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Feeling better

I was man down the entire weekend. I had really bad headaches, even while I was sleeping and the blocked nose/snot machine was working in full force. The headaches were NOT funny. I tried to go and renew my driver’s license on Saturday, but the caravan that is normally parked outside the traffic department was not there. This handy caravan takes your photos for you on the spot before you head in. So we went in search of somewhere in the vicinity that could take pictures for me. Nothing. Zip. Our home affairs office, which is as bad as the traffic department, has a fish and chips shop next door to it which not only takes photos, but will you sell you a pen to fill out your form with. Eventually I relented and let Rudi go to the traffic department to go and secure his appointment for his code 14 learner’s license test. Turns out I couldn’t renew my driver’s licence on a Saturday anyway. Monday to Friday. GAH! Luckily I won’t have to take leave because a colleague has kindly offered to take me to a traffic department near work to do the most boring admin on earth.


On Saturday morning our latest domestic attempt arrived. In the rain. From very far away. She is a young Zimbabwean lady, referred to us by our neighbour. She already works 5 days a week, but was willing to come and work for us on Saturdays in addition to that (bless her heart!). She arrived at about 09:00 and was finished with everything we required her to do by about 14:30. She did start washing windows and such, but I stressed to her that she didn’t have to finish spring cleaning the house in one day. I told her the basics we had discussed the morning needed to be done and if she had extra time to do one or two things she should do them then. She did find the time to straighten out Rudi’s cupboard which was in a shambles. She refused any lunch or coffee until she had finished her work. She then had two sandwiches and a cup of coffee. It came time to pay her and I handed over cash, as is customary. She said in future I may pay her at the end of the month. Very unusual, but also indicates to me that she plans on pitching up for the rest of the month. I took a shot in the dark and it turns out she has a bank account (at least her sister does) and I can EFT money to her! It’s like a dream come true. She also put a gold ring of mine that Babyice had tossed around in our room somewhere and some change she had found on my dressing table. I know at least two of my prior domestics would have taken the change for themselves. So for now our domestic troubles are over. We still need to do the laundry and dry it, but I am happy with that arrangement if all else is in order.


After a weekend of feeling absolutely terrible, I am starting to feel less congested. I switched to saline solution and suddenly it seems to be helping, although I’m sure it didn’t really before. That means I’m off the Illiadin for now, which is great. The headaches are still coming and going, but I suspect these may be from the pregnancy as well since I had them around the same time when I was pregnant with Babyice. Now that the congestion is gone and I have my sense of taste  again, the horrible taste in my mouth which was contributing to my nausea is back. With the nausea. Great hey?! I was really hoping to kick the nausea around the 12 week mark, but here we are going on 14 weeks with it still interfering with my life. Maybe it’s a girl thing. Although Jamie was a special case all around, I remember the nausea (a LOT more sever than this) lingering till about 15 weeks. I’m going to cling to that. Tightly. I think my gynae’s plan was to schedule my appointment with him as far as possible into the future to ensure that all my first trimester woes were a thing of the past when I next see him. He’s a clever one that. 10 days before I see him again. Let’s see if his guess was correct*.


Work is working on my nerves. I am very blessed to be able to look forward to maternity leave where I can be free of the worries of work for 6 months. Roll on December!


*I actually know he scheduled my appointment for an optimal time to do some blood tests, but I’m sure this was a bonus.


Rudi and I wanted to see Avatar in 3D over the weekend and on a whim decided to book tickets on Saturday. Do you think we could find two seats together in any one show? Practically fully booked the entire weekend! Avatar has been playing for a while now. That is quite impressive! So we decided to book for the 17:15 show yesterday. Angel has often mentioned Ster-Kinekor’s love nest seats, but I couldn’t find any open love nest seats on the aisle. I have to sit on the aisle, especially since it is a 3 hour movie and you know I am going to have to pee.

I booked two seats and as I was about to make the payment my Internet Explorer blocked the pop-up. I was irritated beyond belief. When going back in after allowing pop-ups for the site I had to book the row in front of the row I had chosen since the two I had just selected were still temporarily reserved for my purchase.

