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Ginkgo Spa Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about my experience with Ginkgo Spa at Steenberg in Tokai. At the CT Meetup my friend Taryn from Coffee Couture and I both won massages from Ginkgo Spa. It was towards the end of the giveaway section of the event and I thought I was probably not going to win something that day…until I did! I could not have been happier with my prize! Mama needs to get her relaxation on! There may have been squeals of excitement and I think that I may have done a little happy dance on my way up to collect my envelope.

Taryn and I set out for the long drive from the northern suburbs to Tokai where the Steenberg branch of Ginkgo Spa is situated on the Steenberg Wine Estate. Yes. It’s far. In true Capetonian style we even stopped for refreshments on the way there. Road trip! We were so very excited to finally be going to get our massage on! We were welcomed in the reception area and shown to the locker room. One of our therapists explained to us that we could change into our robes and slippers before we could go and fill out our questionnaire in the lounge area. The form included questions about our health, preferences and if there were any areas that the therapists could concentrate on.

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: Reception area, Product Selection, fireplace, Lounge area

In the lounge area we were served chai tea in tiny little cups. I was also offered a glass of water as I mentioned that I have a headache. The therapist came in with a cream that she applied to my temples to try and help relieve my headache along with the water. I thought this was incredibly sweet of her. She listened to my needs and did what she could to help. I don’t like water generally, but this water was infused with lemon and it was delicious and refreshing. If water always tasted this good, I might actually drink it! The chai tea was milky and had a beautiful cinnamon flavour. On the one hand I was sorry the cup was so small, on the other hand I was grateful. Nobody wants to stop in the middle of a massage to go to the loo. It was my first taste of chai tea and I really liked it!

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: Entrance, pre-massage excited faces, gorgeous locker room, embroidered towel

In no time at all we were led away into a treatment room. We were given the option of being alone or together for our massages and we opted to stay together. This means that couples massages are completely possible! I have wanted to have a couples massage before and it was really hard finding a place to accommodate my husband and I (admittedly I looked mostly in the northern suburbs). Our treatment room was right at the end of the passage and labeled ‘Jasmine’. This boded well as Jasmine is one of my favourite scents, although the rooms are not named for how they smell 😉

Ginkgo Spa Treatment Room

Top: Massage Table Bottom: Awesome bath in the treatment room

We were left alone to lay ourselves down on the treatment tables and cover ourselves with towels. The beds and room were nicely warmed up, so even though we were mostly naked and it is freezing in Cape Town, it didn’t bother me in the least. Our therapists came and introduced themselves. My therapist also asked me if I minded if she massaged my head. I had my hair in a tight bun and she removed the pins and elastics. I offered to help, but she declined. I am very sensitive on my head, at most hairdressers I brush my own hair to avoid tears, but my therapist was gentle and didn’t hurt me at all. Phew! Soon I was in massage heaven! I was massaged from the tips of my toes to the hair follicles on my head. Seriously. When we were changing into our robes I wondered aloud whether I should take out my earrings and decided against it, but even my earlobes got a rub! My therapist did not only use her hands, but also her forearms to massage me. Her hands were so nice and warm, it was exquisite! While we were being massaged we spoke about problem areas. I mentioned my neck and shoulder pain and Taryn mentioned the dry skin she had from the medication she is currently taking. The therapists were quiet and respectful. Taryn and I would chat at intervals, but at times we were just too relaxed to say anything. All too soon our massages were over. I was tucked into the blankets on the bed. I haven’t been tucked in since I was a child. It was SO nice to be tucked in again! What a spoil! I had completely forgotten what it feels like and pleasant childhood memories washed over me. I was rolled to the side from both sides to give my muscles a good stretch. My feet were washed with a nice hot wash cloth. This is amazing attention to detail, since I would have been slipping around in my shoes if my feet had just been slathered with cream and left that way. This is a common post pedi/massage problem! We were offered water and given the option to lay in the treatment room in our cocoons or to go and relax in the lounge area. We lay in the treatment room for a while and the ladies returned with more of that delicious lemon infused water and products recommended for the problems we had mentioned during treatment. Even though they were quiet, they were listening to our concerns about our bodies and hand picked products to suit our needs. Very awesome! I was tucked into my cocoon so well I had to get out of it like a sleeping bag! We slipped on our robes and toddled back off to the locker room to be reunited with our phones. There were a couple of fireplaces in the spa that warmed up the entire place. The fires not only kept us warm, but added to the relaxing atmosphere. We walked around the spa snapping pictures of everything before retiring to the lounge while deciding where we would go next.

