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Princess and Knight Nails

      Hi everyone! As always I interrupt the Valentine’s Day manicures to show you what I was wearing on my nails for my son’s birthday party. Last year I did a mani I was super proud of, my Superman nails turned out so great. About 2 weeks before the party this year I

Domestics don’t suck like Electrolux, they just suck

So on Friday we were afforded the opportunity to go and enjoy @kambabe’s 40th birthday. It was quite a long drive there, but it was totally worth it. I got to meet quite a few new Twitter friends and one of my old friends, @MeeAParkins had flown down from Johannesburg for the occasion and it

Party Time

So the party went beautifully. Despite the jumping castle we ordered having a big hole in it being replaced by a different one. Despite Babyice being in a particularly foul and tearful mood.Luckily the jumping castle guy noticed the problem before they delivered the jumping castle and called me to arrange a replacement before delivering

Feeling better

So I went back to the physio on Wednesday. My knee was definitely still not feeling 100%. I was sceptical about going back, especially since the appointments aren’t cheap and I wasn’t sure how effecting they would be. Shortly after I arrived, she had warmed up the ‘bean bags’ and she asked me whether she