I forgot that you have to climb stairs to get anywhere in the movies at Tygervalley. Even the loo is down a flight of stairs. Forking lovely. When we got into the cinema I checked the seat layout at the back and determined our seats were on the left of the aisle. We settled in. The seats at Tygervalley are definitely more comfortable than those at Cape Gate! A little while before the movie started some guys showed up and said we were in their seats. Looking back at the seat numbers we were, in fact, in the wrong seats! Our seat was on the right hand side of the aisle! Best part? Our seat was a love nest seat! So by many frustrating (and embarrassing) co-incidences, we managed to get a love nest seat on the aisle. I am pretty sure that the seat was not a love nest seat when I made the booking…and it seems the seat layout at the back must have been upside down. So we win because of Ster-Kinekor’s fail. Nice. I was super chuffed! It really is like sitting on a small couch while watching the movie. I will definitely opt for the love nest seats again! I might even rather go to Tygervalley to watch a movie in general since their seats are so much more comfortable.

Anyway…the 3D effects in the movie were by far the best I have seen so far. I have gone to see Coraline and Ice Age 3 in 3D already and was actually not that impressed. Avatar, however, was really awesome. The 3D effect was carried through the entire movie and even though there wasn’t always something coming towards your face, I really enjoyed the feel of the effects (which is more than I can say for the other two). The story line was also very cool. In general it was a very good movie. Even Rudi gave it 8 out of 10 🙂

The only crap thing about the movie was, well, me. About halfway through the movie I started feeling nauseous and getting hot flushes. I also started getting some cramping feelings in my lower belly. They hurt! I almost thought that Babyice was on his way! I got up to go to the loo and ended up missing around 10 minutes of the movie. I’ve been pregnant every time I’ve been to see a 3D movie and this has never happened to me. I must assume that the superior 3D quality of this particular movie must have caused me to feel this way. I’ve heard of people getting nauseous, etc. I always thought they were a bunch of sissies. Who doesn’t have the stomach to handle some 3D? Life is in 3D, after all. Apparently I don’t. Wah.

I would recommend for anyone to go and see this movie. It really is beautiful and a stunning story. I also could not imagine having seen it in 2D. The 3D rocks the party that rocks the party (and my stomach). Totally worth the price you pay for it!

Birthdays and Movies

Today is My Evil Mother’s birthday. Had my grandmother not reminded me in church yesterday morning I would have completely forgotten. That is how disconnected I am from her and her life. I suppose I should get her something. I feel obligated somehow. Not that I bought her something the last two years (just returning the favour since she hasn’t bought me gifts for the past 5), but we exchanged gifts at Christmas and I guess this has set the ball rolling again. Her birthday is before mine, as luck would have it.

It’s my birthday soon. I have no idea what to do. It’s the second consecutive year that I am pregnant, so no drinking or partying for me. Rudi wanted to take me to The Mount where we had our wedding reception, which is a very sweet and romantic idea. I kind of feel like a restaurant would be a bit of a waste though since I’m suddenly very fussy about what I want to eat and risk throwing up my expensive meal or feeling like I want to throw it up. That kind of sucks the fun out of it.

Any suggestions for what I might do?

The weekend was not bad. I managed to scrape through without throwing up, but did feel nauseous most of the time. I managed to schedule in a nap on Saturday and Sunday…but I still didn’t want to get up this morning.

Yesterday we went to Canal Walk to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D. I freaking HATE Canal Walk. It’s a HUGE shopping center and we got lost trying to find the cinema. We were constantly consulting the maps and still feeling completely lost. The queues for popcorn were really long and Rudi barely made it in before the movie started. The movie was pretty cool. Ice Age seems to be one of those franchises that aren’t deteriorating every time they release a movie. We had a good giggle at the fact that the “monster” in the movie was named Rudi 🙂

I’m really looking forward to watching Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince with Leebeesa next Sunday. The reviews are already sounding good!

************SPOILER ALERT****************

If you have not yet watched Knowing with Nicholas Cage and you don’t wish to know how it ends, stop reading now. I warned you.

I really enjoyed the idea of the movie. I liked the ‘puzzle’ aspect of it…and the supernatural feeling it had to it…but then there were aliens. I’m not so much into sci-fi so didn’t find that part interesting or well thought out in the least. Personally I don’t think I could think of a better way to end it, but I think there was potential there for a fantastic ending. When I was under the impression that just the two main character’s children were being taken I wondered about the inbred race they would spawn, so I was relieved to see other pods or spaceships or whatever taking off from the planet earth.