Ginkgo Spa

Clockwise from top left: View when leaving the spa, post massage silliness, bubbles at the bistro, happy faces


We decided that we could NOT visit a wine farm without going to enjoy some of their wine, so we headed off to the Steenberg Bistro 1682. What a lovely restaurant! The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The staff friendly and helpful. If it had been a warm day I definitely think we would have sat outside by the water. We had some bubbles and shared a cheese platter before we had to trek back to reality. Surely such a wonderful, relaxing day called for a bubbly celebration!

We really had a wonderful time. We were treated like VIPs at the spa and really made to feel pampered and special. I’ve already spoken to Rudi about going back less than 24 hours after leaving! Now for the exciting part! Ginkgo has graciously sponsored an Elixir massage for one of you to enjoy! A full body 50 minute massage valued at R570! Who can pass that up?! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below to stand a chance to win this prize!

You can find Ginkgo on the following social media channels:




Some T’s and C’s for the giveaway:

  • Ginkgo spas are located in Tokai, Sea Point and Arniston so you will need to be able to travel to one of these locations in order to claim your prize.
  • The voucher will be sent to the winner via e-mail.
  • All entries will be checked.
  • No giveaway accounts.
  • Leaving a comment on this post is the only mandatory entry

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Elijah is 5!

So it was Elijah’s birthday on Monday and we had a party for him. Technically it was a combined party for him and Gabby as her birthday is in the middle of the festive season and school holidays, but on the day it really felt like Elijah’s party. Perhaps because Gabby is still so small and doesn’t understand much around birthdays and parties. Elijah was sent off to school wearing a badge that said “It’s my birthday!” so when he came home from school I was pretty disappointed that they had not even sang for him.

While he was at school Sanita and I went to fetch the ice cream cake I ordered for his birthday and made our way back to the day mother’s house to do party set up. This year everything seemed to go smoothly and it was a lot more chilled for us than it was the previous year. It also wasn’t as hot as it was last year which was very welcome! The weather forecast said it would be 32 degrees, so we were worried that it would be a scorcher and that we would have a melting ice cream cake on our hands! Rudi was also able to leave work early which was lovely. The kids loved the jumping castle and the treats. Somehow we forgot about the candyfloss I had ordered as we stored it in a cool, dark spot. We also forgot about the lollipops and some marshmallow fish we had for the party packs. This year we bought paper bags and allowed the kids to fill them with sweets from the tables before they went home. Luckily we discovered the candyfloss before it was too late for everyone and we were able to dish a lot of it out before we packed it in. Two girls separately came to thank me for the party of their own accord. It made my heart melt and made all the stress, effort and money spent seem worth it. The kids were thoroughly spoilt with gifts. It was a lovely day all around. The next day Elijah returned from school with a special crown they made for him and they had sung happy birthday for him too. I was pleased that they made an effort to make him feel special. Even if it was a day late, it extended his celebrations somewhat and he didn’t seem to mind. Some pictures from the party:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The very next day Rudi and I had our very first PTA meeting! I was excited to hear how things were going with him. The day mother graciously offered to look after the kids while we attended. We gathered in the school hall. It was quite a flashback for me since I attended the same school for my entire primary school career! We even have the same principal! He introduced himself and told us more about the school and how they are geared towards the future. A lot of the classes in the higher standards all have interactive white boards. How cool is that? He also warned us by the time our children were in Grade 4 (Grade 3 for Elijah as he was speaking to the Grade R parents) that there would be no more school books and that tablets would be required. He told us that the school was already ready for this. The principle will be retiring at the end of next year though and then we’ll adapt to a new regime. They also had a short presentation and demonstration by a karate instructor as karate is offered as an extra mural at the school. We’re interested in signing Elijah up, depending on the cost and we’re waiting for more information with regards to that. The karate demonstration was very cool! We were then sent off to class with our respective teachers. They called out a teacher’s name that I recognized from when I was there! Talk about a tenure!

