave it to me on a

silver platter but your children are still gorgeous!



I absolutely adored this mani! Shrek is my favourite 🙂 I think she did a fanstastic job!


On Friday I was on leave.  I like to take a little leave around my birthday. I do it every year. Some me time. This distressed Arkwife somewhat since she had arranged a surprise delivery for me for my birthday. I arranged for a colleague to pick it up and Rudi fetched it from my building on his way home from work.

Surprise Delivery!

Surprise Delivery!

It was such a lovely surprise. It really made my day! Let me tell you, this Decadent Hot Chocolate with the dark chocolate pieces is the bloody business. Will be MOST awesome in chocolate chip cookies too!   On Saturday night Sanita popped round to bring me my gift. She bought me essence wanna be your sunshine nail polish, a backup of Tip Top Rocky Road (my favourite glitter, I wanted a backup bottle) and a nifty gadget that holds your nail polish bottle at an angle while you paint to make it easier to get that last bit out.   Rudi woke up earlier than usual on Sunday and made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. I got a kiss on the cheek as soon as I opened my eyes and a “Happy Birthday”. We were pressed for time though as we were on our way to church. We were late for church. So late that we had to sit separately as there wasn’t enough room in the mother’s room for all of us. Babyice was up and down in between me and Rudi the whole time. After church my aunt informed me that they would be late as there was another service her husband and son were to attend later the day.   We went home and I took Babyice to the park across the road to play while PrincessIce slept a bit. It was nice just pushing him in the swing, helping him navigate the monkey bars (I still have to hold his legs) and watching him slide. He also brought me some flowers for my birthay <3


Two Flowers from Babyice

Two Flowers from Babyice

Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday Mommy

Co-incidentally my favourite colour

Co-incidentally my favourite colour

These kids hey. They will melt your heart. My family arrived, even later than anticipated. They bought me a hand lotion that comes with a key ring and an Oh So Heavenly body spritzer gift set. We had a braai. They left. And that was it.  I decided to go big and buy some cupcakes for my birthday. On my credit card *gasp*. So at least there was cake.  I did receive a very surprising phone call for my birthday. I posted about it on SM, but I think that is a blog post on its own.   The previous day we also spent some time in the park. We had such lovely weather over the weekend.

Rudi and PrincessIce

Rudi and PrincessIce


Today Leebeesa gave me her gift. She bought me Essie Coat Azure nail polish, a pedicure set with some files and toe separators, a bangle that she made for me with some of my favourite purple heart beads and some nail art stickers.


That’s all she wrote.

My Evil Mother’s 50th

We set off as early as we could. We cleaned our house and got the kids ready to leave. We still only ended up leaving around 11 ‘o clock. Getting things done and getting out of the house certainly takes a lot longer when you have kids in tow. We also had to go back up twice to feed the cat and open her window, because we forgot. Eventually we were on our way and traveled to my mother’s place without incident.


Once we had arrived there my mother was allowed to open her gifts. Her husband had forbade her to do so until we were there for some reason. She opened her gifts and didn’t get anything very spectacular. Apparently the lady that they live by chose the gifts from her husband. My mother says she likes to take over. She chose (on her husband’s behalf) an Avon fragrance my mother doesn’t like and a salad dressing set with decanters for oil/vinegar and salt and pepper shakers. She bought my mother make up – something my mother has rarely bothered with. She looks really nice when she does wear it though, so I hope she puts it on sometime. Some eye shadow, mascara and a lipstick. My grandmother bought her a towel bale and I bought her some shower gels and a mesh sponge. She seemed pleased. I’m not sure if she faked it, but if she didn’t she liked her gifts.


PrincessIce was the belle of the ball and Babyice got loads of attention the weekend too. My mother also catered especially for us, getting special meals for us to enjoy. When we arrived there we were already hungry. She had organized a quiche from a place called Red Pepper Mill. It contained peppers, peppadew and mushrooms. It was the best quiche I have ever had in my entire life. I think I had like 3 pieces. She had also bought some breads which we had with the quiche. After that she felt like having a lie down and I decided I would have a nap with PrincessIce as well. Imagine that! A nap – for ME! This was around 2:30. At 5 ‘o clock Rudi came to ask me if I was going to sleep all day. What a lovely nap!


My mother had made pavlova (as it is my favourite dessert). I helped her dress it with the strawberries, cream and nougat. It was TO DIE FOR! I ate two big pieces. Too much actually, I kind of felt sick afterwards. Oops. She had also made a lasagne for dinner, but I couldn’t face any more food for the rest of the day, so we didn’t end up eating it.


Strawberry Filling

Strawberry Filling

Topped with cream and nougat

Topped with cream and nougat



Later that evening Babyice fell asleep on Rudi’s lap and PrincessIce was showing signs of being tired. We decided it was time to retire to our room. Our room was really lovely. It had an air conditioner, so our room was nice and toasty. There was winter linen on the bed and a gorgeous bath in the bathroom. We got the honeymoon suite since we needed a big bed to fit the whole family. The bed still wasn’t big enough, but there was a couch in the room, so we moved the couch against the bed so Babyice could sleep next to us.


What a bath!

What a bath!

PrincessIce trying out the bed

PrincessIce trying out the bed

Butterfly Winter Linen

Butterfly Winter Linen


Our accommodations were lovely. It was almost like a weekend away, even though we only stayed over one night. Rudi said he was going to have one more drink. I dozed off and woke up much later and he wasn’t back yet. I went to go look for him at my mother’s place, which looked locked up. Our car was still there. My mother didn’t answer the door as she was working with her earphones in, but eventually she heard me pounding on the door and opened up. Turned out her husband and Rudi went to go and explore the local pubs. They walked since they weren’t too far away. Made me so mad! If Babyice wakes up looking for his father and he isn’t there, there is hell to pay! A half an hour and a few phone calls later he was back and we all crept into bed.


The next morning Rudi made us some scrambled egg on toast for breakfast. My mother wanted to go back to bed. She obviously isn’t one for early mornings anymore. With that we decided to pack up and go home. No point in sticking around if your hosts are hiding out. Her husband accidentally ran into me and ducked into the room till after we left. I think he was under the impression I was cross with him for taking Rudi out the night before, so he cowered in the room. Told my mother to tell us goodbye. How bloody rude! I don’t really care at all, but it is still bad manners!


My mother seemed to have enjoyed her birthday and having us there. They were tickled pink with Babyice and his antics. Even suggested ‘timeshare’ with him. Um. No. All in all, everyone was on their best behaviour and it wasn’t unpleasant. We actually had a nice time. We even got some chocolate chiffon cake and lasagna to take home. I should keep my expectations low more often 🙂


If there was a party, I missed it. Her husband mumbled something about it being a logistical nightmare since the staff at the place had all taken off for the weekend as the boss has gone overseas and there were no other functions booked. I think the crux of the matter was that he couldn’t find anyone to invite. When he said he couldn’t pull anything together my mother remarked ‘It’s not as if my family would of come anyway’. I must be chopped liver.



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