I liked the way they chose to end the world. BOOM.

I also found it a bit confusing when Caleb (son of Nicholas Cage’s character) started writing down the numbers. This would lead me to believe that the numbers don’t necessarily ‘run out’ and that he is perhaps predicting further events. I found that small part a little bit contradicting.

But I’m no movie critic! Let me know what you thought!

Sickness Is Me

My demise?

Phew. Not in the best of moods today. I feel so sick!

We went for the braai (BBQ) last night with the M&M;’s. I call them this because everyone in their household including their two sons have the letter ‘M’ as their first initial. They were very hospitable and were gracious hosts. They didn’t even mind that I watched 7de Laan when we first walked into the door (they don’t really watch the programme). Yes I know that’s very anti-social and rude, but I never catch the omnibus on a Sunday and it was quite and interesting episode to boot!

I must say they really did spoil us. We had chips (crisps) and dip for snacks. Steak, chicken kebabs, sausage, potato salad and potato bake for the main. We left well fed and with a Tupperware container full of food.

I packed away almost a whole bottle of Amarula and regretted it almost immediately. Amarula is very rich and creamy and immediately after adding food to that rich and creamy mix in my stomach…I felt really ill. This morning the feeling lingers. I feel nauseous. That’s about the crux of it. The nausea. I’ve taken tablets for nausea, but they don’t seem to be helping.

Cherry on the cake? I’m working. Cherry on the cherry on the cake? We have a braai at Fence’s place tonight. I am really not feeling up to it and now not for the reason you think. Previously I didn’t want to go because I know I’ll probably be bored to death and I’m working on tomorrow, but now I’m going to be sick *and* bored. Lovely. I suppose I could stay home, but I’ll probably just lay awake the whole night wondering when Rudi is coming home. He’s also not feeling well, but I don’t think that will stop him from going.

I’m definitely not drinking tonight. Really.

I can’t even pee in cups

So in case you were wondering, Rudi did come home on time on Saturday. Only problem is he came with Lindor and family in tow. He did what men usually do. Told his friends he is game for a braai and then said ‘I’ll just check with the wife’. Doesn’t leave me much choice does it? If I say no, I look like the bad guy. If I agree then everyone is happy but me. With much groaning I gave in. I knew he would not stop nagging until I said yes (he had already had enough beer to make him whiney). The condition was that he needed to clean up after they left.

The braai wasn’t too bad. Lindor and Rudi were sufficiently drunk leaving Lindor’s wife and I rolling our eyes and sighing at the idiotic conversations we were forced to listen to. Lindor was extremely unhappy that their fishing trip had yielded no fish. He is convinced Rudi jinxed him because he would not let him pee on his new Shimano reel. Wait. What?! Apparently it is tradition to initiate your new reel by peeing on it and if you don’t (or someone doesn’t) you will have bad luck fishing. Rudi says I may pee on his reel. He seems to forget that I’m a girl and I actually cannot aim when I pee. Um. I meant ewwww. Perhaps we can just tell Lindor that Rudi and I peed on the reel in some kinky way and he would no longer believe the reel is jinxed. Or we could pee on the reel.

I undressed, changed and dressed Lindor’s six month old baby before she was put to bed. Sjoe. It’s a lot harder than one would think. It didn’t help that she was kicking as if her life depended on it! I think I need a lot more practice! I’m pretty sure it’s something you get better at. Rudi also kept to his word and cleaned up on Sunday morning before I got home from church. Bless.

I think I’m feeling better this morning. I might just be imagining this slight nausea and random heartburn. Perhaps I’m just crazy. Still have to wait all the way to Saturday before anything is revealed. I spoke to Rudi about taking a blood test. He said he thinks we should wait till Saturday at least. If nothing happens on Saturday I’m going to go for a blood test on Monday. No doubt. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, OK?

Nellie is on maternity leave from today. Lucky cow! I’m going to miss talking to her. We’re kind of cut off from each other right now as my phone bill is already sky high and she doesn’t have funds to recharge either. We’ll manage though. I think I’ll type her a very long e-mail to keep her busy a bit later.