In the classroom the teacher introduced herself and explained to us what the children’s daily routine encompasses. It was really nice to hear what the children do every day since Elijah isn’t very forthcoming when we ask him. According to him he does “nothing” in school and learns much of the same 😛  The teacher opened the floor to questions and afterwards we waited to speak to her one on one. When we told her we were Elijah’s parents we were pleased to hear her comments. Firstly she said he is a very gifted boy – *BEAM*, she said she can already tell and then she told us something we already knew – HE TALKS A LOT! We left the meeting with high spirits and I know it won’t always be positive and fun and games, but I’ll ride on this here cloud while it lasts 🙂

I’m so happy my boy is adjusting well in school and it looks like he is going to make us really proud!

Holiday 2015 – Pic Heavy

In the blink of an eye our holiday and the festive season are over. I took a week off from 5 January and returned to work on 12 January. We tried to fit in as much activity with the kids as we could during that week.

We started off the week by visiting my mother. That went exactly as I expected it to go. Nothing new to report. It left a bad taste in my mouth, but I really don’t want to get into it. She hasn’t changed, probably never will, so I have to make peace with that.


wpid-20150107_144611.jpgOn the Tuesday we took the kids to the Two Oceans Aquarium. Darn it is expensive to get in there! We have gone every year for the past 3 years during the holiday, so it has sort of become a tradition. Elijah wanted to rush through the entire aquarium to get to the sharks. We also got stuck in the play area for a lot longer than we usually do. He momentarily forgot about the sharks. They had a great puppet show there which he REALLY enjoyed. I think it was the first one he has ever seen. He loved it! I was surprised that Gabby seemed to be very interested in the displays. When Elijah was her age he barely glanced at any of the tanks. Gabby is also a lot more fearless than Elijah. She stood right up against the glass of the shark tank as a shark swam by, whereas Elijah got so scared at one point that he rolled himself up into a ball on the floor and started to cry. Granted, his father had joked with him that he was going to throw him in the shark tank. On Wednesday we stayed home to clean as our housekeeper is ill and hasn’t been able to come to work.






wpid-20150106_133725.jpgOn Thursday we took the kids to World of Birds. The weather was a bit miserable as it started to rain while we were there. Gabby was clingy and moody too. She had been an absolute pleasure at the aquarium, but on this day she was having none of it. She just wanted to be carried around. We went to Mariner’s Wharf in Hout Bay after our trip to World of Birds, but we weren’t even there for 20 minutes when we decided to leave again. The kids were super grumpy and by that time, so were we. I was pretty bummed as I was looking forward to spending some time there. I have fond memories of going there with my grandfather. He was also a keen birdwatcher so he was on my mind all day. I just knew he would have enjoyed such an outing.





wpid-20150108_142805.jpgOn Friday I wanted to go to Butterfly World as I really enjoyed our last trip there. After seeing Elijah enjoy himself on the beach in Hout Bay the previous day, Rudi insisted we go to the beach. I had been avoiding going to the beach for a while. I figured I was being a brat and that I should just go with them. BIG mistake. The beach was freaking HORRIBLE. I am not a beach person. I have decided once and for all. It was SO windy and the wind made it cold despite the fact that it was a hot day. Half the time we were trying to prevent the new beach umbrella we had just purchased from blowing away. EVERYTHING was covered in sand. When we left every part of my body that I touched was covered in a layer of sand. We took a part of the beach home with us. I don’t even know how long we were there for, but it was too long. Gabby also hates the beach. She refuses to walk on the sand and even when I carried her to the water’s edge she seemed to be afraid of going in there (or of me going in there). The one cool thing about the beach? We got to see a lot of kite surfers setting up and going out onto the sea. The wind was definitely up for it and I’m not surprised they flocked to the beach. I would rather have watched them from the car to be honest. Can I have some cheese with my whine?


On Saturday we had a kiddie’s party to attend which the kids thoroughly enjoyed! They had an ice cream cake at the party and I decided there and then that I want to get an ice cream cake for Elijah and Gabby’s birthday party next month. Yes. Party planning for that is in full swing as it always it this time of year. On Sunday my aunt came over with her family and we spent the day preparing to go back to work.

It was all over so quickly! Also, I need a holiday to recover from my holiday! Right now I’m focusing on getting everything ready for Elijah to go to his new school and then focus on the party planning. The kids went back to the day mother on Monday and it is also already time to potty train Gabby. I have not been looking forward to this! I’ll post about how that is going once we’re in the swing of it.