Oh. The finalists of the SA Blog Awards have been announced. Go vote here. Don’t worry about looking for my blog amongst them, it’s not there, but I would recommend you read some of the finalists as they definitely deserve their spots.

Saturday Business

So I finally got my ass into gear and walked today. I didn’t walk particularly far and the walk wasn’t more strenuous than usual, but when I got home I felt sick to my stomach. As if I could throw up because of the exertion. Strange that. I actually still feel a little queasy. Didn’t stop me from eating two hot dogs for lunch though. Bah.

I also did my filing. I didn’t have nearly as much as I thought I would have, but I clearly haven’t filed since November. I also haven’t collecte post from my P.O. Box since January, in other words I STILL have catching up to do *sigh* At least I’ve gotten my new files in working order and all the loose papers lying around into one place.

I also cleaned the house and even took the bin out. That’s usually Rudi’s job. Rudi has gone fishing with Lindor. He left around 10:00 this morning and will *probably* be home by 18:00. He says he’ll be home by that time…but we’ll have to see. He’s not great at coming home when he says he’s going to.

Anyway. I’m at my grandparents house which has broadband. You’d think I’d be less bored. They’ve both nodded off leaving me without any company and rugby on the TV. My grandfather won’t admit to his nap if he catches me changing the channels.

I had a nice hour long conversation with Nellie earlier. I’m hoping to call her back a little later. Pffft. So bored and wondering why on earth I’m nauseous when I’m not sick. I’ll give you three guesses what I’m thinking and the first two don’t count…

One tube, one test?

I was feeling sick yesterday morning…and the evening before after having a Savannah (or half of one) and a ton of garlic. When Rudi opened his eyes this morning the first thing he said to me was ‘Are you naar?’ (naar = nauseous) Shame. We Poor chap has his hopes up for this month.

We had a lady come to our house to draw our blood for the life insurance tests. I asked her if she could draw some extra blood and do a pregnancy test as well, but unfortunately she didn’t have the correct tube with her. She said if I had asked her earlier she could have brought a tube with. Darn. Maybe it’s a sign that I should just freaking wait and quit being so impatient. My cycle is due in 8 days. It’s a long time to wait. I’ll still have to wait another week after that anyway to be sure it’s really late and not just irregular. I hate this.

On the upside, although she struggled to find my vein as they inevitably always do, she only stuck me once and managed to get all the blood she needed. Only one vial. She said they are only doing an HIV test though, so I’m not sure what the nicotine racket is all about. Is that a scam? Do they just call you up and say ‘We found nicotine’ to increase your premium? She did say that they may use the same kind of tube for the nicotine test…but she couldn’t say for sure. Interesting that. We’ll see what the results say.

Was a little peeved with Rudi yesterday. When he came to pick me up Lindor was in the car with him and they were both smoking. Are you freaking kidding me?! I was about to go for this nicotine test and both of them are smoking with me in the car. Idiots. Rudi didn’t seem to think it would make a difference. He clearly doesn’t acknowledge the dangers of second hand smoke.

Anyway. I’m really happy I’m off this weekend. I plan to go for a very long walk this evening. To make up for almost two weeks of no exercise. I swear I’ll do it. I have to with all the junk I’ve eaten this week. Back on the bandwagon from today. From immediately. No more excuses!


I already regret coming in to work. I am feeling very nauseous. I think there’s a bug going around. Other colleagues are also complaining about not feeling well. I’m sure the aircon is conducive to spreading this bug too, but bless the aircon. It’s going to be over 40 degrees again today. Pffft. I’m feeling truly horrible and today I’m probably going to have to do the horrible work I don’t like doing. Maybe I’ll throw up on my desk and get sent home. I’m not kidding. I might just.

Amber’s nose wasn’t looking good this morning. It started weeping and Rudi had quite a bit of trouble holding her down to clean it. She doesn’t like being confined. He put some antiseptic cream on it as well, as much as he could get on with her wriggling around.

I forgot to mention that I received a post card from France the other day! My friend from Belgium went there for the weekend not too long ago and he thought to send me a post card. He’s such a sweetheart. I love getting random post from all over the world. I still have to send him the bottle of Amarula I bought for him about 3 months ago. Rudi even aquired special foam containers to protect the bottle on it’s journey overseas. Quite strange since Rudi is a bit jealous of my friend, who I will be calling Brain. He has a pet mouse called Brain. He doesn’t quite understand our relationship. I suppose he just doesn’t like the fact that I speak to another man. It’s all very innocent, I assure you. I would never ever cheat on Rudi. Emotionally or physically. I would never be able to live with myself. I simply love him too much.