Did you have any leave over the festive season? Did you do anything fun? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Toddling Toddler

About a week and a half ago, my baby took her first wobbly steps! Of course, I had to Instagram them:


She is growing up so very fast. She is doing well on the immunity booster the doctor prescribed. She has had a fever that has gone away on its own and gotten a cold that hasn’t turned into a full blown infection. I actually really think the immunity booster has helped, as sceptical as I was about it.


Her personality has really started to blossom and come to the fore. She is mischievous and naughty! Just this morning she found one of my eye shadows, figured out how to open it and dispensed it all over herself and the carpet. In her defense, I gave her my make up drawer to play with, assuming she wouldn’t know how to open anything. My bad. She doesn’t say much yet, besides ‘ta ta’, ‘da da’, ‘mama’ and ‘dere’ (there). She points at lot of things, but not always very accurately. She is already picking up on how to throw tantrums from her brother. The other day we took something away from her and she pulled her face and started to cry. It may as well have been Elijah’s face. I-DENTICAL! I actually got a fright. I think I realized in that instant exactly what we have let ourselves in for!


Other than that I am still really enjoying her. We are still breastfeeding and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. I really can’t explain it to someone that didn’t manage to breastfeed, or breastfed and hated it. Everybody has their own story. To be honest I didn’t like it in the beginning. It was hard, it was a chore, it was all me, all the time. At this point Gabby no longer has a dependency on me to be around. So if I need to go out for a day without her, or go to work on a weekend I don’t have to worry about her needing to feed. Since I’ve stopped expressing I also don’t have to worry about lugging a breast pump around or finding a place to express, or sitting with engorged breasts. It has simply become a non issue, but remained an invaluable parenting tool. For comfort and sleep time there really is no comparison.



Daddy’s Girl


Gabby and Elijah are still getting along very well. They can be too cute and can entertain each other for short periods which is awesome. They can be really cute together while they are sleeping too. Gabby likes to throw her leg over something/someone when she sleeps, it seems Elijah is also a pretty comfy leg rest:



On the flipside, I get asked ‘Mommy, can I hold Gabby?’ And this happens:


*heart melt*


I’m enjoying being a girl mommy more than I thought I would. I especially enjoy playing dress up and adorning her in pretty things:




Every day I am grateful for my two wonderful blessings <3

Christmas 2013

On Christmas Eve, we put out milk and cookies for Santa. Elijah refused to eat any. ‘They are for Santa, not for us!’. He was quite pleased with himself.



And wouldn’t you know it, Santa came! On Christmas morning Elijah went to investigate if the milk and cookies had been eaten and completely missed the presents under the tree. We sent him back to check for presents and he came back saying ‘I’m amazed! He came!’



I told him that he could unwrap one present before church. Obviously, he chose the biggest one.



‘I’m so surprised!’ He loves his Hot Wheels T-Rex Take Down 🙂

We then made our way to church. I dressed Gabby in her gorgeous Christmas tutu and matching headband that her aunty Nicola made for her.



She looked so beautiful! The tutu fabric has glitter in it and the glitter started to shed. Everywhere. Where we were sitting in church the floor was covered with silver and red glitter. Rudi, Elijah and I were also all covered with glitter. Even some of the congregation had glitter on them when we left.  We all looked like Twilight cast members. I’m not even exaggerating. She has a few other tutus. I’m going to need to give them a good shake down before she wears them!

We decided to spend Christmas with my mother this year (*gasp*).  After church we quickly went home to pick up all the things we needed to take with (including all the unopened gifts) and we set off to Wellington where my mother lives. Soon my aunt, uncle and cousin arrived and we started opening gifts since Elijah could not wait any longer. He was seriously very spoiled! I thought we were going to have to hire a trailer to take all the stuff home! I had decided that Rudi and I should buy each other gifts as well since we had no gifts to open last year. I felt so out of place while everyone else was opening their gifts last time. I was so surprised to have quite a few gifts to open this year! My stepfather bought me a Foschini gift voucher. Rudi got me a gorgeous fresh water pearl necklace that I had spotted at Woolworths. My grandmother got me a white bolero cardigan, shower gel and dishcloths (she is always so practical!). My cousin and her mom bought me a gorgeous dark leather photo frame and my aunt and uncle got me a bar of Nivea soap and some white and purple hand towels. The kids got clothes and toys. Rudi got aftershave (surprise!), an ashtray, chocolate and a bottle of rum.

With the assistance of Sanita’s supplies and Pinterest, I laid the table for lunch.




I adore this idea of the glasses with the decorations and candles! It looked so pretty!

And of course my nails matched the occasion:




Even though Elijah got loads of toys for Christmas, he decided that Christmas decorations are much more fun to play with.



Gabby, however, adored her new (very expensive) sippy cup.



We had a lovely day. I even managed to catch a nap on the couch after lunch! It was very hot and later in the evening when the owner of the guesthouse and her family were done eating and swimming (almost 7 PM) we were allowed to go down to the pool to swim. We had been sitting in the heat all day and grabbed the opportunity to go for a quick dip. Once everyone had dried off and changed back into dry clothes, we packed up and headed home. I was designated driver and managed to navigate home in the dark. We only arrived home around 9 PM. Much later than I had expected.

I worked on the Day of Goodwill (Boxing Day), but finished up by 1 PM and went home. Rudi wanted to go grocery shopping, which we eventually did. It was the worst idea in the history of the world. Elijah threw the most epic tantrum EVER in the shops. I was so embarrassed. I tried everything (except giving in to him). We were stuck in an aisle for about 20 minutes with a wailing child.  After racing through the last few aisles in the shop we went to pay. Luckily there were no queues. Despite that the very loud tantrum continued and then Gabby started as well. I was at my wits end! I decided to remove myself and the children from the mall to avoid further embarrassment and for the sake of the other shoppers and staff. Rudi said he overheard someone say ‘Shoo. Two children!’ At one point while I was trying to escape with them, Elijah mistook another women’s legs for mine and was clinging to her. She was quite surprised and so was he when he finally decided to look up! One of the points of contention was some kiddie rides that were in the mall that he wanted to go on. We told him he could go after shopping if he was good, but he acted up and we told him the rides were no longer an option. We had to pass said rides on the way to the car and I feared the worst.  We somehow managed to get past the rides without stopping and I finally got the kids into the car. They were both crying at this point and I decided to drive around till Rudi came with the groceries, this at least calmed Gabby down. I drive less than 100 metres and both kids were fast asleep. Clearly they were both overtired. By that time I needed a drink!  What a day!

I hope you all had a lovely, safe Christmas 🙂

Photos From The Weekend

As promised, our photo from the family fun day at Ratanga Junction. Babyice looks so awkward!




This weekend Babyice wrote and posted his letter to Santa. He was so excited! It read:

Dear Santa, My name is Babyice. I am almost 4! I have been a good boy. I hope I am on your nice list. For Christmas can I please have a car with a control that drives by itself and crashes.

Love Babyice


Luckily I remembered to take pictures!




We also went to visit my mother this weekend. We took my grandmother through to see her and picked up a ton of clothes she had acquired for PrincessIce. The guest house where they are staying is also a wedding venue. It is really beautiful there. There are rolling lawns and beautiful gardens as well as a pool. We’ve decided to spend Christmas there since it is so gorgeous and has plenty of space for the kids to play and also to swim if we want. I snapped some pics:


Wire heart as part of the wedding decor


Rose petals for the bride and groom


Rudi and PrincessIce in the arch


On Thursday last week Babyice was sick. He started vomiting in his bed after he went to sleep and continued throughout the night. He stayed home with Rudi on Friday who was also booked off for a back injury. He was running fevers on Friday. Saturday night Rudi started feeling ill and also spent a lot of time hung over the toilet. He too was running temps yesterday! I think they both got a tummy bug! Seems to be a 24 hour thing though as they are both feeling much better today. Babyice has a low grade fever and is complaining of sore ears, but no alarm bells yet. I woke up with a sore throat and ears myself and I’m still very sore from my procedure last week. Really hoping to catch a break and that everyone is healthy soon!

Photos are long overdue


Taken at 1 month and 10 days


2 months old


So beautiful ❤


Pretty in pink


Nap time


Best family photo ever


Big boy already!

Growing up!