Speaking of loving Rudi…

…my microscope is definitely starting to show some ferning! There was a spot of ferning this morning. It’s not yet fully ferning – so it is currently in the transitional phase. Moving on to ovulation. I was quite excited to see the little ferns this morning. Somehow I had convinced myself I wasn’t ovulating. I’m crazy that way.

The obsession has tamed itself of late. I’m no longer VERY upset if I see other pregnant people. It still makes me sad, but I’m no longer as unreasonable about it as I previously was. I don’t necessarily want to hear about other people’s pregnancies yet though. I’m not completely preoccupied with getting pregnant anymore either. Sure I want to be pregnant and I’m using my microscope, but I don’t completely freak out when it’s time for my cycle to start. Somewhere deep inside I’m still dying to be pregnant. On the surface I’ve given up. I don’t know if that makes any sense.


I’ve been feeling a LITTLE bit better since yesterday. Not exactly my old self, but a little better. The nausea seems to be subsiding a bit and I’m REALLY glad about that. I hope it lasts!

Last night I had a salad for supper with some ceaser salad dressing (I am LOVING salad at the moment, specifically cucumber, tomato and feta). The salad dressing was very vinegary and I got a little heartburn from it. Hopefully not a sign of things to come! I’m hoping that I can skip the heartburn thing, but I doubt I will be that fortunate. Some Gaviscon sorted it right out though.

I’ve been thinking about buying a cot soon. I think we’re going to get a nice camp cot. We don’t have space for a wooden cot and a camp cot will be handy when we’re going out as well. Wooden cots are beautiful, but they are also quite pricey and take up a lot of space. Especially if you ‘have’ to get both. I think a camp cot is more versatile and can be used when travelling. We don’t travel much, but we could take it with when we visit people, keeping the baby in a safe environment for people that haven’t baby proofed their homes!

I might be starting to get a little excited…

P.S. I found this out on Monday already, but it’s not that important. My mother is getting married on the 19th of October. I honestly cannot see the benefit of her getting married to Coke Head and cannot fathom what is going on in her mind…but she’s a grown up and I am not HER mommy.

Murder By Hormones

Rudi is really lucky that he was not standing at the top of the stairs last night. I would have pushed him. Where do I start?

Before Rudi left for darts last night (he plays in a league) Amber brought me a gift. A gift in the form of a bleeding little field mouse. She promptly dropped it on the bed and continued to chase the poor thing around. Once I realized she was really chasing something I jumped up screaming. Rudi rescued the poor thing, much to Amber’s dismay.

I was feeling really sick last night and took new bedding out with every intention of putting it on the bed, but I never really felt up to it. I noticed that the housekeeper had removed the bucket I keep next to the bed for emergencies and send Rudi an SMS to please bring the bucket up when he got home. The bucket was in the garage and I had already showered and gotten into my PJ’s when I made the discovery.

I managed to doze off at about 21:30 and was thoroughly enjoying my sleep. Rudi came ambling in at almost 23:00 (which is normal). He came up the stairs – a bit merry – and woke me up to ask me where the bucket was. I mumbled that it was in the garage and proceeded to try and sleep. He then woke me up again to ask me ‘What’s this on the bed?’ – referring to the bedding I had taken out and not put on the bed. The light was on and he was perfectly capable of seeing what was on the bed. When I didn’t answer him he repeated the question. Enraged I got up since I had realized that I needed to pee at this point.

He then HOPPED into bed. My stomach was aching and I was feeling really ill. It felt like he was jumping up and down on the bed next to me. I voiced my dismay – at which point he was fed up with my bitching and finally he let me go to sleep. He also left the bucket downstairs. I don’t know why he bothered getting it.

At that very moment I really would have seriously injured him had I not felt incapacitated myself.

Co-incidentally I had to get up at 3:30 again to pee. Pregnant women are supposed to start urinating more frequently around 5 weeks, but I have been getting away with it. I think it has begun.

Peeing and Puking. That’s me from now on I guess.

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