So on Friday, not long after I posted my last blog post, I got a call from the day mother saying Babyice’s fever was back, he was ‘pap’ (no energy) and that he was talking ‘deurmekaar’ (not making sense). PANIC STATIONS. I felt even worse for not giving him medication earlier and immediately phoned Rudi and told him to drop everything to take Babyice to the doctor. I called the doctor and advised them he was coming in and called the day mother back to ask her to administer a suppository. I was very upset. Feeling guilty and quite helpless sitting at home without the car. Worried sick. He had never spoken funny before. I didn’t realize at the time that he has only recently started speaking coherently and we probably would not have noticed it before. Rudi got to the day mother very quickly and ended up waiting about an hour to be seen by the doctor. When he went into the doctor’s office I called him and asked him to put me on speaker so I could also hear what the doctor was saying. Babyice was diagnosed with a severe throat infection and given antibiotics. Rudi decided to bring him home to me and I was glad to have him with me, even though I was sick and was supposed to be resting. When he got home his temperature was down and he was tired, so I gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap. He took a long 3 hour nap and I allowed him to sleep so his body could rest and fight the bugs inside him. On one hand I was a little surprised that it was a throat infection because he hadn’t had trouble eating or drinking. The fever was the first sign. On the other hand it isn’t very surprising since he had no other symptoms it was likely to be a throat or ear infection. I’m glad we caught it. My cousin had a convulsion from a fever caused by a throat infection. Not something you toy with. The doctor prescribed Babyice some throat lollies, but he wasn’t very keen on them. I have also learnt that he doesn’t like jelly, but he’ll eat all the ice cream you can dish.


By Saturday I was feeling a lot better (thank you Echinaforce!) and Babyice was showing signs of improvement. He was a little miserable throughout the day, but not unbearably so. On Sunday we stayed home from church and Babyice dragged me out of bed to come and sit on the couch while he watched his movie which we have both seen a gazillion times. I didn’t understand why he insisted on having me there, until I realized that he was scared of certain parts of the movie. For instance, in Toy Story he is afraid of the pit bull and clings to me whenever the dog is shown. He has never responded to movies with fear. I have actually looked at children’s movies from a different perspective since having him around and some parts of the films are always downright scary! I’m not sure WHY they do that. At least Barney isn’t scary. I was afraid to put underpants on for him and I delayed it for as long as I could. I figured that the antibiotics might of affected his tummy and a poo accident was just going to be one big mess. Rudi asked me if I would clean the kitchen (which looked like a hurricane had run through it)  if he took Elijah to a nearby shopping centre to play on their jungle gym. I agreed on the condition that he would also clean up any poo accident that might occur that day. *evil laugh*. He agreed (the kitchen was a really big mess, see?). Some time after he had come home Babyice started letting off some really stinky farts. We decided to put him on the potty every 10 minutes or so ‘in case’ and encourage him to poo. It finally paid off! Babyice made his first poo in the potty at home! Rudi lucked out and didn’t have to clean any messy clothes. I didn’t mind too much though, I was too happy and excited about the potty training breakthrough to care 🙂


Babyice playing on the jungle gym:




Taking 'ga ga' out from between his toes (fluff from his socks)


We’re all doing much better now. We need to get back to gym. We really do. I need to go. Feeling so fat again 🙁 I haven’t been wanting to go, but I really must. Rudi also wants to go back, I somehow always get the blame for us not going, despite not saying no when he suggests we go. We were planning to go yesterday, but Rudi worked late and had a dart league meeting last night, so time did not allow (not my fault!). Hopefully we’ll pluck up the time/courage/energy to go tonight. I simply must get my fitness levels and strength up. Babyice is now weighing in at 17 kg and I can hardly pick him up anymore! He certainly still expects it and I still want to pick him up every now and then, even though I know it won’t be possible forever.
My baby is growing up so fast! 🙁


We’ve been having issues with our water for almost two weeks. It got so bad that I took emergency leave so that I could meet the plumber to get it sorted out. On Tuesday after having at least 4 evenings where we were not able to bath/shower I had had enough. My landlady was most gracious (as always) and she said she would be ready with the funds to have the problem fixed immediately. I spoke to my boss, submitted the leave and called the plumber to make all the arrangements.


Step in Murphy. You mofo. We get home on Tuesday evening, water is on. Rudi managed to take an uneventful shower. On Monday I had showered, soaped up my hair and the water had disappeared. There was a trickle of water coming out of the cold tap and it was piping hot. There was no way I would be able to rinse myself and my hair off in that. Rudi put a distress call in to the neighbour right next to us and I toddled over to their flat in my gown. An old guy and his son live there. I’m pretty sure I was the first naked girl in that shower. So embarrassing! I rinsed myself off and stumped home quite peeved. Of course, as soon as I had made all the arrangements to have the problem checked, it would disappear.


So I spent most of my day yesterday waiting for the plumber. I didn’t even sleep late because I wanted to make sure the house was clean and tidy before anyone came in, so I was up at 06:00. Seeing as how the water was working, I decided to take the opportunity to do the washing. This was a win since it was on my chore list anyway and I could hang the washing up because it had all day to dry. I completed all the laundry, tidied the house and watched Spud (a pretty cool movie. Yes, I have read the book). I thought it would be a great time to have a nap since everything was done and the receptionist had called saying the plumber would only be able to make it to me in the afternoon. I went to lie down, but for the life of me I could not sleep. SO frustrating. It was very windy yesterday and it was causing doors to slam, blinds to knock and all sorts of other sounds to keep waking me up. I gave up on the nap and decided to watch some series.


The plumber eventually arrived around 15:00.  He said he couldn’t trace the problem if it wasn’t happening while he was there. He said it sounded like someone was switching the water off. I explained to him that the water had been switched off in the entire complex on a particular day because I heard the neighbours in the next block complain. I also told him I don’t think it is likely that the municipality switch off the water 4 times in the last two weeks. He maintained he could not find the problem while the water was working. He showed me where the tap was outside that switches off the water for our block. He said that we should check that if we had a problem again. If the tap is open, we should check with the neighbours and actually turn open their taps ourselves to check if they have water and if the neighbours have water, then call them out while the problem is happening. I found it a bit fishy that the plumber then went down to one of the downstairs flats since he had an appointment there too. So the plumber thing was actually a waste of time. The water was still fine last night. We all managed to bath and shower. It’s the first nice shower I have had at home in quite a while. What a relief!


The entire day wasn’t a waste though since I managed to do all the laundry, including folding/packing away AND clean the entire house AND watch series 🙂


I’m SUPER excited! In the beginning of September last year one of the stones in my wedding ring popped out. I was quite upset since I had *just* had the entire ring reset with my grandmother’s diamond (luckily it wasn’t that one that popped out!) and the setter had obviously done a poor job. So I eventually got the ring back to the jeweller that did it for me (Boogaloo’s friend), but it was a time consuming mission as I never really dealt with him directly. Yes, I had met him and been to his house to discuss the original work, but Boogaloo was always our go between. To the extent that I took my ring to Swellendam so that Boogaloo could drop it off in the southern suburbs when he made his way back to Cape Town. Anyway…many months have passed and I have been wearing a cheap place holder ring on my ring finger, but my ring is FINALLY ready for collection. They have also made out a valuation certificate for me so that I can finally insure the ring properly. I have wanted to do it for a long time, but have been procrastinating and spending the money the valuation would cost me on other things. A colleague of mine had her entire jewellery box cleaned out by sticky fingers in October though, so I decided I cannot put it off any longer. I would never be able to replace my ring by myself. I have made arrangements to pick my ring and the certificate up on Saturday. WOOOO!


Without further ado, some photos as promised:


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011


Trip to the aquarium


Trip to the aquarium


Trip to the aquarium


2nd birthday, getting ready to sing 🙂


Birthday cake


Cake! Nom!




Look at his face! (Thanks Blackhuff ;))


I have uploaded albums to Facebook with all the photos, so if you’re friends with me there you can head on over to have a squiz 🙂


P.S. Pssst, Stalker, I hope you told your boss I said some nice things about him.

Family Photo Shoot

I asked Drikus Le Roux to do a photo shoot for me. The idea was to get some photos of our family to create some memories with my grandfather and grandmother. It is my 70th birthday gift to him. I’m going to have prints done and put them in an album for them. When my grandfather passes on the album is to go to my grandmother, when she passes on it is to come to me. Drikus did an AMAZING job. You can see the full set of photos here.

Here are a few of my favourites (click on any image to enlarge, the last few are cropped quite a bit, so rather click on them):

I am VERY pleased with the results. Can’t wait to blow up some of these and print them!

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